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Ishqbaaz 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivaye says I want to say thanks to Anika infront of you all. Anika looks on. He thanks Anika and says you saved my family many times, but I have just lost them, and then we lose anyone almost, we understand their value, so I took a decision. He gets the ring and asks will you marry me. Some time before, Soumya as love angel talks to Shivaye. She says its strange, such emotional intimacy, such bonding, it means you get peace going to her, else sleeping in someone’s lap, with whom you have many issues, I think your heart is saying something. He asks what. She says we will do a small test, when the girl comes infront of you, your heart will beat fast, Dhak Dhak, your confusion will get over and you can take decision. He asks decision. She says yes, if your heartbeat increases, think your heart chose


a partner, its your decision to agree to heart or not. He ends call and says decision, what…..

Sahil asks Anika to try again, close eyes and see if you can see Billu ji or not. She closes and sees Shivaye. She opens eyes. Sahil asks did you see him. She says no. He asks sure. She says I said I did not see him. She murmurs Sahil is mad to put anything in my mind. He asks did you say anything. She says nothing, have food, I m going, bye. She says I will try once again and closes eyes. She sees Shivaye again and opens eyes. She says Phail gaya Raita….. whats happening. Shivaye says the same.

Rudra asks Bhaiya are you sure, you took decision in one day, I think you should talk to Om once. Shivaye says Om is on his way, I can’t wait for him, I decided once and its imp to execute it now. Rudra says its sudden for me. Shivaye says you should understand this first. Rudra says I understood, but I can’t believe this, when its happening really, how shall I react, think once, if this gets final, your life will change. Shivaye says once I think anything, I don’t change my decision. He leaves.

Bua comes crying to Anika. Anika asks how did you come inside. Bua says forgive me, I will hold your feet. Anika asks whats this drama. Bua says nothing, slap me, I got old, think where will I go in this age, my hands and legs, heart is aching, see. Sahil says don’t come in her drama, Bua you leave. Bua says I m your Bua, don’t be heartless. Anika says Bua ji leave, before I call police and you get rotten in jail, just leave. Bua leaves.

Rudra calls Om and asks where are you, its big moment here, Shivaye took his life’s big decision, you have to come soon, bye. He turns and sees Soumya. She says I have to tell something very imp about Rumi. He says we will talk later, my focus is somewhere else, Shivaye took very imp decision and called family meeting. She asks what decision.

Jhanvi asks Pinky about Shivaye’s decision. Pinky says I get to know his decision by newspapers, he does not tell me anything. Priyanka asks Dadi why did Shivaye call us for family meeting. Dadi says don’t know, maybe its something imp. Tej says he is your son Shakti, you should know why did he call family meeting. Shakti says you are right, we will go and know.

Anika comes Oberoi mansion and gets Sahil’s video call. He says my crafts project did not finish. She says you are saying early, you should have said after school and college ended. He says sorry, help me now. She asks him to get chart. He says I got it, Billu ji’s house is so big, do they play football. She says stop it, focus on work, get chart, pencil, draw a straight line. She sees everyone and says everyone is here. Shivaye calls Om and asks where are you, I need you, yes she has come…. Sahil asks what to do now. Anika says don’t know. Pinky asks Shivaye why did he call them. Shivaye says its very big matter mom. Sahil asks Anika what happened, is Bagad Billa talking, move mobile that side, I have to see. She says fine, and shows Sahil.

Shivaye says in last few days, there were many disasters in my life, I understood life is short, don’t wait for tomorrow and do everything today, and one more person helped me in understanding this, Anika…… Everyone look at Anika. She looks on surprised. Shivaye says some days back, Anika came in my life, I mean she came in our lives, whenever my family was in any problem, she saved all of us, I always misunderstood her, but my wrong thinking could not stop her from doing the right thing, I want to make a right decision today, I want to say thanks to Anika infront of you all. He says thank you Anika. Everyone smile. Shivaye says you save my family many times, else I have lost them, and when you almost lose anyone, we understand their value, so I took a decision today. He gets the ring and looks at Anika.

Anika gets shocked. Everyone look on puzzled. Rudra sees Shivaye and Anika. Anika says whats happening. Shivaye walks to Anika holding the ring. She gets nervous and says am I dreaming, what’s happening….. He stops and looks at her. She gets shocked seeing the ring and him. Everyone look on. Sahil dances happily. Shivaye walks past Anika and then Tia is seen behind Anika. Shivaye goes to Tia. Tia blushes and smiles.

Sahil gets shocked. Shivaye asks will you marry me Tia. Everyone get up from their seats. Tia says my God, Shivaye baby this is my life’s biggest surprise, when you called and told me, I could not believe it, but you meant it, thank you Shivaye baby, thanks universe. Pinky says now my Kanji eyed grandchildren dreams will come true, make her wear ring, what are you thinking. Dadi holds Shivaye and asks is your decision certain. He says you know Dadi, once I take a decision, I don’t change it. She asks did you take it by heart or mind. He says my heart and mind, both are in my control, I decide once and tell it to heart and mind, don’t worry Dadi, are you ready Tia…. Tia says of course. Sahil gets angry and throws pencil.

Shivaye looks at Anika. Pinky asks what are you thinking, make her wear the ring, you got nervous. Shivaye holds Tia’s hand. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………….. Anika looks on sadly. Shivaye makes Tia wear the ring. Anika sees them. O jaana…..plays…….. Everyone clap. Tia says Shivaye, I won’t let you postpone marriage or change decision. He sees Anika and says this time, no one can change my decision. She asks anyone? He says I mean nothing can change my decision.

Pinky asks Priyanka to get sweets, it was sudden decision that we did not know how to do arrangements. Tia stops Anika and says Anika, I said very stupid things about you and Shivaye, I was very mean, I m sorry, forgive me, I was insecure, Shivaye told me how you saved him and this family, so as future Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I want to give you something, these diamond solitaires from my and Shivaye, don’t say no. Anika says no, I can’t take this. Tia insists. Anika refuses again.

Tia asks Shivaye to say, I m sure Anika won’t refuse to him. Pinky says Anika, I won’t reject even fake jewelry, this is diamonds, keep it, what are you thinking, you have do marriage arrangements in super speed. Anika says I will get my diary and goes. Dadi and Rudra look on sad. Anika recalls Shivaye and Tia. Dadi comes and holds her. Anika says I did not get caterer’s menu file, don’t know I did not get it. She says a phrase and jokes. She says when we need something, we don’t get it, don’t worry, I will make everything fine.

Dadi says okay, tell me are you fine. Anika says yes, I don’t understand, as its less time and much work, its Shivaye’s marriage, there will be many rasams, many people will come, don’t worry, this marriage will be best, last time it was confusion regarding date, I want to tell caterer about date, tell me date so that I can do arrangements. Dadi says you have to ask Billu. Anika says fine, I will ask him.

Shivaye says whatever happened last night. Anika says please, no need to say anything. He says I don’t want anyone of us to have confusion. She says all my confusion got cleared today, please I don’t have time to waste, tell me date fast, I have to plan your wedding. He says look… She says look, tell me date fast, I will get dates written on cards if you say, else how will I get it printed. Shivaye holds her hand and says Anika…..She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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