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Ishqbaaz – The oberoi brothers (Episode 3)

Hi guys,this is Ruchitha, thank you for the comments , I will try my level best to keep the episode leghtiher,, THe episode starts in hospital
Scene : In HOspital : shivomru will be there ,om says to shivaay
Om : shivaay, now u too go home, fresh up and come back, then we go to home [ shivaay, ab tu bhi ghar jakar aana, phir hum ghar jayenge ]Shivaay : ok, I will come back as soon as possible [ teek hai.mai bahut jaldh aaunga]shivaay goes to home, within less time ,gets fresh up and while leaving oberoi mansion,tia stops him……
Tia : Shivaay baby, where are you going ?
SHi: tia, i am going to hospital
tia : but u have said , marriage will be after 2 weeks of diwali but no programme started till now [ lekin tune kaha ki hamari shaadi diwali ki dho hafte baad hoti hai , lekin ab tak kuch bhi rasme start nahi hin hai ]shivaay gets somewhat angry listening this
shi :tia,what are you talking , anika is in that situation but you are talking about marriage?
Tia : shivaay baby, oberoi;s have thousands of employees and daily atleast one employee will be in the same situation,ut why u r worrying this much?
shi : tia, anika is not just our employee
tia gets angry on that statement and asks
tia : who is more important to u shivaay baby,me or anika ?
SHi : tia, it’s ,, [ he is going to say its you but his heart stops him]after 2 – 3 secinds of brief pause he says
shi : its, [ his phone rings before he is saying its you] shivaay attends the call
doctor calls him
doc: hello, Is this mr.shivaay singh oberoi ? I am Dr.ANand
SHi : yes , speaking, what happened ? [ kya hua ?]Doc : you are wife is now concoius,
shi : what ? who ?
DOc : [ remembers something ] ah,,,its anika,, I mean Mrs.SHivaay singh oberoi..Isn’t she ur wife?
Shivaay gets a huge smile on his face as he heard anika as mrs.shivaay singh oberoi.
SHi : she is concoius . am coming. and he cuts the call
shivaay with the same smile on face , forgets about everything ,,tia’s question, family meeting .evrything and leaving oberoi mansion,again tia stops him
tia : shivaay baby, universe is wishing that you have to answe this question now.{ shivaay baby, universe chahti thi ki , tum ye prashn ka javaab ab dho}
shivaay who completely forgets about quest asks tia :which questio?
Tia: who is more impotant to u anika or me ?
shivaay with the same smile on his face replies
shi : Tia, now. at present , it’s ANIKA ,and he leaves home
tia sees all family members and keeps her head down as she thinks she got insulted
now scene shifts to Hospital ,shivaay enters in hospital and omru are there,,he sees a nurse coming out from anika’s room with food items contain plate in trays ,,shivaay asks her
Shi : what is this ?
nurse : she didn’t eat anything , so am taking these back
SHi : give it to me, [ he takes the tray / plate in his hands ] I will take care of her
nurse smiles at him and leaves
omru : SMiles together says ,,OHHHHHHHHHH
OM : shivaay , we are leaving now,
shi : ok, come soon [ teek hai, jaldi aana ]shivaay goes into anika’s room carrying th food ,,he sees anika,,and she sees him,shivaay sits ona stool like thing near the bed,,, and takes the spoon near anika’s mouth [ just like feeding

anika opens her mouth and eats it then she will ask
ani: you did all this for me but why?[aapne mere liye yeh sab kiya lekin kyun?]still keeps her mouth open as she stops at the word kyun and shivaay keeps the spoon in her mouth smiling,,,,,,, anika eats ,,,,, and after he makes her eat tablets,,,drink jiuce ,, and then keeps all aside, then shivaay sees anika ,,, SHIVIKA’s EYELOck,,,, omru who are watching this silently leaves from there,,,,,,,,,,
then aftersometime ,,they come back ,,, and goes onto anika’s room and keeps a shocking look seeing something,, rudra whispers om
RU : bhayya,,,, these two are seeing like this each other since we left that is from 1 hour ?
om: ha rudra,
Ru : but what’s this?
Om :rudra, I think [ somewhat philosophically ] this is a slient true love,,hum,,,
ru : bhayya,,not now,,,,,
om : ok,, lets go to them and find it directly then
omru reaches shivika
om : shivaay [ shivaay doesn’t respend as he is deeply in anika’s glance ]ru : anika di,,, [ anika is there in the same position and didn’t respnd ]omru sees each other and shouts SHIVIKAAA
they both come into senses and om asks
OM : you both are seeing each other likes this from that much time? ok let it be how r u anika?
ani : Am fine ,
ru : wait ,, shivaay bhayya did ask u , how r u ?
shivaay gives a slightly angry look at rudra as he didn’t ask anika about her health
ANika : yes rudra,he did
shivaay looks at anika suprisingly beacuse she could understnad his inner feeelings…
om : shivaay, then what did she answer?
Shi : she is happy now
anika also gets suprised as shivaay known her inner feelings..
then doctor comes to them as says : you can discharge her today


PRECAP: IN OBEROI MANSION : in shivaay’s room,,,anika is sleeping on bed,,shivaay looks around and finds no one there,,then kisses anika on her forehead and sits there seeing anika all night awake,,,,,,

thanks guys,,please review this episode,,,do comment how u felt this episode,,,

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