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IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 16

Hey friends I am back with the next episode of Is Love Possible. Especially Maha appi, I am completing my punishment 😉
So lets start,
Vidhaa are sleeping hugging each other. In the morning Dhaani wakes up to see herself sleeping with Viplav , so close to him. She has tears in her eyes. She gets up and frees herself and cries a lot. She does not remember anything, she tries hard but fails to remember anything. Viplav also wakes up due to Dhaani’s movements. He wishes her good morning, Dhaani sees him and gets angry.
Dhaani: what was this? You and I were…

Viplav: listen to me. Actually yesterday night..
Dhaani: stop it! I have become impure. Slept with you! No no why does god do this with me! I don’t know what to do!
Viplav: dhaani listen to me please..
Dhaani: no!! you have always created a mess in my life. What face will I show to others!
Viplav: you are thinking wrong… nothing has happened between us!
Dhaani: how can I believe you? She cries a lot. Viplav wipes her tears and asks her not to cry.
Viplav: you are wrong Dhaani. I love you but I can never do like this. Please understand me. Viplav says innocently.
Dhaani is stunned by his words.
Dhaani does not say anything. Viplav takes her back to home. Dhaani was confused whether to believe him or not! She remembers how he saved her when her zip was opened. She didn’t want to believe him but she was forced to believe him. There was something that was telling her that he cant be wrong. But what was that? Was that love? She didn’t know what was it? There was an awkward silence in the car. Dhaani’s mind were already occupied in many thoughts but somewhere in a small corner of her heart she felt very good sleeping with Viplav. But she didn’t realise it. Why was that? Did she really fall in love with Viplav? These questions were still unanswered. They reach home in some time, Dhaani gets out of the car and runs to her room. Whereas Viplav was feeling very guilty. He slept with Dhaani!!!yes he loved her but… she didn’t love him right? And that too without marriage. He was feeling very sad for Dhaani. He could not forgive himself.

Viplav’s pov: why everytime it is me who hurts her! Why? I never ever do it intentionally. Then why god???!!!
Later in the evening,
Everyone is getting ready, yes today was their wedding! “Pankaj weds Shalini”. Dhaani, Riya,were helping Shalu get ready. Everyone was happy but Dhaani was lost in her own thoughts. Fb:
Kanak: beta what is the need of going back tonight itself?
Viplav: maa.. I have to go back. The wedding will be over by night and then I have to continue my studies also na. what will I do here?
Kanak: are beta this is your house. Why cant you stay here? Spend some time with us na…
Viplav: no mom.. please understand, I will have to go today itself.

Kanak: as you say but still I would suggest you to stay here.
Viplav: maa…
Riya: where have you lost Dhaani???
Dhaani comes back to her senses and has tears in her eyes. She controls her tears and says
No… nothing…
She turns and lets out her tears and wipes them. Her pov:
Why am I crying? For Viplav?? Because he is going back? Is it? Do I love him? She has a flashback of all the moments spent with him. She says aloud:
Do I love him?
Riya: what?? Whom do you love?
Shalu hears her and smiles and says: bhaiyya! Viplav bhaiyya! Haina bhabi.
Riya: really?? You didn’t tell me Dhaani.
Dhaani: what are you saying Shalu? Are you crazy?
Shalu: till when will you hide Dhaani? Its high time! You love Viplav bhaiyya! Please accept it! Even bhaiyya loves you a lot.
Dhaani: but.. no.. this cant be possible! Love can’t be possible!
Riya: why Dhaani? Why is love not possible?
Dhaani: I don’t know. She runs to her room.

Shalu:lets give her time. She will realise.
Viplav sees them speaking. His pov,
I thought she loves me but no, she doesn’t love me. Its better that I leave today only. He goes to his room and does the packing.

Dhaani’s room,
Dhaani cries remembering all the moments spent with Viplav. His proposal, then in the room when he says he loves her but he will never do anything wrong with her. How he saved her when her zip had opened. Everything comes in her mind.
Dhaani: why am I crying? What is happening with me? Do I really love him?
She remembers Shalu saying yes you love bhaiyya, Viplav bhaiyya.
Dhaani: yes.. I love him. I love you Viplav. But then she remembers that he is going back to London. She thinks: no I will not tell him otherwise he will stay here only. He will not complete his studies. I cant tell him. She looks determined and wipes her tears. She goes down.

Some time later all the marriage rituals take place. Bidai is also completed, Shalu hugs everyone, she cries. And all the rituals are completed successfully. After her bidaai, Viplav goes to his room and takes his bag. He goes down, by then all the guests had left. Dhaani’s parents ask Dhaani to come with them but she refuses. She wanted to see Viplav!
Viplav hugs Kanak and all his friends. He sees Dhaani with pain. He never wanted to leave her like this. He just waves a bye to her. Dhaani also waves him and was continuously shedding tears.
Will Viplav again leave Dhaani and go? Will Dhaani confess her love? Will he stayback??
To know that keep reading.

I hope you all liked it. Do drop your views.. love you all… and Maha appi.. forgive me now.. I have completed my punishment…

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