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I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 8

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here is the episode



sona is sitting in her room and doing work like arranging the medical reports of her patients…..just then alia barges in(barges means like without any warning’suddenly coming in)

SONA;(looking up from her laptop)what is this alia,is this the way…can’t u knock.
ALIA;(ignoring sona)blablabla…over i have a news for u infact a good news
SONA:is their gonna be a party?u know i am not interested
ALIA:i know…its better than that atleast for u
SONA:something related to medical science
ALIA:noooooo..never..guess properly na
SONA:hmm..i don’t know(getting irrated)u tellor else don’t tell
ALIA:ok ok fine don’t get irrated…i wil tell…did u …did u…did u…
ALIA(laughing)did u see the cover page of the bussiness magazine
SONA:what..u wasted my time..i dont read business magazine na
ALIA:then start reading…because u have ur first and last love on the front page of the magazine
SONA:(sona’s eyes widen up)what (she snatches the magazine from alia’s hands)

as sona looks on the magazine tears start coming from her eyes..she says”dev..i missed u …i missed u a lot’

ALIA:u know he is here in mumbai…he is know the Delhi’s most successful business man AND THE MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR TOO…HE IS OWNING A COMPANY ISHAWARI COMMUNICATIONS.
SOAN:in mumbai…finally he fulfilled his dream iknow he could do it(wiping her tears)…but will he still remember me..i mean so many years have passed na.
ALIA:u can atleast give a try
SONA;hmm yes tomorrow itself i will meet him.
ALIA:thats like my sona
they both share a hug


SONA P.O.V:i will go and ask Dr.sinaha for granting me a leave..so that i can meet my dev(similing to herself)

she knocks the door and goes inside
DR.SINAHA:gud morning Dr.sonakshi,what brings u here
SONA;gud mrng,actually i have come here to ask a leave for today..i don’t have patients too today so pls
DR.SINHA;i am really sorry but i can’t u have to meet our hospital’s most important board member MR.
SONA:(don’t want to hear or learn anything)ok no problem Dr.sinha
DR.SINHA:thnx and sorry


SONAP.O.V.:’god knows which stupid,idiot,duffer member of the board i have to meet and why do i need to meet him..oh no i will not be able to meet dev ….i hope this time i don’t lose my chance

thinking like this sona knocks Dr.sinha’s cabin(meeting gona be held here)

SONA:Dr.sinha, i am here
DR.SINHA:oh sonakshi as usual always on time

sona gives fake smile

DR.SINHA:meet Mr.dixit
SONA(not interestingly)hello,gud morning
sona was facing dev’s back till now nad when sona greets dev,he turns

DEV:(a line occuring on his lips which 1% looks like smile)hello

sona seeing dev’s face full of shock,it looked as if the ground had slipped from her feet and she could fall any time..

DEV:(CANT UNDERSTAND THINKS FOR SOMETIME AND SAYS)hmm..do i know u..wait if i am not wrong u r sonakshi who useed to study with me in my college
SONA:you remember(a smile is formed which shows her relaxation)
DR.SINHA:so u both know each other..college friends i guess then u both can talk and Mr.dixit u can tell everything to her..she is the best nutritionist in this hospital.

sona was like remebering all those moments she spent with dev while dev was listenting to Dr.sinha

DR.SINHA:sonakshi,u take him to ur cabin
DR.SINHA;r u all right dr.sonakshi( abit loudly)
SONA:(coming to her senses)hmmm ya ya i am fine..

then dev and sona both leave and sona takes dev to her cabin.they bth start chatting

PRECAP:dev tells something important,sona refuses to dev….sona losses her job…..sona breaks her friendship with dev

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