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I was full of tashan but u was full of love -05

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Thankqq my lovely ppl fr ur love n cmnts I was really happy as u ppl are liking it.


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I was full of tashan BUT you was full of LOVE-05

Kunj s pov:
I got into the flight and rested in my seat, I felt relaxed but my eyes were waiting fr my lady love. After so much of time finally my eyes could find her, she came into the flight.
She wore a lite pink knee length frock with white Pearl earrings n a neck chain, she applied little lips stick n was looking gorgeous, to say in kunj s style, she was damn hot and s*xy.
I couldn’t take my eyes from her, she motioned towards me while her fingers pointed towards the seat next to me.
Ohh god, she is next to me only I was hell happy and thanked Maya many times in my heart.

Twinkle moved towards the seat she let out a sigh of relief n settled back in the seat. It was a 3 seater twinkle was in the middle. And next to her one more guy was sitting. Finally the flight took off.
I wanted to initiate the talk but before that I have to fulfill my stomach rather than my heart.
I ordered some food fr me n finished it,she was busy on her headphones.
As I was about to start, one wonder happened.
The thing is guy next to her started to flirt with my twinkle.

‘Hello gorgeous’, he said placing his hand on her knee.
I was full of anger n just wanted to shoot him on the spot.
Twinkle calmly removed her headphones and pushed his hand away.
‘What Mr handsome?’ She asked sarcastically.
‘U look really s*xy miss,…’before he could complete, ‘I know that, there’s no need to remind it to me’ she said some wt rudely.
I was giggling by myself.
‘Shall we make it out?’ He asked without second thought
My jaws almost dropped while I was more shocked when I heard her
‘Oh is it? Wr?’ She asked with curiosity.
‘Washroom’, he replied casually.
I was boiling in anger, I wanted to slap him hard.
Before I could decide anything the bold twinkle stood up n shouted, I was shocked by her act.
‘Hello everyone over here, this guy is asking me to accompany him to washroom to make out’, said twinkle.
Everyone was shocked n sme ppl were busy with thr own stuff some even didn’t cared.
So….I am ready for it but u have to win a bet with me, she said.

Some ppl on flight hooted fr her.
What? Guy next to me asked.
Twinkel snapped n a flight attended came to her, she asked fr a tissue, n the flight attended gave it to twinkle

‘See, u have to blow this paper from this end to other end of this plane without touching it and it shouldn’t fall down. If u do so I am ready to kiss u here itself’.

I was at the peaks of shock n heights wonders. I couldn’t even know what’s wrong with her.

My God…
It was the only word that came out of my mouth.

Precap: will twinkle kiss that guy? What will out kunj do??


SO how was it?? Hope u all liked it
Do share ur views n all critics r welcomed happily.

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P.S. : my both ff s will be posted from Tuesday as u knw the reason.
Thursday n Friday i have my practicals n it gonna finish so need to go study nw byees. …
Lovely ppl

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