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I hate you swara ff story ep12

MM mansion
Ragini Laksh and swara come inside the mansion
Sanskaar:LAKSH SWARA what are you doing with that stranger
Sankaar:not anymore She betrayed me
Laksh:do you have evidence
Ragini:you never saw did you and shamelessly acuse her
Swara:leave him does not love me
Sanskar:I love you
Swara:no you don’t or you would have believed me I really tried I was giving Ardash eternity chain and I trip and fell parineeta came and thought of it as something else
Sanskaar:swara please

They all turn around to see Uttara
Ragini:Uttara i knew it
Sanskar:you came back
Laksh:you could not stay away from home
Annapurana and Sujata come back from the temple
Annapurana:what is going on
Sujata:Uttara you came back
They share a hug
Sujata:what is this scar on your face


Uttara is homeless and is walking on the street kavya is seen running away and they bump into each other
Uttara:kavya what are you doing in jail clothes
Kavya:be quite walking around homeless person i am so surprised that my plan actually worked
Uttara:what plan?
Kavya:adoption papers they were fake
Uttara slaps kavya
Inspector and the police force see kavya
Inspector:hey stop unless you want a worse sentence
Kavya scratches Uttara and runs
Uttara:I made a big mistake I need to go home
(End of flash back)

Uttara:now I am here mom forgive me
Sujata:don’t it was that witch fault
Uttara:swara Laksh Sanskaar Annapurana forgive me
They all forgive her
Uttara:now Sanskaar Swara you know what you have to do
Swara:I am sorry Sanskaar
Sankaar:I am sorry for accusing you
The hug each other

Laksh gets down on one knee
Laksh:ragini since the day I saw you my heart fell for you but I was separated from you when I married kavya we grew closer and closer and you told me I love you I know everything Is in a rush but will you marry me?
Ragini is in tears
Annapurana and Sujata are smiling
Everyone is quiet waiting
Ragini:YES YES I want to spend the rest of my life with you
Everyone claps
Swara:now you will become my sister in law and my sister
Annapurana:you will not be like kavya promise me (laugh)
Ragini:yes I promise
Swara:let’s tell mum
They tell their mum and their grandma everyone is happy
Night time
Ragini:swara i am going home
Laksh:do u want me to walk with you
Ragini:since we are going to get married in need to tell u something
Ragini:I was working to bail kavya
Laksh:what why
Ragini:because she threatened to kill but I will tell u now I have no intentions with her plan to take away the mansion she can’t do that
Laksh:That’s my ragini
In the corner
Kavya: that lying witch wait till I get you back for what you did

Precap:maha episode (krishnadasi and sasural simar ka)

Sry I did upload yesterday I am not well I  still am though I can not leave you guys without episode so here was a long one I will try and upload tomorrow

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