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I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-19)

Hi dears here comes the Episode -19 thank you so much for commenting and encouraging me keep reading and keep commenting guys ?

In hospital room :
Radika was still crying….Sam was trying to console her…
Riddi : Wat happened to this arjun…. Y did he shouted like this ?
Di this so called brother of you is not a human being… Weep …he is a devil….weep….ghost weep…rakshas…… Weep….. .your parents shud not be named him as arjun…weep…. Ravan that’s the name will suit his character….. Weep….. .Radika finished saying in between weeps ???
All the three laughed at radika ???


Riddi looking at Nesam Wats all this guys ?
Sam : these two are always like dis di always scolding each other ?
Radika was still cursing arjun in low tone.. ???
Riddi : ok ok enough of cursing my brother Sry Wat you say devil… Have some juice…. U need to take medicines
Radika poked her tongue out hearing riddis statement
After sometime Nesam left to their office leaving riddi and radika alone in hospital
Radika was sitting in the bed….. Feeling bored….
Riddi : radu I want to ask you one thing ?
Radika : sure di… Radika replied with a smile
Riddi : Wat ever arjun said is really hurting…. I know but pls don’t take it to your heart….ii don’t know y he behaved like that…. I am so sorry for his behaviour ??
Radika was silent for few seconds Den she started laughing ???
Riddi looked at radika in confusion ?
Radika : di if you think I will forgive you brother iam sorry…. First let me get well… Den see I will chop him into pieces ???
Radika said in serious tone.
Riddi was shocked ?….
Seeing riddis expression radika laughed again ??

Riddi playfully hitted radus forehead… Pagal ?…I don’t know who is that poor guy going to marry you… Oh god pls save that little kid from this pagal
Radika : no one can save your brother from me giggled radika.. ???
Riddi : Wat did you say ?
Radika : Wat I said….Nothing ???
Riddi : ok enough of talking go to sleep… ?
Radika :di pls get me from here… This hospital environment… Medicine smell.. Whack ???
Riddi :ok ok I will ask abt it to doctor you got to sleep now…
Radika : di we will chat for some more time after that I will sleep she pleaded riddi
Riddi : no means no go to sleep now ?
Saying this riddi helped her to lie down…

Radika made a pout face and lied down….
Riddi : close your eyes ?
Radika : closed her eyes forcefully
Few seconds passed… Radika opened her one eye and saw whether riddi left
Riddi : Radika iam still here ?
Radika again closed her eyes tightly
Riddi laughed at radika

At Arjuns office :
Arjun was pacing inside his room restlessly…. ????
Neil entered into his cabin arjun didn’t even realise that
Neil coughed hard to show his presence to arjun
Arjun turned and saw Neil standing there
Neil : y are pacing here and there ?
Arjun : nothing
Neil : thinking abt radika…. Right ?
Arjun was shocked hearing neil
Arjun stammered at first… Den exclaimed Wat ?
Neil : nothing… I thought you were thinking abt radika…
Arjun : no no I was thinking abt…. That… That
Neil : Wat that that ?
Arjun : that shyam yes shyam…
Neil : oooooooooooooooooooooo
Neils mindvoice : Wats happening here…. Omg the great ACP arjun is stammering…

Is he having feeling on radika… But y did he scolded her like that in the morning…. Something fishy ????
Arjun : Wat are you thinking Neil ?
Neil : nothing ? ok I have one important work.. I will be back
Arjun : Neil…
Neil : Wat ?
Arjun : Neil..
Neil : Wat Neil Neil ?
Arjun : nothing you carry on
Neil : ???
Neil went out immediately

Neil : so confirm…. He has feelings towards her… ? stupid… He must have atleast told me
Our Next is mission is making him confess…..omg Wat is this if I go on working for him iam sure Sam will divorce me ( vara vara en duty over time ah la irruku ?) first I need to spend some time with her else my love story will end before beginning ?
Suddenly his conscious ? came out him… Neil was shocked seeing him
Neil : who… Who are you…
Neils conscious : Iam your conscious.. Your soul ??
Neil : oooo ok ok I have one important work I will see you afterwards ?
Neils conscious : hello hello were are you going… I need to ask you one thing
Neil : oh ok you are my conscious don’t you know where iam going ?….iam in hurry byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Neils conscious was standing dumbstruck seeing Neil going ??

