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I was full of tashan but u was full of love -01

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I was full of tashan but u was full of love-01

A big mansion surrounded by green trees and is guarded by many bodyguards who are dressed in black pants and shirts. All are holding guns in their hands. Seems like it’s well protected area.
A girl in black pant and white crop top whose hair is set free is seen entering the mansion. Even she is also carrying a gun in her back pocket.
She entered the mansion and took steps and made her way towards a lavish room.

‘Kunj, are u ready?’,she said knocking on the door.
Yes Maya, reply came from inside.

She waited for a while near the door and a handsome hot guy came out of the room dressed in blue jeans and black v necked shirt with a blue over coat on it.
He is kunj, a leading Don of all illegal business in Bangkok.

What’s the problem? He asked with full attitude.
It’s Luthras again, Maya replied.
I will handle this, kunj said in full attitude and moved towards the steps taking out and wearing his goggles.

Maya saw him going and followed him. Kunj made his way towards his black top less benze while Maya went behind him.

No, u stay back, kunj said authoritatively.
Maya just nodded and stayed back.

Kunj went out and he met some person he talked for a while n finally he shared his hands with that person to end the deal. While travelling in his car,He calls Maya.

Deal done, let’s see what Luthras can do further, this time also they should face the loss and should never dare to enter Bangkok again. Kunj said with a grin.
He drove back to his mansion.

The next day,
At Luthras office a handsome guy of medium heigh wearing black suit is walking here n there with full of anger. He is Rajat Luthras.
(Imagine Rajat tokas our sweet akbar,he is having negetive role)

How is it possible,we made all clear for the match, still…still how can India win in that match, Rajat was speaking with all anger.

Sir…sir….I came to know that kunj..changed the deal and made the country win, his secretary said with fear.

What?? Kunj….him…again, I wish I could shoot him if he stand infront of me,everytime I am facing loss due to him, said Rajat with full anger to kill kunj.
But how? He questioned sitting on the sofa.

As the Secretary was about to answer,the doors of the room burst opened and there enters our kunj with full attitude in his black suit by taking out his goggles.
Rajat was shocked seeing him.
As kunj entered a bodyguard ran towards kunj to hit him.
As kunj took out his gun and without aiming he dead shot the bodyguard.

Rajat was more shocked.


Precap: what’s the rivalry between kunj and Rajat? How kunj finds his love twinkle?is kunj a Don? ??

Stay tuned for more excited story.

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I will continue only if I get sufficient cmnts as I don’t want to waste time if I couldn’t entertain u ppl.
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