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Ishqbaaaz Is This Love Episode 2

Hi guys it is Naaginfanforever and I am back with another episode for my ff. I hope you guys haven’t forgotten me. I was sad about the news of Vrushika quitting, but what can we do. So because i could not see ishkara in the show i will try to show you guys ishkara in my ff.

So let’s start?


At Tia’s house.

Tia’s mom is calling someone.
Tia’s mom: hello . Who am i speaking to.
Ishana’s agent: You are speaking to Ishana’s agent. Ishana the manager of Ishana’s dance studio.
Tia’s mom: Hello. I have heard very positive comments about the dance studio. And i want ishana to come to my daughter’s sangeet with her dancers and dance. If she can.
Agent: Yes of course just give the adress.
Tia’s mom gave the adress. And ended call.

At ishana’s studio.
The manager told about the dance. But he was about to tell about the adress but ishana got interrupted by a phone call. And told her manager that she will agree.

The manager told Tia’s mom.

At Oberoi mansion

Anika was working and shivaay was walking by.
She was standing on a chair and was about to fall but shivaay came immediately and hold her.
They shared an eyelock. Anika broke the eyelock and stood up.
Shivaay started scolding her like a typical husband?

Shivaay: Can’t you see and do work. Be careful next time. You were lucky that i saved you or else you would have gone…..
Shivaay was about to complete his sentence but then anika put her hand on shivaay’s mouth and said.
Anika: Don’t talk about others deayh and left from there.
Shivaay stood there silent.

Precap: the sangeet is going on ishana get’s to that she is in Oberoi mansion.

I gope you guys liked it. Next episode will be uploaded on Saturday or Monday. Please comment and support me. Tkae care and think positive. And I’ll see you guys next time?

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