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IKRS special diwali

Hi friends,
How are you all?😃 I am always curious about one thing, that how our IKRS friends are doing…..😉 past days I couldn’t visit the IKRS page frequently….. Finally today I got chance to post it…. Actually I am not at busy but I am making myself busy with other things all that days😜…

IKRS show ended well but still our IKRS (beautiful) story is still going on….. Through all our beautiful fan fiction….. I could see that in all current fan fiction story…..💜💜💜💜 yes after seeing all fan fiction on IKRS I am really happy….. I couldn’t read or comment for past those days even though I feel happy after seeing all fan fiction because I miss it so much….. 😃😃😃 😊feeling happy😊


Maria, meghs, swara, shurthy, sujie, aishwarya, lakshmi, piyali, siddi, Goldie…. I haven’t say this daily, but today I should say, that you guys are doing great job….. you guys are amazing and rocking…. Go ahead…. Keep going😉😉

I missed you guys…..💞

Well today is diwali, I am sure everyone preparing for diwali….. Sweet, crackers, new dresses everything is well prepared for special event ena…..😉
so today I want say something, nothing much but I should say this today…..That we are all from different states, speaking languages are different, different kinds of cultures have practiced…. Even though we took care of each other, on this telly updates page we can see our little unity, caring, acceptance, some bonding, fondness…..😃 these little things are called love💕….. Those little things making our country more colorfu,l even more brighter and beautiful among all other countries…. 💞

This diwali I wish make our beautiful India to even along with more colorful and brighter india by our love and affection…..😃💞
Once again I wish you all a very very happy and safe diwali….. 🎊🎊🎊

Oh I totally forget to mention about my name, I hope you guys remember me, yes this is pethu sri (kaviya) finally today I got registered to submit this article so you can find my name below…… 😝Thank you have a great diwali…. miss you all😘😘😘

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