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I Hate You (Episode 9)

I’m so glad u guys like this idea of the Rajjo track. I was worried that u all would get bored. But this track was my favorite track from the show…after all, Twinj confessed in this track. Also, I wanted to use this track as it is very important in progressing my story line. Hope u guys enjoy it. And thank you Anayaala for commenting. It really makes me feel great inside when a silent reader says that my ff made them comment for the first time. And obviously those who comment regularly, I can’t thank you enough. Now let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Kunj sees Twinkle getting molested by some guys. He saves her. Then he saves another girl about to be hit by a car. The girl is revealed to be Rajjo. Twinj decide to go with Rajjo and reunite her with her lover. Rajjo’s dad mistakes Kunj to be Rajjo’s lover and aims the gun at him. To save his life, Rajjo lies that Twinkle and Kunj are husband and wife.



Twinkle and Kunj are still in shock after hearing Rajjo’s statement.
Chaudhari- What?
Rajjo- Yes…Kunj ji and Twinkle are husband and wife. Look. She is even wearing his jacket.
Twinkle looks down and sees Kunj’s jacket on her.
Chaud- Oh then why did u run away?
Rajjo- Voh…ha….I went to get them. They are my friends and I wanted them at my wedding.
Chaud- Ur not lying to me are you?
Rajjo- Nahi bapu…why would I lie?
Chaudhary smiles and lowers his gun.
Chaud- Oh…I thought…acha chod. Bring our guests inside.
Chaudhary wraps his arm around Kunj’s shoulder and leads him inside as Rajjo brings Twinkle inside.
Twinj walk with no emotion on their faces, still shocked from the happenings. They all go to the living room and sit on the couch. Chaudhary looks at the wounds on Kunj’s face.
Chaud- Are chore, how did this happen to you?
Kunj snaps back into reality.
Kunj- Voh umm….a little accident. Nothing more.
Chaud- Shabhash! U are a brave young man! Rajjo, show them to their room. It has become late. And yes, u guys will stay with us until the wedding is over.

(Twinj’s Room…)

Rajjo- Sorry. I had to say that lie.
Kunj- We understand Rajjo, but…
Rajjo- Please Kunj ji…it’s only a matter of a few days. Then after Raja comes, I will tell bapu the whole truth.
Twinkle- Ok Rajjo, we understand.
Rajjo- Thank you! By the way, I told u my story, now I will u tell me ur story?
She looks at their state. Twinkle’s ripped clothes and Kunj’s wounds.
Twinkle narrates the whole story to Rajjo.
Rajjo thinks- There is a spark between them that is unknown to both. I can tell both have a soft corner for each other but are to arrogant to notice it.
Rajjo brings a first aid box and gives it to Twinkle.
Rajjo- I know u guys aren’t married. But please try to accommodate urselves in this room. Good night.
Rajjo leaves and Kunj closes the door.
Twinkle- Kunj, why are you closing the door?
Kunj- U didn’t hear that song? Hum tum, ek kaamre mei bandh ho…
Twinkle gets nervous. Kunj advances towards Twinkle and Twinkle takes some steps back. Kunj watches her and smiles. He pokes her nose.
Kunj- Relax, I don’t want that Hitler family to know the truth about us. That’s why I closed the door.
Twinkle relaxes.
Kunj- Kyun? What did u think?
Twinkle- Umm…nothing…
Kunj- Chi! What a dirty mind u have. I know I am hot, but control urself!
Twinkle rolls her eyes. He hands the first aid box to Kunj.
Twinkle- Yeh lo. Tumhari first aid.
Kunj takes it puts some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and tries to put it on the wound. Seeing Kunj struggling, Twinkle sighs and goes to help Kunj. She takes the cotton ball from his hand and puts it on his wound. Kunj flinches and Twinkle leans closer and blows on his the cut on his cheek. Kunj closes his eyes feeling the warm air from Twinkle’s breath. Twinkle unknowingly cups Kunj’s face and comes closer to him. Kunj opens his eyes. They have an eye-lock (Sajna Ve plays). Twinkle breaks the eye lock and applies ointment on the cut and then puts a band-aid over it.
Twinkle- Umm Kunj…
Kunj- Yea?
Twinkle- Ur jacket.
Twinkle starts taking off the jacket. Kunj sees the visible skin near her waist. Twinkle looks at her waist then at Kunj. Kunj removes his eyes from her waist and looks around awkwardly. Twinkle wears the jacket again and covers up.
Kunj- U keep the jacket for the night…
Kunj sees Twinkle’s duffle bag.
Kunj- What’s in that huge bag of urs?
Kunj opens the bag when Twinkle runs and take sit away from him.
Kunj- Dancer’s outfit?
Twinkle- It’s none of ur business. Don’t u know ur not allowed to look through a girl’s bag?
Kunj raises his hands in a surrendering action.
Kunj- Ok ok I just thought u would have clothes in that huge bag but there is a dancer’s outfit. Anyways, I don’t care. I just became a hero for today and I need rest so goodnight!
Twinkle- What do u mean good night? There is one bed, where will I sleep?
Kunj- Uhh…find a place. That’s not my problem.
Kunj lays on the bed. Twinkle fumes. She goes and pushes Kunj off the bed. Kunj falls off the bed. (Funny tune).
Kunj- Hey!
Twinkle smirks and lays on the bed.
Kunj- Fine! But I get the blanket!
Kunj takes the blanket and sits on the chair. Eventually, he falls asleep.

The Next Morning….

Kunj wakes up from an uncomfortable position on the chair.
Kunj- Haye meri kamar!
He gets up and stretches his arms. Kunj looks at the bed and doesn’t see Twinkle.
Kunj- Where is this Siyappa Queen now?
Chaudhari walks into the room.
Chaud- Chore! U woke up! Quickly get dressed, the mehndhi function is about to start.
Chaudhari hands Kunj a bag and walks out. Kunj takes the clothes out form the bag. He takes the clothes and wears it. Later, Kunj comes down, wearing a blue kurta with a white scarf draped around his neck and one side over his shoulder. He looks around to see the huge arrangement going on and all the guests chattering. Suddenly his eyes fall on a majestic beauty. Next to Rajjo, sat Twinkle. She was wearing a simple lehenga, yet looking absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing a red lehenga with royal blue hems and and dupatta. Kunj stared at her, watching her as she talked and laughed with Rajjo. A few minutes later, Kunj snapped back into reality. He hit his head.
Kunj thinks- Idiot! What are you looking at? Why are u staring at her?
Kunj looks at Twinkle again.
Kunj- She’s so beautiful…
He shakes his head.
Kunj- Focus Kunj focus. What are u saying? That’s Twinkle Taneja, the Siyappa Queen your talking about.

Precap: Raja ki aayengi bharat, rangeeli hongi raat….aur TU nachenge….

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