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Hi i knew Many of you my not like this ff like as you adore ishveer ff even i love shadhika but when the show was boringwith ritika ranveer crap track it was ishkar track which grasp the attention of fans with their innocent talks offscreen and onscreen funny scenes .Here you go….

After Rv knew that ishani is alive he reached his home with ritika and ishani and shikar back to his house.
also ishani confessed in front of every one about the wedding .


while ritika was trying to kill ishani in a party a mysteric change unknowingly ritika fall down on her own trap she had miscarriage ishani was safe.

After three months Ishani wedding with shikar he knew very well that she doesnt love hima as like he do

she got ready with pink wih orange lehenga looking grgeous but her heart is not happy wich she lost somehwhere and she convinced herself by saying everyone will not get everything whatever they wish in their life

shikar convinced her for this wedding by saying this you may not be need life partner to lead a happpy life but surely a friend is needed let me be that friend

Ritika was happy that she dint caught by nyone she sucessfully hide all her flaws

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