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I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 9


Hey everyone…i told u all that i will update only by this saturday…but luckily i got time and i am posting it..and yes forgive me if i am not up to the mark as i am quite sad today and to divert my mind i am writing this



DEV:(entering the cabin)i am sorry,that i didn’t recognized at first..u know after these many years.
SONA:i know dev,u need not explain(arranging some files on the table).
DEV:(smiles)thanks for understanding…..u still the same
SONA:my dad always say that we should change only for good…and i am already so good(u know how one boosts,even if does not have collar..tries to put up her collar)
DEV:(laughs)u still the same

like this they chat for sometime discussing their college days memory
SONA:(laughing)i remember…but why didn’t u come for the farewell.
DEV:hmmm.actually there was some family issue so…i couldn’t make it
SONAP.O.V.:maybe that owner of dev removed dev and his family…and dev is feeling ashamed to say this..i shouldn’t force him
SONA:dev u remember,the eng teacher….(trying to divert the the topic so that dev feels comfortable)
DEV:oh ya!how can i forget that
SONAP.O.V.:thank god he is feeling comfortable once again..now i guess i should sy him that i love him …i love him more than myself..(smiling)
DEV:sona why are u smiling remembered something funny
SONA(coming back to her senses)umm..actually i wanted to say something…something important
DEV:tell na what for r u waiting…even i have to tell u something really important but u tell first.
SONA:actually…i wanted to say u that i…i

Dev gets a call but he ignores it and tells sona to continue..
SONA:dev i don’t know how to say this to u but i have to …i ..i

dev again gets a call and then

SONA:u recieve the call or else calls wont stop
DEV:umm okay …excuse me
SONAP.O.V.:why am i so scared,no sona u have to say this u cant lose this opportunity

on the other hand dev was on the call
DEV:what now..urgent …ok fine i am coming in 35min

dev goes to sonakshi

DEV:sona i need to speak something really important to u….
SONA:umm okay is everything all right
DEV:sona my ma ishwari,she is sick actually she does not follow a proper diet and always eat oily and unhealthy food due to which she spoils her health.
SONA:oh so u want me to make a diet for her..i surely will
DEV:no no its not that..i have already tried this but she does not follows
SONA:then how can i help u
DEV:i actually want u to become my mothers personal nutritionist
SONA:(shocked)but dev…u know na i want to treat many patients..thats my dream
DEV:plz sona don’t say no…i have come here with lots of hope..u will get double the salary from here…and less,work too then wants the problem
SONA:its not money nor work…its my dream and i cant compromise with it like u cant
DEV:just think over it once again..plz for my sake..i have to leave now ..having a meeting na but i will come back tomorrow to know ur final reply..i hope its in my favour.
SONA(giving a fake smile)bye

after dev’s gone…
sona continuously think about it,her heart sys to accept the offfer…so that she can be close to dev and tell him his heart’s desire..wheras her mind says her to follow her mind rest all things will follow.


SONA(tensed and talking to herself a bit aloud)what shall i do shall i follow my mind or my heart…what to do??

sona’s father bejoy comes and sees sona in a tensed state
SONA:baba u here…what happen do u need anything
BEJOY: no not me do u need assistance
SONAP.O.V.:i think i should ask baba for suggestion
sona tells bejoy the whole incident…but tells dev as her friend and nothing else
BEJOY:i think u should follow ur dream becauuse u had this dream since ur childhood and i don’t want u to regret later…and i am sure if dev is ur true friend he will surely understand u like u understand him…
SONA:hmm.i think u r right

so sona decided that she wont leave her job and hope that dev will understand


knock on the door….sina says”come in”
DEV:gud morning
SONA:oh!gud morning
DEV:so what did u think??…about hre offer
SONA:i am sorry dev but i cant accept it..i want to follow my dream..i don’t wnat to regret later…being my friend i want u to understand
DEV(blank face):is this decision ur final decision
SONA:(gathering all her courage)yes dev
DEV:ok then,i will take ur leave i have some important work.
SONA:but dev(before she could complete dev had left)

the day goes smoothly and then finally the next day something happens which sona never accepted..it was the worst day for her
she was hurted …she was deceived by a person whom she trusted more than herself

so how was it sorry i cant complete the whole precap….plz comment need it

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