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Ishqbaaz 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Anika starts leaving and cries. Priyanka and Dadi cry. O jaana…..plays……….. Anika leaves……. Some time before, Anika tells Shivaye that she will leave job herself, what will he fire her off the job. She turns to leave. Dadi comes in the way. Anika says no Dadi, you all are very nice, you gave me much love and respect, but whatever happened today, I m sorry I can’t stay here. She picks the phone (Shivaye’s) and leaves. O jaana……plays………..Priyanka cries and goes to her room. Dadi goes to Shivaye and says Billu, whatever you did today, you did very bad. She goes. Om says status/standard Shivaye, blood does not decide that, even thinking decides it, and today you made your standard fall…..


Soumya consoles Priyanka and says I know Anika went, but whats the use to cry. Priyanka says Soumya, Anika did not do anything, it was not her mistake. Soumya says I know. Priyanka says Anika was saving me, I have to tell this to Shivaye. Soumya says he is annoyed, calm down, talk to him later. Priyanka cries.

Tia is with Shivaye and says you look so stressed, your neck muscles are so coiled, close your eyes and try to relax. She massages his neck and shoulders. He closes eyes and thinks of Anika. She says don’t be so tensed, you did right, I don’t know how could there be any mistress of old man Mr. Chabbra, but he got old now and he had mistress before, and anyways how did he think Priyanka will marry a mistress’ son, its ridiculous. He says exactly.
She says I hear Anika crossed all her limits today, she should mind her business, who is she to interfere in your family matter, its good you fired her, universe will not give her any other job. He gets angry. She says relax, whatever you did was good.

Sahil says its good you left that job, even animals remember favors, but SSO…. He forgot anything, Tadibaaz Bagad Billa, its good you can spend time with me at home, we will go to fly kites, we will have ice golas, I will not let you miss Shivaye. She says why will I miss, I m happy that I got leave, his kanji eyes used to stare at me all day, he used to know its me even without seeing me, he used to say in English, I can sense you, where did his sense go now, if I did anything wrong, would he not sense, how did he think that I can do anything like that, I was saying Priyanka that meeting like this is not fine, but I could not take Priyanka’s name, she would have got trapped, I lied and he agreed, he could not seen eye truth now, all his qualification is waste, I don’t want to talk about him, don’t take his name infront of me.

Shivaye says Tia, don’t take that girl’s name infront of me. She says sorry, I was trying to relax you. He says its not needed, I m okay. Dadi says when children do mistake, its elder’s duty to rectify it, Shivaye fired Anika, I will get Anika back. Jhanvi says you are saying right, I also feel wrong happened with Anika, we should get her back. Tej comes and says no one will go anywhere, Shivaye took right decision and no one will change it.

Bua asks Anika what will we eat if you don’t do job. Anika says I will not go to that house. Bua asks will Ram ji earn and get, I mean what about Sahil. Anika says I know you are worried for yourself, not Sahil, don’t be scared, I will do earn, there is not just one job in the world, I will find any job, but I won’t go there. Dadi says you did not grow up that you command your mum, Anika did a lot for this house and you are saying Billu did right by firing her. Tej says I agree that she helped us, but she should not interfere in our personal matters, afterall she is an outsider and should not talk in our family matters. Bua says who else will say, they are rich people, go to them and apologize to them. Om comes there. Bua greets him and says I was explaining her not to leave job. Anika asks Bua to go inside. Bua asks tea, coffee, I will get cold drink. Anika says Bua please go. Bua goes. Om says Anika, whatever happened, I m…. Anika says no need to say, its good you came here, wait…

Tej says Anika deserves this, Shivaye clearly told her that Dev and Priyanka should not meet, still she took Dev to Priyanka’s room, Dev wants to become Oberoi’s son in law, he is Chabbra’s illegitimate child. Shakti says but he is Mr. Chabbra’s son, he has his blood and they have father and son relation. Tej says no, relation is illegitimate, its enough now, I want to discuss this again, this relation won’t join again, and Anika won’t come back in this house, this is final. Priyanka hears this and cries.

Anika gets some documents and says I had some items of Oberoi mansion, please will you take it. Om asks don’t you have anything of Oberoi mansion now. She says no Om, nothing, please…. He says thank you for everything and leaves.

He recalls Shivaye’s words and cries. She sits in darkness. O jaana….plays……… Shivaye thinks of Anika and is upset. They both think of each other and are equally sad.

Om comes to Shivaye. He says what you did with Anika today. Shivaye says Om, I don’t want to talk. Om says you have to talk, today I won’t tell you that relation is made by people, but their surname, I won’t tell you that big family, richness, poverty are just labels, we all are equal, I won’t say all this, I know you will not understand this, I will talk to you in the language you understand, you are a big businessman right, whats business’ biggest principle, that the asset which is most useful, its not made away, and Anika was biggest asset for you and this family, and she proved this again and again by saving you and family, and what did you do, you insulted her and fired her from job, because of a small mistake, I know you don’t understand humanity, today I got to know you don’t understand even business, else you would have not done this loss deal, you are elder to me and do bugger mistakes than me, I know, but mistakes can be rectified Shivaye, its not too late. Shivaye says Om, you think what you are saying is right, but I bet to differ, she is gone from here, the chapter is over.

He gets a call on landline and attends. He says just listen to me and throws the phone away. Om asks what happened. Shivaye says I will end this Gayatri’s story today. Om says tell me, I will…… Shivaye leaves.

Its night, Shivaye goes to jungle area and looks around. He does not see the body fallen on the ground. He steps over and goes ahead.

Shivaye asks everyone why are they talking about Anika’s topic , she was an ordinary employee, I had problem with her work and I fired her, story over, anyways we have serious issues to focus in our life. ACP comes and says you said right Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Shivaye looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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