At hospital in the evening :
Rasam and riddi were chatting… Doctor came and checked radika…
Radika ; doctor pls discharge me… I will take care of me pakka ?
Doctor laughed at her and said ok I will discharge you but you should take care of yourself…don’t skip your food or medicines… Continue this medicines for one week
Radika : sure thank you doctor ???
Sam and riddi discharged her from hospital and took her to their house…
Sam informed abt this Neil

At night Rasams house :
Riddi radika and Sam were chit chatting… Arneil entered the house…
Neil :hi radika how are you now?
Radika : Iam fine now ?
Arjun : nandu you may have informed me na… I have accompanied you ?
Radika : it’s ok ACP sir… You might be busy with your works
Radika smiled sheepishly ???
Arjun have no emotions in his face
All the four were glaring at arjun and radika
Riddi : will you guys stop this… Always behaving like kids… Radu you go and sleep it’s late already
Radika : di it’s only 8… I normally used to sleep at 10 ?
Riddi: no radika see all are tired no one slept for whole night…lets sleep earlier today….
Radika stood up from the couch with pout face
Riddi : before that take those tablets…she pointed to the tablets placed over the nearby table

Hearing the word tablet itself made radika frown ??she made faces ??
Radika went near the table… Took those tablets…. Each tablets started making faces at her…. ??? each tablet looked like a villan to her…
She saw riddi… Nesam riddi and arjun were talking about something seriously….
At a swift motion radika throwed away the tablets through the nearby window and made a smile of success ? but she didn’t know that her act was noted by a pair of eyes it’s none other than arjun….
Arjun screamed seeing radika throwing the tablets…
All the four were shocked hearing Arjuns scream the one who shocked to the core is poor radika ?????
Riddi: Arjun y are you screaming like this…
Arjun : nandu see that radika throwed away those tablets ???
Nesam riddi turned to radika and stared at her
Radika : no di…I swear… He is framing… Don’t believe him ?
All the three turned to arjun now
Arjun : no nandu… I saw her doing that… I will prove it one sec
Radika was gulping

Arjun went near radika.. ??
Arjun : so you have swallowed the tablets right ?
Radika nodded her head in positive…
Arjun : how come you swallowed those tablets without water… He pointed to the fully filled water bottle near the table
Radika face palmed her…
Radikas mindvoice : omg I am caught…. This devil… I will take revenge from you for all this ???
Riddi : Sam take another set of tablets
Hearing riddi radika started running….but arjun locked her
Arjun winked at radika : you can’t escape ????
Riddi gave the tablets to radika… Sam gave the water bottle..
Riddi : hmm come on…. ??
Radika : di it’s very bitter…. This taste whack… Always lingering in my tongue…. I feel like throwing up
Riddi : without taking medicines how will you get well
Radika 😕
Arjun : Wat is this… The fearless radika is scared of tablets…. ??? chuckled arjun
Radika : wen great ACP arjun is scared of injections.. This poor kid scared of tablets is not wrong ???
Radika was happy in revealing Arjuns secrets ??
Arjun throwed daggers at Neil….
Neil : no I didn’t tell her Arjun
Riddi : Arjun are you afraid of injections ?
Arjun : no nandu… ???

In the meantime radika tried to escape but unfortunately this time sa locked her
At the end because of the torture all the four gave to radika… She finally swallowed the tablets with atmost difficulty at the same time clock striked 10….
Nesam riddi and arjun in chorus :oh my god… It’s 10 ????
Radika silently went inside her room lowering her gaze and murmuring…. ACP sir wait and watch Wat this radika going to do ? Smirked radika
All the others went to sleep

radikas revenge over arjun…

waiting for your comments guys..

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