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Ishqbaaz 22nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 22nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Priyanka goes to Om and says it’s a big problem. He asks why are you worried. Priyanka gives him the painting. He gets shocked seeing it. He recalls an accident of some lady. He gets a box with blood stained leaves and gets shocked. Anika stumbles and Shivaye holds her. Shivaye asks Anika whats this. She says its Karwachauth. He gets hurt by the basket shred. His finger bleeds. She asks him to be away from her if he is afraid of fear, her bad luck is bad, if you come close to me, you will get hurt. He says I did not know I will get hurt if I come close.

Some time before, Shivaye says mind your tongue ACP, if you say a word to her, you will see what I can do. Ranveer says chill, why are you getting angry, I was just asking, I have to say, you are world’s best boss, else who gets angry for

an ordinary employee. Shivaye says I don’t have time to waste, do you know way to exit or shall I say, Ranveer says I know, but I will come back even if you call me or not…..
Ranveer says I got to know some new things, culprit will be caught soon. Shivaye says get out now. Ranveer sees Priyanka coming. He takes an envelope from Shinde and keeps in the mails stand. He leaves with Shinde. Priyanka asks who was he. Shivaye says new ACP, he is investigating Gayatri’s murder case. She says I will check mails and come. She checks that envelope and gets shocked seeing something. Shivaye asks whats this. She says its exhibition invitation, I will show Om and come. She gets worried and leaves.

Om is working in his art room. Priyanka comes and says it’s a big problem. He asks why are you worried. Priyanka gives him the painting. He gets shocked seeing it. He sees painting of a lady wounded and fallen in the jungle area. He recalls an accident of some lady/Gayatri. She says whatever happened that night, someone has seen it, if this comes out, it will be big problem. He asks where did you get this painting. She says it was in our mailbox on my name, it means there is someone who knows truth. She gets too tensed.

Jhanvi talks to Tej over phone. She says I m not being negative, whenever I see them together, I feel Shivaye and Tia don’t belong together, you feel Shivaye took right decision, you wish our sons take such intelligent decisions, you want Omkara to marry for money and power, not love? I m so glad Tej that our sons are not practical like you, you see Rudra and Omkara will decide by heart, as decision taken by heart will never be wrong. She ends call. Anika checks the items. She takes a heavy basket and stumbles. Shivaye comes and holds the basket. They see each other. Music plays……

She says I can do this myself. He says I know, I was just helping you. She says I don’t need your help. He says but I want to help, what’s all this. She says its Sargi items, its Karwachauth tomorrow. He gets hurt by the basket shred. She asks what happened.

Rudra asks fast, for you, Karwachauth? I did not fast till now. Rumi says fasts are not just kept for Devi, sometimes Devi also keeps fast for devotees. Rudra asks are you fine. She says this fast is imp, we will show our unending relation to the world, we are together since ages, we have met always, this time we will keep such fast that the world will see. He says you are Devi or Sridevi, I can’t stay hungry. She blesses him and says I blessed you, now you can stay hungry. He asks why are you saying again, I said I can’t stay hungry. She says if you don’t keep fast, you will see my Rudra/angry avatar. Rudra says fast and the furious….. She says now my eyes will have fire, you are hungry, I will turn you from human to a dog, then you find food in garbage. Rudra says it means from Shaggy to Scooby doo. She says I will make you a fly who is shooed away from the food, tell me shall I make you a fly, will you keep fast. He says yes, I will keep fast. She calls him sweet.

Om says who can send this. Priyanka says its good I have seen it, if anyone else saw this then, someone knows truth. He gets Riddhima’s call. He asks her to relax and says this happened because of me, I will take care of it. She says I know you hate lies and dishonesty, even then you did not say anything to Shivaye. He says don’t worry, I will talk to Shivaye. He hugs her and consoles.

