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Ishqbaaz 1st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 1st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivaye says I wish I could prove Tej and Shakti innocent, inshort I need a miracle. Anika says where did I see this poster. She recalls the video and understands. She says Tej uncle and Shakti uncle can be proved innocent, I have to tell this to Billu ji. Some time before, Anika says my house has come. He says yes and stops car. He says Anika, I have to tell you something. She looks at him. He says I will see you tomorrow. She says yes, we will meet tomorrow. He says come I will drop you. She says no, I will go. He says no, okay fine I will wait here. She says I said I will go, you leave. He says you go, I will wait here till you go inside home. She gets down the car. Khoya khoya rehta hai…..plays…………..


He looks at her. She leaves. Jhanvi asks Pinky to see this necklace, are you okay.

Pinky says I have a strong thought, I spoke to Shakti too, he got angry and I got scared. Jhanvi asks what. Pinky says I have seen that girl for sure. Jhanvi asks which girl. Pinky says that CD girl.

Anika is lost in thoughts and holds a spoon in her mouth. Sahil sees her and asks how is steel’s taste. She asks what. He says you have kept steel spoon in mouth since long time, you would have known taste by now. She asks him to have food silently. He says I m silent, why is your mood bad. She says you said my mood is bad, did I say or did you read in paper, I m just tired. He says I have a way to get your tiredness away. She says you finish food first. He goes.

Jhanvi asks how is this possible, that girl died 5 years ago. Pinky says maybe I have seen her 5 years before, not her ghost, don’t know where did I see her. Jhanvi says its not possible Pinky, Tej and Shakti are claiming that they did not see that girl, if police knows this, they will use this against them. Pinky says yes, but her face comes infront of eyes. Jhanvi asks her to forget this and focus on Shivay and Tia’s marriage. Pinky agrees. Jhanvi shows the necklace.

Sahil gets CD and tells Anika about the horror movie. She says we have seen this last month. He says we remember the dialogues too. They say the dialogues and laugh. He plays the Cd.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra sit at the pool side. Rudra says you are doing this last time, we can’t do this tomorrow. Om asks why, is pool getting dry. Rudra says very funny Om, Shivaye is getting married and he will get Dhaniya paraye. Om says Paraya Dhan. Shivaye says stop it, marriage is happening, I will be brother even then. Om says yes, but someone else will have right on you too. Rudra says more than us. Om says then we can’t sit like this at night. Rudra says yes, married people are in hurry to go to rooms. Om says seriously Shivaye, our midnight cooking adventures and hanging out in your room will end.

Rudra says Soumya took my room, Tia is coming to your room and I have become refugee, we used to share everything before, every secret, now you will share everything with Tia. Shivaye says stop it, nothing will change. Rudra asks really, I thought I will have to shift my belongings, its good you are giving other room to Tia, I love you Bhaiya. Om says don’t be silly all the time Rudra, after marrying, she is coming to her husband’s house, not hostel. Shivaye says maybe one or two things will change. Om says many things will change, we have to be ready for it. Rudra says whatever, this thing should not change. They hold hands and say one for all, all for one.

Anika and Sahil watch the movie. Sahil asks why do ghosts wear white clothes. She says be quiet, my fav. Scene is coming, 31 chudails will come on Amavasya night. Sahil says not Amavasya, its Poornima, and not Chudails, its Bhootnis, when all Bhootnis come wearing white clothes, third left one wears off white, I have noticed it last time. Anika says wah, you are a great spy, watch silently.

Om asks Shivaye to have some rest, we will go. Rudra says marriage is tomorrow, I can sleep with Bhaiya today. Om says you should get habitual from today for whats going to happen tomorrow. Rudra says one who has younger brothers should not marry, this system is wrong. Shivaye says Rudra, if you want… Om says its okay Shivaye, Rudra has to get habitual. Rudra says bye Paraya Dhan and leaves with Om.

Anika says Sahil movie was good, and sees Sahil slept. She makes him sleep properly. She sees another movie ad of Fukat Raja, which got famous within one month time of the release. She sees that and switches off the tv. She lies to sleep. Shivaye thinks why am I worried, the way my and Tia’s marriage is happening, or by marriage itself….I don’t know how to react, I wish I did not need Tia’s parents vote for takeover, I wish I could prove Tej and Shakti’s innocence, in short I need a miracle, but I don’t believe in miracles, I feel like there is something which I m missing, but what is that, which can prove Tej and Shakti’s innocence. Anika gets restless in sleep and wakes up.

