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I know u love me (os)

Hellllllooooo I mmm aggainn here with a new shraman os.This idea I suddenly got and I thought to share it with u asusual.
Now let me begin………

Sumo and shravo r besties from childhood and both have some feeling for each other but have never expressed it to each other.
Today was shravo bday and sumo was helping him for the party.
Sumo:shravo cake aa gya.
Shravo:pta nhi.
Sumo:shravo balloons mei jo sparkle dhalna tha woh kaha hai .
Shravo:pta nhi..
Sumo:balloons mei hava bharne wala pump kaha hai.
Shravo:pta nhi.
Sumo:tumhara naam kya hai.
Shravo:pta nhi.
Shravo:shutup yaar ik toh party tune aarange kr rhi hai aur sb cheeje mujh se pooch rhi hai.
Sumo: I want to give u surprise but u got to know.I m not happy so troubling u.
Shravo:okay okay.
Sumo:tune aapne college ke dosto ko bula Liya
(Guys shraman study in different colleges)
Shravo:yessss sbse pehle.
Sumo:haan they r more important.
Sumo was little upset.
Shravo:champ aaj tujhe unse milva doonga.
Sumo:yaa.I know.


After some time shravo college friends reached.
Shravo called less only.he called the close one.
Urvashi loved shravo.(handsome jo hai)
Urvashi:happy birthday shravann.
Adi abhi and anjali:happy birthday bro.
Shravo:sumo meet all of them.
Shravo:guys she is suman.my best friend from childhood .btaya tha na.
Sumo:u all can call me sumo.
Shravo:no they can’t sumo is only booked by me and shravo only for u.
Anjali:awww sooo sweet.
Abhi :bas kr anjali.hello sumo I mean suman(looking towards shravo)
Adi:ho gya tum logon ka.so let’s start the party.
Urvashi:no pehle gift de dete hai.
(Urvashi was jealous)
Shravan:do phir.
Adi abhi and anjali gave.
Urvashi:mera gift sbse special ho ga shravan..
Shravo:aacha.dekhte hai .
Urvashi gives him a bike’s key..
Urvashi: hai na special.
Shravo:yes lekin not more than sumo.
Urvashi:isne kya diya.
Shravo: abhi tak btaya nhi .sumo de ab mera gift.
Sumo:shravo I forgot to take.
Shravo:jhoot mt bol de jldi.
Sumo:nhi haiii.
Shravo:sumo stop joking jldi de.
Sumo:are baba nhi hai.
Shravo comes closer to sumo.

Sumo starts running shravo was behind her.
Sumo:aacha lele agar dam hai.
Shravo:sumo dede mat tadpa itna.
Sumo:atleast do some practice.😋😋
Sumo was running and shravo was very close.dey both were in front of each other.sumo was holding gift in hand shravo was trying to take it.they both fall down .they both were rolling.they stopped sumo was on shravo.they both were looking into each other eyes.
Edkv plays in BG.

Urvashi was full with jealous and angrer.
Adi abhi and anjali starts coughing..they both come into senses.
Shravo:ah sumo gift.
Sumo gives gift to him.
Shravo opens it.
Inside it there was a new released book on racing and new racing video game which shravo wants.
Shravo:kaha se dhoond kr lati hai.
Sumo:bs tere liye kuch bhi.
Shfavo was very happy.he hugged sumo.
Urvashi was more angry.
Sumo:bs kr emotional hi ho gya.
Shravo:OK now let’s cut cake.
Shravo cut cake .firstly he made sumo eat the cake.
Shravo was talking with abhi.
Urvashi got chance.she went to sumo.
Urvashi:suman pls stay away from shravan.
Sumo:hey urvashi but why.
Urvashi_:coz he love me.once he told me.
Urvashi:yes u r just the party arranger nothing else.just stay away and get lost.
Sumo was broken.she went from there and sat on the bench in the garden crying.

Shravo turned back.
Shravo: sumo.sumo.
Urvashi:she isn’t here.
Shravo:kaha gyi.
Urvashi:she left.
Shravo:whyy when.
Urvashi:leave her vaise bhi woh hmare beech kabab mei haddi thi.
Shravo was full angry.
Shravo:urvashi tum kabab ki haddi ho not sumo I love her not u.she is my life.
He went from there .
Sumo was sitting and crying.
Shravo went to her and kept his hand on her hand..
Sumo: shravan tum.
Shravo:hai mai.
Sumo:tum party njoy kro.
Shravo:tumhare bina kabhi nhi.
Sumo:kyun waha pr urvashi hai na.
Shravo:tum bhi kiski baat mei aa gyi.u r more special.
Shravo:tere jaisi pagli aur koi hai kya.
Shravo:now smile.
Sumo smiled.
Shravo:btw tum roh kyun rhi ho pyaar ki baat PR .
Sumo:wohh actually.
She wakes from there.
Shravo hold her hand from back.
Shravo:love u tooooo.
Sumo was smiling and shravo too.

The end.

Do u all liked it…

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