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i will always love u….. (part 6) Udaan

Thanks for ur support guys I m glad that ul like my ff.. Megha if u r reading this ff plz do comment some thing because I really feel guilty that I disappointed u. So plz do tell that r u liking the current part or not….And all others ul too plz do tell me whether my ff is interesting or not….

Suraj goes from canteen and see Chakor sitting alone.Suraj was thinking to go and irritate her when he saw Arjun going and sitting near by Chakor.
Arjun:why r u looking upset..
Suraj comes there.
Suraj:its none of ur business dude.
Arjun:listen I m not talking to u so plzzzzz..
Chakor:Arjun plz ul both don’t fight again. U go Arjun I’ll meet u later…
Arjun show a rude attitude towards Suraj and goes.
Chakor: What’s ur problem
Suraj: I already told na that my problem is u
Chakor:u know what……..
Suraj:I know I know go to hell that only na.
Chakor goes from there. Suraj smiles.
Suraj:don’t know why but I love irritating u.. My chatter box

On the other side.
Imli: I think we should make di and Suraj friends..
Vivan: Yup we’ll think about it later..lets talk about our jungle camp.
Imli: Yup I m super excited
Vivan: Me too yaar….
Like this their day goes and they go home..
Chakor:imli now toh tell..
Chakor:that person’s name whom u like.
Imli: My sweet di told u na when right time come I’ll tell u…
Kasturi: UL need something for tomorrow..
Imli: No maai
Kasturi: Fine go to sleep now..
She goes and Chakor and imli sleep

On the other side.
Vivan: Suraj plz don’t irritate Chakor tomorrow..
Suraj: I love to do that…btw why the hell u care for her so much… Do u…
Vivan: Suraj there’s nothing like that she’s my friend and any ways I like someone else.
Suraj:really whose that person.
Vivan realizes what he told he gets shocked.
Suraj: Tell na whose that..
Vivan: Ragini.. Ofcourse our sister.
Suraj: What the hell yaar don’t play pranks with me goodnight…

Next morning they meet in the college and all gets ready for the camp they go and sit in the bus… Vivan and imli sit together and Suraj was just standing. He sees chakor sitting in front of vivan and imli meanwhile Arjun come there.
Arjun: Can I sit here.
Chakor: Sure u may…
He was about to sit when Suraj comes and sits there.
Suraj:sorry bro this seat is house full…
Arjun goes from there.

Chakor: Why r u jealous from him…
Suraj: Me and jealous wake up from ur dreams.
Chakor: So why didn’t u allowed him to sit here.
Suraj: If he would have sat here I couldn’t irritate u . And I just love to irritate u…. Chatter box.
Chakor: Just shut up u sadu. Why the hell I m talking to u.
Suraj: Yup don’t talk.
Bus starts and all start talking about the jungle camp. Suraj looks at Chakor and think of irritating her.
Suraj: U know I have heard that a girl was killed by a lion in the jungle..
Chakor gets afraid.
Chakor: Really there r even lion in the jungle.
Suraj: Ofcourse chatterbox…
Chakor gets more frightened and holds suraj’s hand…

Precap: Chakor gets lost in the jungle and vivan imli Suraj gets tensed for her….

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