She gets up and looks at the tv. She says what was this… and switches the tv on to check. She sees the movie and then that ad. She says where did I see this poster, I feel its important. She recalls that girl in CD video and the poster was behind her. She says Oh bete ki, its such thing, Tej and Shakti can be proved innocent by this, I have to inform Billu ji. She smiles.

Its morning, Pinky praises Shivaye and applies black dot, while singing Tenu kala tika jachta hai…. She says Tia is lucky to get Hrithik. He says come on mom. She says Shivaye, you don’t let me praise you, before your marriage, its my son’s marriage. She pats on his face. He says mom, this is embarrassing, please. She says you feel everything embarrassing, I have so many wishes, I will take baraat in 7 horses chariot, doing Naagin dance in baraat, atleast let me shower love, tell me one thing, are you happy with this marriage. He asks why are you asking this. She says because you are getting married, I know you just speak heart out to Omru, even your mom has right on your secrets, tell me, are you not taking this marriage decision in business pressure. He turns away. She asks what shall I understand by this silence.

He holds her hand and asks her to understand the meaning by which she gets happiness. She says my son is very clever, I know you very well, that you think of other’s happiness first and then yours, its your marriage decision, you have to keep your happiness first, you know how is marriage without love, it passes while doing adjustments. He says like yours and dad’s. She gets sad. He says I m sorry mom, I did not mean that. She says you got nervousness for marriage. He says ya maybe, don’t worry mom, Tia and I have good understanding, so you know… She asks are you saying truth Shivaye…

Om and Rudra walk in. Rudra sings Dulhe ka sehra…. Pinky laughs. Shivaye asks whats happening. Rudra says oho, sorry, I forgot you are not wearing sehra, I prepared other song. He sings Chote Chote bhaiyon ke bade bhaiya… Om stops Rudra and says Shivaye, I m sorry to inform you, hearing your marriage news, Rudra lost his mind. Rudra says so funny, you said like filmi doctors. Om says Rudra planned many things, he was coming in your honeymoon too, I stopped him, let him sing.

Pinky says even I planned many things, haldi, mehendi… Rudra says cocktail party, bachelor party… She pulls his ear and says you always think of this, naughty, I know what happens in these parties. Rudra says focus, we have to cover up for ladies sangeet. Pinky and Rudra dance. Shivaye says Rudra… Rudra stops and says I told you I will be ready in one day, I m ready to share you with Lady Baba, Mr Paraya Dhan. He kisses Shivaye and goes to hug. Shivaye stops him. They laugh. Rudra says take brother’s blessings, hope you get happy family. Om says wah. Shivaye says Om, do something of him. Om smiles and signs nothing can happen of him.

Anika looks for her clothes and says I have to tell Billu ji about CD soon, what to wear, where is my jeans. Sahil says Dhobi took the clothes. She asks what shall I wear, all problem is when I m in hurry. He asks whats the matter. She says I have to reach Oberoi mansion before mansion any way, I have to tell imp thing to Billu ji. He asks her to take a deep breath. She does and says what next. He asks her to take right turn. She says there is nothing on right. He says this side. She says its left. He says its right for me. She says fine, what now. He asks her to take the flower box and open it. She sees the dress. He asks her to wear the dress gifted by Omru. She says no Sahil, its heavy. She says wear it bindaas. She agrees.

Pinky says I have to discuss imp matters, Rudra won’t go to Shivaye’s room after 7-8pm. Rudra asks why. Pinky says if you are there, then my Kanji eyes grandchildren dream will be just a dream. Rudra says oho, who will move hair like this, they will call I m dashing, you know what will they say seeing Om, what is long hair creature doing in this house. Pinky and Rudra laugh. Shivaye asks if you both are done, shall we leave, marriage has to happen. Pinky says Shivaye is so eager, even Shakti was so eager, he made horse run and came to me, baraatis were dancing behind, then my mummy did his aarti too, Shivaye is restless to make Tia Mrs. Oberoi. Shivaye looks on.

Shivaye sits in mandap. Priyanka and Jhanvi get Tia. Tia sits with him. Everyone smile. Soumya asks Rudra to smile. Om walks in worried and looks at Shivaye…. Shivaye takes the garlands in hand and turns to Tia. Om looks on shocked.

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