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Ishqbaaz 29th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tia asks Anika why are you following me. Anika says on Karwachauth night, I have seen you hugging some guy. Tia recalls and gets worried. Anika asks who was that guy. Shivaye comes and looks on. Some time before, Anika coughs and Shivaye cares for her. He asks what the hell is wrong with you, are you mad, you invite new problem every time, you like problems, did you think if anything happened to you, what would I do. She looks at him. Music plays….. Rudra asks what would you do, tell.

Shivaye says just shut up, this is not joke Rudra, Anika’s life would have gone. He asks Anika not to say anything. She says I will say, this ice is melting by your anger. Shivaye says you like to do everything, stop this, and just sit back and don’t interfere when I m doing something, relax. He asks Om and

Rudra what were they doing here, I need an explanation. Tia comes and asks Shivaye baby is everything okay. Shivaye says yes kind of okay, if Tia did not call me then… Tia says I came spa, I felt I saw Rudra, he disappeared, I got worried and called you. Shivaye says I need an explanation. Om says we can discuss it later, Anika is not fine, lets take her home please. Shivaye agrees.

Priyanka asks Ranveer to drive slow, she gets dizzy by speeding car. He says fine and drives to some bridge place. She sees a girl walking infront of the car and cups her face. He stops the car and the girl goes. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He looks on.

Shivaye says Tia, I will call doctor and come. Tia says Anika, if you don’t mind, can I ask something. Anika says yes. Tia asks were you guys following me, Robin called and said Rudra was asking my whereabouts, when I saw Rudra, he has run away, you and Om were also there, tell me what is it, I know you are honest girl, I can see on your face, something about me is bothering you, tell me why were you following me. Anika says yes, we were following you. Tia asks but why. Anika says on Karwachauth night, I have seen you hugging some guy, we wanted to know who was that guy. Tia recalls. Shivaye ends call and comes to them.

Tia says I don’t know what are you saying, I m sure you have misunderstanding, maybe you have seen someone else. Anika says no, I have seen you. Tia says maybe I was hugging Shivaye baby, why will I hug anyone else, you did not eat anything and fainted, mind games happen, I feel bad you doubted on me, you took Om and Rudra, what is my respect left in would be inlaws now, I feel so small right now. Anika says matter is such… Shivaye says its baseless and unacceptable Anika.

Shivaye says I can’t believe you doubted on me, followed her and spied on her, you all should have shame. Tia says its okay, universe wanted to prove my innocence for once and all. Shivaye says its not okay, Om I did not expect this from you, leave these two. Om says actually… Anika stops Om and says its my mistake, maybe I have seen someone else, its not their mistake, I m sorry Tia. Tia says its okay Anika, you know I m so spiritual and big hearted, it does not matter. Anika leaves with Om and Rudra.

Shivaye says I m sorry from Omru’s side, I m so embarrassed. Tia says matter ended now. Tia gets a call. Shivaye says I can’t believe it, how can Om come in their words, you can answer call. She says bank people call again and again, Pinky wanted to discuss about jewelry, I will be with her. Inspector gives water bottle to Ranveer. Ranveer signs him to go. He asks Priyanka to have water. She thanks him. He holds her and asks is there anything you want to tell me, you can tell me the problem, I promise I will help. Om sees her missed call and calls back. She says yes, actually.

She gets Om’s call. He asks where are you, why did you not come home till now. She says driver got late to pick me, ACP Randhawa is dropping me. He asks what, where did he got you. She says outside college, he offered to drop me. He asks where are you, I will come to pick you. She says no, don’t come, I m on old bridge. He says its same place where that night…. What are you doing there. She says it was shortcut. He says whatever happens, don’t say anything to ACP, come home straight. She says fine and ends call. She looks at Ranveer.

Soumya comes home at night. Rudra says so much happiness, what type of parathas did Reyaan feed you on date, see time, is this time to come home. She says its none of your business. He says till you are in this house, you are my… I mean my family’s responsibility. She asks really. He says don’t forget I made you patch up with Reyaan. She says why are you saying then, I did not ask you to do patch up. He says I m not interested in you and Reyaan, I won’t even see him if he comes here. She says good for you, don’t bore me. Reyaan comes and greets them.

Rudra says its late night, you did not go home. Reyaan says I was parking car, how can I leave dropping Soumya outside. She gets a call and goes. Tia talks to someone/her BF and says I told you many times, don’t call me when I came to Oberoi mansion, cant you have patience, we were almost caught, Anika saw you in my car first time, then in Oberoi mansion and she has seen us on Karwachauth, I can’t ruin everything after getting close to destination, don’t make this difficult for me. She turns and sees Anika. Anika looks at her.

Reyaan smiles seeing Soumya talking on phone. Rudra asks what is it, you are seeing her like she is second best thing in the world after chocolate icecream. Reyaan says she is best than chocolate icecream for me. Rudra asks Soumya? Did you see her size? Reyaan calls him big idiot, don’t you find her cute, when she moves her hair back, she looks so cute. Rudra sees Soumya and says yes, she is very nice, she looks cute. Reyaan says her smile is cuter than Madhuri’s smile. Rudra says not more than Madhuri’s, but equally cute. Reyaan says her lips, when she bites her lips after mischief, she looks so good. Rudra looks on. Dil chahat……plays……….Soumya comes to them. She asks Rudra, why were you staring like this. Rudra murmurs everything is normal, don’t be scared. She says everything is normal, just you aren’t. He says what’s happening, what was I seeing, no this can’t happen, its a lie, I can’t do this.

Anika says I m sorry Tia, I really did a big mistake. Tia says its okay, if you are honestly saying sorry, universe will surely forgive you. Anika says you are very nice Tia. Tia gets relieved. Rudra says everything will get fine, its all normal. He gets Rumi’s call. She asks will you talk to your Devi like this. He says you…. And murmurs why did I answer her call. She asks why did you not answer my calls. He says I was resting. She says I know you were not resting, I called you to tell you to come home today evening to meet me. He says its not possible. She says don’t make me angry, don’t be late. She ends call. He says why does this happen with me always, her Divya Dhrishti…..

Shivaye says I m sorry again Tia. She says lets forget it, there is something bothering me, I know Anika is a very nice girl, since our marriage announcement, her behaviour got strange as if there is something in her heart, she is upset about something, she is not happy, but you know I m so sensitive and overthink, anyways good night. She leaves. He looks on.

Rudra comes to meet Rumi and calls her out. She comes to him and says you came Rudra Dev, come lie down. He asks what do you want to do. She says I want to give you darshan. He says I don’t want any darshan. She says its Devi’s wish, and pushes him to the wall. He says if Devi wants to give darshan, she will give darshan. He says I m feeling scared, let me go home. She says don’t be scared, you came in my Sharan, close your eyes and come with me. She gets close.

Om is lost in thoughts and puts red color on the sculpture clay. He recalls Ranveer’s words. Priyanka comes and says your hands have blood. Om sees the red color and gets shocked. Priyanka worries. Om cleans his hand with a cloth and rubs his hand. He recalls Priyanka and Ranveer’s words.

Rudra and Rumi are lying on the bed. A man/Rumi’s supposed father says sorry, I did not know darshan is happening here, I don’t wish to interfere in your privacy. He goes. Rudra says Rumi your dad has seen us together in your bed. Rumi says I m Devi, our lying down like this is not a sin, we have become husband and wife. Rudra gets shocked and asks what. She says husband and wife…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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