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Ishqbaaz 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Anika says have this candy floss, its good. Shivaye says we did not come on picnic and this is unhygienic. She says I want to have it. He removes the candy floss from her nose. Some time before, Om says we have seen that girl committing suicide. Anika says we have seen Amtabh dying in Sholay. Rudra says I did not see, I mean Sholay. Om says lets focus on our other big problems. Soumya says what Anika means is, what is seen on screen is not necessary to be true. Anika asks how is this possible that video got over when suicide ended.


Shivaye says yes, Anika is right, it means someone else made that video, if that girl really died, the video would have run more. Rudra says it means this is someone’s plan. Shivaye says 101%, I checked our company records, no employee named Shilpa Mehta works in

any of our companies. Om says police can say our company manipulated the records. Shivaye says yes, but if its real suicide, its record should be in any police station or hospital, if its not like that, it means it’s a plan against us and…. Anika says and Shilpa Mehta is alive.

Commissioner Kadam tells Shivaye and Om that 2 crore people stay in Mumbai and lakhs of people commit suicide, its impossible to get suicide committed 5 years go, even if we get report, its not useful till enquiry on Tej and Shakti is completed. Shivaye says I told you, this investigation is based on CD and that CD is fake, that poster… Kadam says I heard it about CD and poster, its not a solid proof. Shivaye says if movie is released one month before, how can poster come in 5 year old CD, how is that possible. Kadam says how can you be sure of that, maybe that girl said wrong year in mental stress.

Shakti talks to Dadi on phone and says I don’t know what is Shivaye doing, he agreed to marry Tia and then he refused to marry on Anika’s saying that she got some proof, whats this kiddishness. Dadi asks him not to worry on phone, this proof is a start, it was fog till now, atleast we see a blurred way, you went to Mata Rani darbar, if heart has no belief, then one has to come back, so trust Mata Rani. He says Shivaye took big risk, if this blame is not proved wrong, then we will not get votes, even Tia’s parents won’t support us, we are taking big step on Anika’s saying. She says I trust Anika completely, you see she will make everything fine.

Shivaye says I m sorry but Tej and Shakti are innocent. Kadam says court wants proof, which we don’t have, I m sorry. Shivaye says Gayatri has proof, she is in your custody, she did this plan, its your work to get truth out of her. Kadam says you think we did not try, we tried our best, but she did not say, trust police, if Tej and Shakti are innocent, nothing will happen to them, we are not framing them, we are trying to find the truth.

Soumya says now police is saying proof is not enough, we are back to square one, what to do. Om says Tej and Shakti are on Vaishni Devi, if sin is done, it has to be washed. Rudra says Om, now its cleared that they are framed, you have seen the poster. Om says yes, I have seen Tej since childhood, this blame maybe wrong, I can’t believe Tej is clean. Rudra says I don’t know that, I know you hate Tej and you find everything about him wrong. Shivaye says guys stop it, we are discussing case, do I need to remind, all for one and one for all. Om and Rudra say along. Shivaye says we have to stand with our dads, not against them, so from where shall we start. Anika says from CD, we know CD is fake and have to proof it, we have clue, that poster, that I found. Shivaye jokes that Vasco da Gama would have not been so happy after finding India like Anika is getting happy by finding this poster.

Rudra says guys, we will do imp work, Tashan baazi can be done later. Priyanka says this poster proves that girl was alive till last month. Anika says she can be alive now also. Soumya asks how can we prove this. Anika says we have to find her. Shivaye says Mumbai has population of 2 crores, how will you find her, do you know how many zeroes are there in two crores. Anika counts. Om signs 7. Anika says 7 zeroes. Shivaye says well done, thanks Om, how to find her. Rudra says guys, we have to find poster, then where is it fixed, then we will get that girl. Anika signs Rudra got smart.

Shivaye asks Rudra what happened to you. Rudra says I m eating 21 badams as Anika said. Anika says you should also eat it, your mind will get sharp. Shivaye says lets find the girl. She calls Sahil and says I m saying you, my brother Sahil will tell us easily where is this film poster fixed. Shivaye asks really. She says yes, if I give window breaking ideas, he gives door breaking ideas. Shivaye asks do you have anything saved at home or you guys break everything. She says he is very sharp, when he saw Gupt, he said Kajol is murderer, he is genius, cheetah, tiger. Shivaye says he is a kid who is not answering, I had enough of this. Sahil answers and asks Anika is Bagad Billa troubling again. Anika says you are on speaker. Sahil asks why, everyone would be fighting to talk to me, you would have asked them not to fight and think of Gandhi ji.

Shivaye says just move ahead. Anika asks Sahil for help. Sahil says I will help, tell me who is listening me. She says everyone. He asks even Bagad Billa? Everyone smile. Shivaye says seriously….. Anika says Sahil, I explained you not to say Bagad Billa. Sahil asks when, you never explained, you said… yes got it, Billu ji is there. Shivaye asks Billu? Sahil asks who is there. Anika says everyone, SSO, his brother, Omkara, Rudra. Sahil greets Omru. Om and Rudra greet him. Anika says Priyanka Didi and Soumya Didi. Priyanka and Soumya greet Sahil. Sahil smiles and thinks of Soumya. Ankhon me teri…..plays………….

