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Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 34

Hi all my Lovely readers…
Anyhow thought to write this ff..

Ok there were confusions about shivaaye and anika being sisters and brothers.. no they are not .. here is the concept..
In India after a girl marries.. she goes to the other family.. to build her life.. so she is considered to be member of that family she is getting into.. and her son or daughter will obviously have her father’s surname.. so she the new born daughter is of another family.. so their marriage can be done with her maternal uncles son .. as they are a of different families hope this is clear..


Ok now with current part.
Ishana runs to her room and closes the door and turns and just slides down crying..
Tears were just flowing..
Om saying don’t show your face again.. was just lingering in her heart..
However her mind was constantly telling her she deserved it.. for her such cheap acts she really deserved it..
Infact it made such a clear statement to her heart..
You cheated once don’t forget his was watching over you and this is what you deserved …
Her heart knew it had no point to support those tears.. it knew mind had a point. Infact a strong point..
She wiped her tears and said to herself..
Haa.. ishana you also helped to get samples of ridhima.. that’s it om will be saved for sure..
You have no place in his life.. first you cheat him.. then you expect him to give you utmost importance..waah.. waah.. how selfish.. tu na .. kabhi nahi sudregi.. and gets determined that she won’t think about om.. never..
At the hospital..
Doctor informs roumya that her aaye is fine but she has to be kept for observation..
Soumya: rudra tum Ghar chalo.. I will take care here on wards..
Rudra: kya kya?? Oh I will be here only..
Vaise bhi.. if I leave you alone.. I do no what u will you do.. you need me sumo accept it.. and I cannot leave you in this situation..
Soumya jerks off hearing Rudy saying I won’t leave you she saw him.. with so much of passion..
Rudy realised what he said and changed his sentence.. vo.. vo.. actually om ne kaha na.. I have to be with you so..
Soumya nods ..
Here at oberoi mansion..
Om reaches the mansion.

He just rushed to his room..
Tears flowing …
He wiped his tears and said to himself..
No.. om why are you crying.. what is she to you??
Just another stranger..
Hi heart gave a weak smile and said stranger?? Then why are you crying for a stranger..
He wiped his tears and said that’s what I am also saying why to cry for a stranger..
I forgave her one time.. but now realised vo.vo .. mafhi ki kayak hi nahi hai..
And I am not going to think about her again .. kabhi bhi nahi.. yea and gets determined..
Here at ranas house..
Siddharth introduced anika to all the family members..
Just then a man of mid 50s comes in suit and tie and greets Siddharth..
Siddharth smiles and says hi uncle.. he was Vikram rana’s elder brother..
Siddharth introduced anika to him also..
Anika smiled.. he smiled and said.. um..um.. have ever met..??.
Anika nods no.. he smiles and says your face is so familiar.. and walks off..
Shivaaye calls anika..
Shivaaye: where are you?? Kab se tumhe doing raha hoon..
Anika: vo.. siddhu ki Ghar..
Shivaaye raised his eyebrows hearing that name.. siddhu??
And uttered these words without his knowledge..kabhi ishan kabhi siddhu..do you even have time for me??
Anika was surprised by the questions..
Shivaaye realized what her blurred out and adjusted his voice and said.. Dna results came come home and cuts the call in rush..

Precap: ridhimas truth out.. om learns the truth..

I do no why am I writing this.

I know this is sooo selfish but I deliberately need this..never felt so low..
Yesterday.. a dear Frnd of mine read my ff and she was Like what’s the crap.. nothing hurts more when a dear Frnd of urs puts you down…
I couldn’t take it..
She stuffed in my mind all kinds of negative stuffs like how boring..bla.. bla.. and brought me to a point where I started to think I should stop writing..am I worth writing and stuffs like that..
Then I said these to shama .. she is the one who suggested to have vote Poll …

So here it is..
Please… do use this forum and let me know.. on a scale of 10 how would you rate me?? And why and what should I improve?? Not that I can prove her wrong and make myself feel good.. but to evaluate myself.. my writing skills..
plz dears. Need your help for this..

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