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Inseparables chapter 3

Hello guys. I am back.
Thank youu soo much to every one who commented on my ff and my os. I am glad that u all liked it.

Guys romaisha will not be active on tu for some days but she will be back soon.
Hello guys, i will not be active on tu for some days but will be back soon. Hope u all understand. Love u all💕💕
– Romaisha

INSEPARABLES…………chapter 3

Her face,
Her eyes,
Her smiling,
In what i am drowning in.
I dont know what i am doing
But i know one thing i am doing it to be with her
Because if she is my soulmate,
Then one day we will become inseparable.

Next day our actually my house was full of people. Ohh god disgusting , i dont like unwanted people. Help me god. I went down and had my breakfast. Today i am felling so suffocated in my own home. Uggghhh mom what is this going on i asked frustrated. Cmmon kid dont you remember tonight we have a party at our home and you what i invited twinkle in that party. Isnt it amazing said my mom. I smiled a brilliant smile after listening twinkles name. Does my mom know that i like twinkle. Actually she knows everything. Their she is my mom said. I turned my head and saw twinkle standing near the entrance in a floral one piece, a loose pony tail and a bright smile on her lips.

Ohh god her smile makes me crazy. She is looking so beautiful today, actually she looks beautiful everyday. Thanks god , now after seeing twinkle my day will be amazing. She looked towards me and smiled her killer smile and i also smiled my hot smile. I know i am mad.

Hey twinkle i said. She waved her hand and my mom told her something and she went out to bring that stuff. Moms pa called her and asked her to come to office for some urgent work.
Kid take care and please look after all these things and behave friendly with twinkle my mom odered me.
Yess boss i replied and then she went away.
After a while twinkle came back with the same pricey flowers in her hand. She came towards me and i dont know what struck my mind and I started doing acting of sneezing. I was continuously sneezing and twinkle was looking at me with a scared expression. She immediately brought water for me and made me drink it. She was having tears in her eyes and she holded her ears for apologising.

I felt really bad for making her cry. I am sorry twinkle. I am sorry it was just a prank. Please dont cry and apologise i said. I cleared her face with my hands. Are you angry from me i asked. She noded her in no and i felt some relief.

So please smile for me i told her. She smiled her killer smile and then i started helping her in decorating the home with the flowers. I am in love with her company. She does her work wholeheartedly.

Ohhh god she is making me crazy and the best thing about today is that ill spend my full day with her. Ohh my god she is going to attend the party, but i need to be careful about her because the people who are invited are not at all good.

Guys plz do comment -ve or +ve but plz do. Hope u all are liking it and not feeling that it is a boring ff.
Criticism is most wlcmd but plz do comment ❤️💕😊
Love u alll💕💕

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