Anika says hello Sahil. Shivaye says just say it. Anika asks Sahil what will you take to help me. Sahil says I will become hero by helping Anika in front of Soumya. He asks what happened. She says I have sent you a picture, see it, and tell me where is the poster fixed. He says hold and checks picture. He says its same picture which… Shivaye says which has spirit who wears white saree and white sports shoes, who becomes Icchadhaari naagin. Anika says yes, after interval. Om and Rudra smile. Shivaye says exactly, I will keep special movie screening for you after this discussion. Sahil greets Shivaye and says hello Billu ji, you are real Tadibaaz, you did not miss to show Taadi now. Om and Rudra smile and say Tadibaaz. Anika asks Sahil to talk about work, and greet later. Sahil says this poster is everywhere in Mumbai, how to know place.

Shivaye says tiger, cheetah, genius, you said all this, I will just call a private investigator. Sahil sees picture again and says there is no clue in poster, but its below poster, its written Jhankar Dance Class. Om checks the picture in his phone and zooms. He says Jhankar Dance Class is seen, but address is unclear. He gets half words. Anika says Jhankar Dance Class will be in this area, we can find the girl. Om thanks Sahil and says you are really tiger. Rudra says you are cheetah also. He asks Sahil to come, I will make you have my fruit punch.

Sahil says Anika does not get me there, and Mr. SSO, I know Anika would have praised me a lot, are we number one. Shivaye says yes, not bad. Soumya says Sahil you are genius, thanks. Sahil says just you know my value, whats your fav. Subject, color, fav….. Anika says okay, bye Sahil, we have much work. She ends call and says my brother talks a lot right. Shivaye says its family problem, can we focus on problem.

Priyanka says I did not hear such name in Mumbai. Shivaye says there is something else, check Om. Rudra says I will check, don’t worry. Om says wait and tells the name of the place. He says I know this area, there are many dance classes, this looks Basti type area. Anika says we will find the girl by checking the area. Shivaye says once we get the girl, it will be proved that blame is wrong, and Tej and Shakti are innocent.

Soumya talks on her radio show and tells about breakups and broken glass, we should move on from both, if we try to pick broken glass, it hurts fingers, relationships are same, so try and move on. She ends the show. Priyanka comes and says Soumya, you are love angel, you are a celebrity, you know everyone is your fan, Rudra tells about love angel always, wait I will tell everyone. Soumya asks her not to say. Priyanka asks why do you want to hide this. Soumya says I will tell you a story, when I was little, I asked long list of gifts from Santa Claus. He used to get it, I used to smile all day, then I have grown up, I identified Papa in Santa’s costume, next year I did not ask for any list, as Santa was my thought, its magic was lost after I knew it, let love angel be love angel, if its known its Soumya, magic will go. Priyanka says fine, I won’t say. Soumya asks Anika’s pinky promise. Priyanka says yes and promises her.

Anika, Shivaye, Om and Rudra go to that area. They look around. Shivaye says this place is so dirty. Om says this is called real world. Shivaye asks really, we also live in real world. Om says no, we live in glass palace, where we can see world but can’t feel it, we see soil, but don’t get its smell, we should touch the soil and feel it, life is… Rudra says we did not come here to do character differentiation, we came for imp work.

Anika says its big area. Om says yes, but we have just one clue, that poster, we have to find that girl’s house. Shivaye says I still feel we should hire a private investigator. Rudra says Bhaiya, you won’t need anyone when agent Rudy is here, 00 and another 0. Om asks Rudra to relax, I think we should work by dividing in two teams to work fast. Rudra says yes, Anika and I in one team. Shivaye says please, one’s talk does not end and other is totally dumb. Rudra asks him how can you say I talk a lot and Anika is dumb. Anika and Shivaye look at each other. Rudra says you want to say this as you want to make team with Anika. Om asks Rudra in whose team you want to be, Shivaye or mine. Rudra says yours. Shivaye says fine and holds Anika’s hand. Rudra says you never forwarded hand for me like this. Shivaye leaves Anika’s hand. Om smiles. Rudra says don’t do long distance attack on me by eyes, we will see who finds girl first. He tells Om that he united Shivaye and Anika. Shivaye asks Anika to come. Om and Rudra try to find the poster or girl. Anika and Shivaye proceed.

Anika asks him to walk slow, why is he running like a mad rabbit. Rudra gets tired and asks Om to wait. Anika asks Shivaye whats his problem, did his brakes fail. He says I heard what Sahil said on phone, I will cook you up when I m close. Rudra asks a man for extra wada pau. Om asks man about the poster. Anika says you felt bad of a little kid’s words. Shivaye says you think I m so petty to feel bad of a kid’s words, I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about me. She says candy gloss, and buys. She asks Shivaye to have it, its good. He says we did not come on picnic and this is very unhygienic. She asks don’t you want to have it. He says no. He says fine, I will have it.

Rudra says Om, I got it. Om asks what. Rudra says I knew it, there are many vendors, and groundnut one will be here. He asks the man to make masala nuts. Om goes. Shivaye looks at Anika. Rudra says you make nuts, I will just come. Shivaye removes the candy floss from Anika’s nose. She looks at him. Music plays………..

Anika says my heart says poster is here. He says your heart says, that’s your logic. She says its here. He says its not time to joke. She says I m not joking, see Fukat Raja poster. He checks it and says Jhankar Dance Class, this window, Fukat Raja ….. yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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