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Ishani came down looking like a princess shikar looks at her lost himself smile and tell himself I will never let you cry.
They performed rituals and got married
At night shikar asked Ishani to sleep in the bed he took his pillow went and laid in the couch
Ishani looking at the window went and stand there she was looking in to the sky somewhere her thoughts is running about ranveer but later she thinks about ritika and amba words which she told herdecided that should not interfere between them

She drifted to sleep.


Next day morning Ishani woke up he saw shikar is getting ready to office Ishani fresh up and came herself
Shikar came and stood in front of her. ..showed his hand FRIENDS. …
Ishani gave a light smile yeah friends.
Shikar :then we should interact with each other
And sorry if I HuRt you ever
Ishani :with a guilt face sorry shikar please give me some time i…..
Shikar interrupted. ..no need to change Ishani do
You just be as you are both went down had their breakfast.

Shikar left to his office

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