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In love with my spouse (swasan os)

Hi guys I’m summaya aka sumi I wrote agreement of love raglak and thinking to write a season 2 for it tell me should I write or no
Currently I’m a yrkkh ff
Naksha and kaira’s love life
If any yrkkh fan here then pls read it

So I’m here with my first ever os pls bear with me
Lets begin


Swasan were childhood friend they were very close to one another their parents were also very good friend

Swasan’s parents wanted them to get married and swasan agreed bcuz they loved their parents and never disobeyed them

After a month swasan were married in a grand manner with all the functions and rituals in all this swasan wanted to tell eo something but they couldn’t get a chance bcuz they were always surrounded by someone or the other

finally they were married sujata Sanskar’s mother did her grahpravesh and Swara entered the house she was taken to Sanskar room by Sanskar’s sister uttara

Uttara sat with her till Sanskar came when Sanskar came Uttara teased him by saying
Uttara:Bhai bhabhi enjoy your night she winked at them and went

Sanskar entered the room And closed the door
They both said at the same time
Then again they tried but ended up saying together
Sanskar:ok you tell Swara
Swara:ok Sanskar actually I wanted to tell you something very important which I should have told you before marriage but I never got a chance to tell you actually that wo
Sanskar:Swara be comfortable I’m your best friend first

Swara:yes do you remember sahil of our college
Sanskar:yes that boy no who was a flirt
Swara made faces
Swara:actually he proposed me on our last day and I accepted it because I also loved him or most probably I was attracted to him we used to hangout together we used to enjoy a lot I wanted To tell you about this earlier but I thought that first I should be sure so I didn’t tell you then after 3 months of our relationship his behavior changed he told me that I was a mere bet for him and nothing else I was shattered completely he broke up with me when I thought that I started loving him
Sanskar:why u didn’t tell me after your break up

Swara:I thought that you would be angry on me
Sanskar:and why are you telling me now
Swara:I know it will be injustice to you but I need sometime to start our relationship to give it a new name pls now tell me what you wanted to tell me
Sanskar:actually the same thing I loved a girl kavita from our college and she proposed me being a girl I was shocked but then I accepted it knowing that she was very good gradually I started liking her and slowly loving her
Suddenly one day she came and told me that she wants a break up bcuz sh enever loved me she only loved my money and now when she got a richer guy she left me and the reason I didn’t tell you was the same and I also ws going to request you to give me sometime for this relationship

Swara:Sanskar I promise that I’ll fulfil all the duties of a wife and daughter in law and I’ll keep everyone happy
Sanskar:same here Swara but don’t tell anyone about this they will be sad

Swasan were going to sleep Sanskar took the pillow and went to sleep on the couch
Swara:Sanskar u don’t need to sleep on the couch u can sleep on the bed it is bid enough for both of us
Sanskar:r u sure
They both slept

In morning swasan were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace first Swara got up and was shocked to see herself in Sanskar embrace she tried to remove Sanskar hand but was unable to do so
Swara:Sanskar get up
And after lot of trials she succeeded
Sanskar got up and was shocked to see Swara this close
Sanskar:I’m sorry Swara
Swara:it’s ok Sanskar
Saying This she went to washroom avoiding further embarrassment after sometime Swara came out and saw Sanskar searching something

Swara :what are you searching sanky
Sanskar:my blue shirt
Swara:wait lemme find
Swara searched and saw that a packet is kept over there and on it it is written
Swara it’s for you from your hubby Sanskar
Swara smiled and unwrapped the packet and saw a beautiful pendant with s$s written on it
Swara was delighted to see the pendent
Sanskar came out of the washroom and saw that Swara was holding the pendant in her hands
Sanskar:did you like it
Swara:I love it sanky but why this gift suddenly
Sanskar:it’s for promotion
Swara:promotion what r u telling sanky
Sanskar:yes promotion from best friend to wife
Swara smiles and tells:thankq so much sanky
Sanskar:u r forgetting the friendship rule
Swara:ok let go down
They both come down there Sanskar parents and sister are ready for going to their home as sanky and they live separately
They bid bye and went

Swasan had their breakfast and then Sanskar went to his office and Swara went to her clinic
It was a tiring day for both swasan
So they decided to go outside for dinner and then on a long drive as they used to go before

Swasan had their dinner and after a long drive they came back to home and slept

3 months passed and swasan bonding grew more stronger now somehow swasan couldn’t live without eo but they didn’t know ragtag they were in love

Swasan received an invitation for college reunion and they decided to go there bcuz they wanted to meet college friends

After three days in evening swasan were going for the reunion
Sanskar:Swara how much time we’re late
Swara:2 minutes sanky
Swara came out and Sanskar was mesmerized by seeing her beauty she was wearing a black sleeveless designer Saree which had a deep back her hair were complimenting her beauty

Sanskar was standing with open mouth
Swara:let’s go Sanskar
Sanskar came into senses
Sanskar:yes let go

They reached the venue and entered many of their friends came and congratulated them for marriage they thanked them

They started enjoying the party and meeting friends suddenly Sanskar saw sahil entering the party with kavita he froze for a second and saw that she also saw kavhil And was looking at him

He went towards her to give assurance and she thanked him with a smile kavhil came to them and sahil said
Sahil:hi swasan I heard that u r married congratulations well feeling sorry for you Sanskar bcuz Swara is such a bore and I don’t think she entertains u you know what I mean

This was it Sanskar couldn’t take it more and slapped sahil hard
Sanskar:don’t you dare say a word against my wife my swara she is not like others who love others for money(he taunted kavita) sh is a pure soul and you will regret for hurting her

Kavita:mind you language Sanskar he is my boyfriend
Sanskar:oh so this is your you new goat
Kavita:thank god I broke up with u bcuz you are jerk after breaking up with me you married Swara you are such a bast
And before she could completely her sentence Swara slapped her

Guys I know it’s an os but I can’t complete it in one go so I’ll complete it in the second part
If I get comments then only I’ll write the next part or else I’ll not write so pls comment

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