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I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) – Introduction

Hi everyone,i am pari a completely new member of this website…..i read a few ff and i got inspired so much that i myself decided to write an ff.?
so this my intro
a successful businessman as in the original serial,arrogant,loves his family,hardworking and had a bitter past.
serious,caring,lover her family,hardworking actually work holic ,was not like that before but something happened which made her so.
Sonakshi is a nutritionist,and is in Canada…there she on the list of top 5 nutritionist. Everything is going well but she does not seem to be happy.
On the other had Dev,is in Mumbai ,on the list of top 5 business men of India. He has everything one can desire but there is one thing he misses a lot

what is dev missing,why has sonakshi’s behaviour changed a lot….ans to this will be give in my episodes.


so how was my intro,was it nice….shall i continue ,waiting for your suggestions…good or bad..plz comment


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