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“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Comeback ~ Introduction)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
(Comeback ~ Introduction)

If anyone hasn’t read the first season of this fan fiction, here is the link below which will lead you to all the chapters:


Click here for first season’s all chapters

So, I’ll just be listing all the characters and will give you a faint idea of the plot. This comeback has only 6 chapters and I’ll try making each of the chapters long. Anyways, getting back to this, there is only one additional character. All the other characters remain the same with whomever I had ended the first season.

Kunj Sarna: Male protagonist
Twinkle Kunj Sarna: Female protagonist
Navya Kunj Sarna: Twinj’s elder daughter
Naiyya Kunj Sarna: Twinj’s younger daughter

*Supporting characters*

Yuvraj Sarna: Kunj’s elder brother
Mahi Yuvraj Sarna: Twinkle’s elder sister
Aditya Yuvraj Sarna: Yuhi’s son
Anya Yuvraj Sarna: Yuhi’s daughter

Rahul Singh: Kunj and Yuvraj’s maternal brother
Kritika Rahul Singh: Twinkle and Mahi’s youngest sister
Arohi Rahul Singh: Krihul’s daughter and the youngest member in Sarna mansion. She’s too pampered by all her cousins and too mischievous.

Kavya Nikita Singh: Nikita’s daughter

Manohar Sarna
Usha Manohar Sarna
Leela Taneja

So, here’s the plot..

The story unravels a few months later from where it ended where Sarna family is busy celebrating Twinj’s anniversary. The entire day long Twinj remember the time they had spent together in the last 10 years. This comeback is just to present a few romantic scenes along with some memories that we’ve had down the lane.

Does this seem to be nice? I don’t know whether you all would be actually excited for this or not but, I would try to give it my best and hope you all would like it.

So, please drop down your comments below. I’d request silent readers (if any) to comment as well because the comeback is only for you all and I need your support to start with it. Criticism is whole-heartedly welcome but, no ill comments.

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