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Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.co.in.

Anika comes running to Shivaye and says Billu ji, I got the proof, by which we can prove Tej and Shakti innocent. Some time before, Shivaye tells Om that Rudra is mad, explain him. Om says that brother is mad and this brother is worried. Shivaye says don’t start again, I took my decision. Om says there is still time, if you think you are not ready, you need time, then call it off. Shivaye asks do you believe in miracles, Tej and Shakti to be proved innocent depends on one thing, that any miracle happens, I know miracles don’t happen in the world, either their clearing off from this blame or my marriage can save our falling stocks, you are my best man Om, don’t lower down groom’s morale. Rudra comes and says I heard everything. Shivaye says Rudra, we…..


Rudra says what we, you made Om best man, you proved you like long hair people more. Om smiles. Shivaye says are you mad, you know what you both mean to me, you both are my shoulders. Rudra says there is just some time left for your bachelor life, one hug is necessary. They hug. Rudra says Tia is coming our home, but I feel like I m doing your vidaai. Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up. Rudra says fine, we will go, I pray Tia sings song Mai Sasural nai jaungi, come, we will do your Bidaai. Om calls Rudra crazy. They go out.

Om gets Anika’s call and goes. He asks where are you. She says I m on the way, I can’t hear you. She says I got the clue. He asks what are you saying. She says I got clue, Tej and Shakti can be proved innocent, that clue is in CD. He asks CD?

Jhanvi and Priyanka get the bride Tia. Everyone smile seeing Tia. Om says I can’t hear you Anika. Anika says Om, tell Billu ji that I got the clue. Call disconnects. She says why is network not coming. Pandit starts mantras. Tia sits in mandap. Anika asks auto driver to drive fast, take u turn and take back route to Oberoi house. Om says if Anika got Tej and Shakti’s innocence clue, this is that miracle which Shivaye is waiting for. Anika says Billu ji should know this matter fast. Om says I should tell Shivaye. Soumya signs Rudra to smile. Tia looks at Shivaye.

Om walks to Shivaye and looks on. Shivaye looks at Om. Om thinks I m not sure of what I heard, right or wrong, if I tell anything to Shivaye and if this marriage stops, Pinky will never forgive me. He calls Anika. Pandit asks groom and bride to make each other wear varmala. Anika is on the way. Shivaye takes garland in hand and makes Tia wear it. Everyone smile. Tia also makes Shivaye wear the garland. Om looks on.

Everyone smile. Om goes to Rudra and says something. Rudra asks what, come we will tell Shivaye. Om says I m not sure I m right or wrong, if I m wrong, it will be big issue. Rudra says but he is our brother and we should help him. Om says I m not sure, don’t forget Shivaye took the decision. Rudra asks are you going or shall I say. Pandit asks the family to do ghatbandhan. Pinky does ghatbandhan. Rudra says before marriage happens, we have to say, come.

They go to Shivaye. Anika walks in and calls out Billu ji. Everyone look at her. Anika runs to the mandap. She says I have to tell you something. Shivaye asks at this time. Anika says yes, its imp. Om says yes, its imp Shivaye. Shivaye asks what are you guys saying. Anika says I got proof by which we can prove Tej and Shakti innocent, I can prove that CD and girl are fake, like China item. Shivaye asks where is the proof, show me. Anika says come. Shivaye gets up. Tia and Pinky worry. Tia says Shivaye our marriage…. Shivaye says Tia, I have to go.

Shivaye opens the ghatbandhan and Anika looks on. He removes the garlands. Pinky says Shivaye…. He signs to stop and says mom please…… Shivaye looks at Anika and leaves. Anika, Om and Rudra go after Shivaye. Tia looks on.

Anika says I m saying truth, proof is in CD, get that copy. Shivaye asks are you sure. She says yes, 200%. He says fine, I will talk to commissioner Kadam. He calls. She says I told everything by coming here, but I m feeling bad that marriage stopped. Om says no Anika, you did good. Rudra says not good, very good. Shivaye says okay, CD is arranged, I have to go and pick it personally, I have to change these clothes. She says even I need to change, I will take clothes from Priyanka, I just came wearing this in hurry. Rudra says I told you came in Shivaye’s life for some reason, you came on time, else Shivaye would have become Paraya Dhan, I feel like dancing. Om says Rudra…. Rudra says I mean I feel like dancing as we got proof. Soumya comes and tells Shivaye that Tia has come. Shivaye goes to talk to Tia. Tia asks where did my Reiki get less, why does universe not want that we marry. He says I know you are feeling bad, right now, my priority is to prove Tej and Shakti innocent, I can’t give to priority to anything else, I m clouded. She says ya, I understand. He holds her hand and says Tia, once they both are proved innocent, Oberoi’s industry brand value will be reinstated, we can do this takeover on our own, I don’t want to take your parents votes undue advantage. She says I understand, but how to explain mom, she thinks you will backout from this marriage, if you don’t need their votes. He says what are you saying Tia, you trust me right infact out marriage will happen in better situation, where your parents and my dad, Tej will be part of it. She says I understand, I think I should leave now. He thanks her for understanding his words and situation. Tia leaves.

Om and Rudra come to Shivaye. Om asks how was Tia’s reaction. Shivaye says it was pretty good, I told you we have good understanding. Rudra says yes, but not love, if she loved you, she would have killed you, there is just deal here, Dil is somewhere else. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says I mean I cleared the mandap arrangements, so that there is no bad memories and your focus is on proving Tej and Shakti innocent. Shivaye talks to commissioner and leaves.

Pinky tells Jhanvi that I could not talk to Tia’s mom, she is already in hospital, when I said I will get marriage date soon, she ended call. Jhanvi says I m happy, marriage did not happen this way, she was arm twisting us since beginning, does relations happen this way, I have no problem with Tia, the way her family is behaving, I have problem with it. Pinky says yes, they were doing wrong, you think Anika is saying right, will the blame on Tej and Shakti be proved wrong. Jhanvi says I hope so, I trust our children.

Shivaye says I got CD from police station, watch the window breaking idea. Rudra says pinch me. Shivaye asks what. Om says you were saying in Anika’s language. Shivaye says I said as she would have said now. Rudra says Om get guitar, I want to sing Do dil mil rahe hai.. Anika asks why are you murmuring. She calls it Phusphusi and Shivaye asks what is it. Anika says such words are called Phusphusi words, you play the Cd. Shivaye asks where is the clue. Anika says you watch it, there is the clue. Rudra says oh that one, I can see it a bit. She says its clear. Om looks at Rudra. Rudra says fine, I did not see it, I was saying for effect. She says see that poster behind the girl, Fukat Raja, it was solid picture.

Shivaye looks at the poster. Priyanka asks what picture is this. Anika tells about the movie, the girl who became ghost has worn white saree and sports shoes…and there is Icchadaari naagin. Om asks what does this has to do with this matter Anika says its related, this movie released last month. Shivaye says the girl in video said her suicide date is 26th July 2011, if this video is 5 years old, how did the one month old release movie poster is seen in this.

Anika says you don’t look smart, but you are. He asks are you sure this movie was released last month. She says yes. Rudra says yes, this movie last month, its written on net, it means this video is fake. Shivaye says it means this is plan to defame Oberoi family, if date in video is fake, then all contents in it will be fake. She says maybe this girl is alive, even now. They get hope.

Shivaye and Anika go to some area. She says its big area. Om says we have one clue, that poster, we have to divide in two teams and find the girl’s house. Anika asks Shivaye why is he running like a mad rabbit, go slow. She buys candy floss. He says its just 18 hours left for board meeting, we did not get any clue.

Update Credit to: Amena


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