Shivaye says let me call infection, it can have infection. Anika says show me, why do you want doctor for everything, its small Phaans/shred. He says stay away from me, its paining. She says I did not do anything, how did it ache. He says its done. She says you become Tadibaaz and now shouting by a small shred, show me. He shows his hand. She says its small thing. He says its not known when small thing becomes big. She asks him to be away from her if he is afraid of fear, her bad luck is bad, if you come close to me, you will get hurt. He says I did not know I will get hurt if I come close, its paining. She says what can happen now, it has hurt you. He looks at her. She removes that minute shred from his finger and shows him. She says now it won’t pain. He says ya, it won’t hurt now, thank you. She looks at him and says you look awesome, you changed so much, you never said thanks before and now when you started, you are just keeping on saying. Tia comes and says Shivaye baby…… I can’t say how much excited I m, its my first Karwachauth, I m nervous, but I m waiting for tomorrow. Anika leaves. Shivaye looks at Anika.

Pinky likes the beautiful dupatta and tells Jhanvi that they both will look Jaya Prada and Sridevi tomorrow. Anika comes and says Sargi items have come. Jhanvi says you work a lot Anika, Mummy ji bought some gifts for you. Anika asks whats this. Jhanvi says clothes for you for Karwachauth. Anika says I don’t keep fast. Pinky says keep fast, all unmarried girls used to keep fasts in my pind, they used to pray a handsome guy like Dharmendra, you also pray, then you will get one, you would have thought the type of guy you want. Jhanvi says yes, every girl dreams such. Anika says no, I was always busy in work and did not think what type of guy I want. Pinky asks her to think, saas is imp than husband, pray for saas, see Tia got a good saas, who knows, if you pray, you will get a saas like me. Jhanvi says its okay Anika if you don’t keep fast, but I will be glad if you become a part of the function. Anika says I will be there, don’t worry, its my duty to organize everything.

Shivaye asks Rudra are you sure she said she will make you dog or fly. Rudra says yes. Shivaye says and you promised her to make fast. Rudra says what else could I do. Shivaye says you think she will curse you if you don’t keep fast, are you mad. Rudra says you are my superman, Om used to scare me as ghosts in childhood, you used to save me from Om, now save me. Shivaye asks shall I save you, you have PhD for giving excuses and breaking up with girls, just do breakup, get rid of her. Rudra says this girl is not normal. Shivaye says oh yes, she is Devi. He laughs. Rudra says you are making fun, I m getting tensed, don’t help me, I will help myself. Shivaye says who can help Lord. Rudra goes. Om comes and says I need to talk to you. Shivaye asks about Riddhima. Om says no. Shivaye gets call and says give me a sec. He asks lawyer to handle Ranveer, its your work, make sure he does not harass anyone in my family, he feels someone of us did murder. He turns to talk to Om and sees Om gone.

Ranveer says its Karwachauth tomorrow, Oberoi mansion would be preparing for puja. Shinde says yes. Ranveer says sins can’t be erased by acting of being good, sins can just hide, no puja and fasts can’t save the murderer hiding in that family. Om recalls Priyanka’s words and worries. He takes a box. Shivaye comes and says you were going to talk, why did you leave. Om asks whose call was it. Shivaye says our lawyer Lakhani, don’t know what problem Ranveer has with our family, he could not do anything in Gayatri’s murder case so he is using new tactics to threaten us, but we did not do anything, so no need to get afraid, I have it in my control, did you see Priyanka, where is she. Om says she would be in her room, why. Shivaye says I found her tensed. Om says you know her, she gets nervous on small things, she is fine, don’t worry. Shivaye gets Mishra’s call and goes. Om opens the box and sees the blood stained leaves. He gets shocked. He drops the box and recalls the accident.

Anika says Sahil, your tiffin is ready, I have to go early, I have to do Karwachauth preparations, I will have food in auto, don’t fight with anyone, I will come soon. Bua from window asks for food. Anika asks her to shed crocodile tears somewhere else, you have money to apply mehendi, I know you have stolen Sahil’s tiffin, you ordered food at Dhaba and sent bill here. Bua asks did I do this. Anika says no, I did. Bua says I don’t remember anything, give me food, I will die. Anika gives food. Bua asks her to keep Karwachauth fast, its profitable, one gets good sasural, children are healthy, body is maintained. Anika says you know I don’t keep such fast, stay right there.

Shivaye looks at Anika. She stops and goes ahead. Om says Priyanka, you don’t need to be afraid, its my responsibility, I will pay the price for it, relax. She says I can’t let this happen. Shivaye comes and asks what are you saying…. Whats going on. Om and Priyanka worry seeing Shivaye keeping over that leaves box.

Update Credit to: Amena

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