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Ishqbaaz 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Anika says I got it. Shivaye sees the vest ad and asks are you mad. She says this is solution of everyone’s problem, I m not mad, we have come here for this. He asks did you come here for this, this is… She says for your brothers, for you, Tej and Shakti. He asks for Tej and Shakti? Some time before, Shivaye sees Anika eating candy floss and removes it from her nose. He says if picnic is over, shall we go, its less than 18 hours for board meeting and we did not get any clue. She says fine, hold this, I m feeling Michmichi by heat, what did you say about time for meeting. He says its less than 18 hours, my family would be in tension, we have to go fast.


He eats the floss and she smiles. Music plays…. She signs him. He says your candy floss.. and gives it back. She signs him about his nose. He says your nose is clean. She signs his nose. He removes the floss. She smiles. He asks what happened now. She says I should have not called you Pakau, you used to irritate me a lot before, but not now. He asks why. Music plays…. He asks whats the difference between that time and now. She says don’t know. He says ya, come. She says yes, I did not pay for candy floss. He says wait. She says I m giving, wait. He says whenever we go out, I pay. He pays and asks the man to keep the change. He goes. She says he did Bagad Billa’s thing.

The vendor asks Rudra for money. Om asks Rudra don’t you have money. Rudra asks whats the hurry for money. Om says Rudra are you okay, we came to find the girl, not buy this and get friendly with them. Rudra says what could I do, they are so friendly. Om says you all take the things back. The man says we won’t take back, he has eaten half of the things. Rudra says wait, see its my cheat day, I can eat anything, give one plate panipuri. Om asks the man not to give him. Rudra cancels it. Shivay and Anika look for poster. Rudra says I have an idea, this long hair creature will give you money. Om says wait, you know I don’t carry wallet.

Rudra says I forgot wallet at home. Om says duffer, you should have thought before buying all this. Rudra says idea, come, I arranged money. He tells the man that my brother is roaming around, I will take money from him and give him, till then keep this phone. Om says my phone, Rudra. Rudra says Om focus, we came to find girl, mobile phone will come and go. Om says you are mad, you are absolute crazy. Anika says don’t know on which wall will be that poster.

Rudra asks Om not to be angry and have this. Om asks him to shut up. They all try to find poster. Om says this is different area, give me phone. Rudra says I gave phone to vendor. Om says not mine, yours, where is it. Rudra says I think I forgot at home. Om asks what, how can you forget phone, you should have forget yourself also, I can’t bear you, where are Anika and Shivaye. Rudra says there is a problem. Om says you are big problem. Rudra says not me, problem in plan, Anika said that movie released last month, whats guarantee that poster will be fixed till now. Om says you have a point.

Anika says you don’t have a point, posters are fixed for many months, people come to paste posters, not remove it, they don’t remove old posters, they paste new ones on it. Shivaye asks how will we get that poster. She says I did not think that. He says this is your problem, you got us here to get poster and then we will get that girl, did anything right happen, no, I got stuck in this unhygienic place. She asks why are you fuming, my heart is saying we will get that poster. He says your heart says, that is your logic. Anika sees the poster and another Easy style vest ad is pasted over Fukat Raja poster.

She says I got it. He says listen, its not time to joke. She says but I m not joking, see. He sees vest ad and asks are you mad. She says I m not mad, this is solution of every problem, that’s why we have come here. He says you came here for this. She says for your brothers, for Tej and Shakti. He asks for Tej and Shakti. She says not just them, for Dadi, Priyanka, Jhanvi and Pinky. He says you have lost it. She says not lost it, I found it. He asks what. She says I know you don’t show it, but you have much pain, but all things will get fit, see this. He says crazy… what are you doing. She asks him to see Fukat Raja poster and removes vest ad poster. Shivaye asks whats that and reads the address, Jhankar Dance Class, that window, Fukat Raja…. Yes……

Rudra says enough Om I can’t see more posters, there are many walls and posters here, more than people, please take me home. He sits. Anika and Shivaye enter that house. They look around. She says door is open, I m sure that girl is inside. He says easy… be careful, wait, I will inform police. An old lady comes and asks who…. They turn and see the blind lady. She asks who is it. Anika says its us, I mean, Mata ji does any girl stay here. Shivaye says Shilpa Mehta. The lady says I m staying here alone since 10 years, I can’t see properly now, who are you.

