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I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-5)

Hello lovely people!
How are you all my sweet munchkins!!
But i have a complain for you all!
I have seen the number of comments reducing since last few chapter! Are you guys not liking the way i write the ff? Please do suggest if you need some changes and do comment how do you like the episode or not? Negative positive comments are allowed! Please guys do let me know how do you feel about my ff beacuse it takes a lot of time to express and pen down your feelings in such a busy schedule!
Please do let me know!

So without further discussions here is the next chapter of my ff!

(Note: the entire ff will be in kunj’s pov, if need be i will introduce twinkle’s pov later)

The girl is driving me INSANE
I have to do something about it!?
I surely have to or soon you guys will find me in a mental asylum!
Its better if i forget who that girl is!
If this remains the same it won’t take my friends any longer to declare me mentally ill
(Sure i have turned one after Aman’s marriage)

I was sitting on my bed with my laptop to distract myself from all those filthy thoughts of THAT GIRL!
I opened my email and there were lot of mails from my company, from my friends and there were some spams as well!
AH! THESE JUNK SPAMS always effect my computer with that rubbish virus!
When i opened my SPAM folder there was some spam mails from SHAADI.COM
I wanted to delete it but don’t know some instict told me to open it and ALAS! I clicked the enter key and here I was on the site

There were some fields mentioned to register to the site to find the most suitable life partner for myself!
My mind suddenly drifted how can a site decide the most eligible life partner for you?
Is it right to register here?
My chain of thoughts were broken as MAA came inside with a cup of Masala Tea and pakoras!
Yumm! They seem delicious!!?
As Maa left the room i returned to the site!
I should try once! Should I?
After giving a second thought i started entering my information on the fields!
I’ m looking for: Woman
Age: 22 to 26
Of religion: Sikhism
And mother tongue: Punjabi

Email: [email protected]Password: Kunj23Sarna
Profile created for: Female!

And And And I entered the Sign Up button!

The site opned!
They asked me to enter my bio!

As I want the perfect life partner so I entered!
Kunj Sarna, In search of an engineer Sikh girl!
Doing Job at INFOSYS, Paid with monthly salary of $20000
Interested in computers and stuffs!

And So did I entered my bio!

I searched for my Match and Shaadi.com showed 15 perfect matches!
I started opening every girls profile!

So so so how was it?

Next episode awaits a suprise for you guys!
Stay tuned to I too had a girlfriend!

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