Anika says Billu ji, its same room and poster is seen by window, it means we came to right place. He says you see, I will handle. The lady asks why don’t you go. Anika says we will go, did any girl stay here, any PG. Shivaye says any relative, anyone. The lady says none stays here. She says I m getting dizzy. Anika holds her. A girl with face covered tries to leave. She collides with vase/something. Shivaye and Anika turn and see her. Shivaye asks who are you….. The old lady hits on his head with the stick and runs away with the girl. Anika asks are you fine Billu ji. He says go and follow that girl. She says no, I can’t go. He says just go. Anika says fine and runs after the girl. Rudra calls out Anika.

Anika runs after the girl. Rudra calls out Anika and shows Anika to Om. He says after whom is she running. The girl sits in auto. Anika catches her and girl pushes her on the ground. The girl runs. Om and Rudra come in her way and sign her to stop. The girl sees chillies and throws that in air. Om and Rudra get back and clean their eyes. Anika comes running and sees them. She asks are you fine. Rudra says I think I will get blind. Om says stop it, we lost the girl, you know how important she was for us. Shivaye comes and says she wasn’t, she is important.

They see police bringing the girl. Shivaye removes his shades and goes to them. The lady constable makes the girl’s scarf down. They all get shocked seeing the girl Shilpa. Inspector says thanks, you called me on time, you were right, that recording and the girl were fake. Shivaye asks Shilpa why did you take Tej and Shakti’s name in the video. She says Gayatri gave me money to make video and take Tej and Shakti’s names. Inspector says I m really sorry for the trouble, I will see her, don’t worry. Police arrests Shilpa and goes.

Rudra says that girl is caught because of agent Rudy. Om and Shivaye ask him to shut up. Om says she got caught because of us. Anika looks on. They hold hands and say one for all, all for one. Rudra asks Anika to come. He says this all has your share also, that girl would have not got caught if you were not here. Anika holds their hands. Shivaye says thank God for that Fukat Raja. They laugh.

Dadi says I can’t believe this problem is solved. Everyone is happy. Om says yes, the case base ended as the girl is found alive. Rudra says it happened because of Anika. Jhanvi says thanks Anika, you saved our family from big problem. Pinky says yes, you did great, did you slap that girl. Dadi asks Pinky not to make Anika a fighter like her. Soumya says I m proud of you Anika Di, a girl did the work which guys could not do.

Dadi asks Shivaye to say thank you to Anika. Everyone look at Shivaye. Shivaye says its proved that watching B grade movies also has benefits, but she caught clue well. Anika looks at him. Shivaye says like you got the girl, it could be better, by the way you gave the stick to old lady, she attacked me with that stick, I could not run behind that girl. Rudra says come on, Anika has run after that girl. Shivaye says yes, that would be not needed if you both caught her. Om asks how would we catch her, we did not know you got that girl. Rudra says yes, you should have called us.

Shivaye says yes Rudra, you gave Om’s phone to vendors. Rudra says you could have sent Reiki to me. Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up. Dadi says don’t fight now, everything got fine. She thanks Anika and kisses her. Soumya says i think we should thank Sahil as well. Rudra says yes, Anika and Sahil are intelligent like me. Pinky asks will everyone thank each other, will anyone thank me, hello, tell them, who told them I have seen that girl, I said it, that’s why, I don’t see ghost every day, its clear the girl was alive, I m so intelligent to solve case and none knew it, thank you. They all laugh. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Om, Rudra and Soumya go to kitchen and see Shivaye. Soumya says Shivaye is cooking food, he had board meeting right. Om asks Shivaye what happened in board meeting. Shivaye says nothing. Om asks what does nothing mean?

Update Credit to: Amena

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