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I Hate You (Episode 7)

So finally that hell of an exam is over. Sorry I was soooo late. This is probably the latest I have ever posted right?
Lol u all are saying that my plot resembles that of Kaho na Pyar Hai. I know that is a Hrithik Roshan movie, but I have not watched it. So I have no idea what its about. I am assuming the main characters get lost on an island? What a coincidence. Actually I always wondered what would happen if I got lost on an island with my best friend or my love (not that I have one ?)…so I decided to put it in the ff. And I love tropical islands and beaches. And yes! TU finally fixed my title…just when I was getting used to it… Now let’s get on with the episode….

Recap: Twinkle accepts Kunj’s challenge and figures out a way for them to leave the island. They finally reach back to the beach and the class and even the professor mistaken them as leaving to spend time together. The professor and the class think Twinj are a secret couple.



The class returns home from their ever so adventurous trip, the most adventurous award going to Twinkle and Kunj. On the whole flight back, everyone was giving looks to Twinkle and Kunj. Both stayed at least 10 ft away from each other, avoiding eye contact. Finally, they land in Amritsar. In the airport, everyone goes to get their bags from the rotating platform. Kunj gets his luggage when he sees Twinkle struggling to pick her suitcase off of the conveyer belt. She is running with the belt as the belt rotates. Kunj looks around and sees the class leaving. He sighs and goes to Twinkle. He picks up her suitcase and puts it in front of her and walks away. Twinkle looks at Kunj weirdly.
Twinkle- Yeh Kunj itna confusing kyun hai?

Next Day….

Everyone is back in college. All the students are hanging out on the campus before class starts Suddenly the gates to the college dramatically open. The heels of a girl are shown. The camera pans up showing her miniskirt, crop top, and Gucci purse hanging from her arm. Kunj is chilling with his friends when a boy runs up to him, breathing heavily.
Boy- Kunj…Kunj…
Kunj- What happened?
Boy- She….she’s back!
Kunj- Who?
Suddenly a voice comes from behind Kunj.
Voice- Kunj, my darling! I’m back!
Kunj’s eyes widen as he makes an “oh no” face. Twinkle and Chinki were passing by and they stop to see what was happening.
Kunj turns around and the girl is revealed to be Alisha. Kunj gives a fake smile to her. Alisha runs up and hugs Kunj. Kunj makes a crying face.
Twinkle- Lo agaya nakhre queen.
Chinki giggles.
Alisha breaks the hug.
Alisha- Baby, did u miss me? I missed you soooooo much! Do u know, I went to London for vacation and the whole time I missed you! Why didn’t u pick up my calls?
Kunj- Alisha…listen…u have to understand. For four years u have been after me. I am not interested in you.
Alisha- Oh Kunj ur so funny!
Kunj- Alisha I am serious. What kind of bachpana is this?
Alisha laughs. She sees Twinkle standing there.
Alisha- You! Ur still here! Did I not tell u to stay away from my Kunj?
Twinkle- Excuse me?
Alisha- Kunj always fights with u and because of that, he doesn’t pay attention to me. He gives all his attention to you!
Twinkle- I didn’t ask for his attention. Vaise bhi, I am Twinkle Taneja, I don’t need his attention. Puri Amritsar knows who I am.
She shows attitude and walks away. Alisha turns back to Kunj.
Alisha- Kunj baby its ok. I will save u from that Twinkle.
Kunj thinks- Vaiguru, who is going to save me from this Alisha?
Alisha- Ok bye baby. I am going to class. I will see u at lunch.
She runs her finger down Kunj’s cheek and leaves. Rishi looks at Kunj and laughs. He also touches Kunj’s cheek and imitates Alisha.
Rishi- Baby….
Kunj raises his arm to punch Rishi.
Kunj- Teri toh!
Rishi runs away.

During Lunch Time….

Kunj was sitting with his friends at a table. twinkle was sitting with her friends at a nearby table. Alisha walks in looking for Kunj. Kunj sees her and goes under the table.
Mohit- Are Kunj! What are you doing?
Kunj- Chup kar! Miss. Feviquick is coming!
Rishi- Feviquick?
Kunj- Haan! She’s always stuck to me like crazy glue.
Rishi and Mohit laugh. Alisha walks up to the table.
Alisha- Hey did u guys see my Kunj?
Rishi- Who Kunj? Umm…no…haven’t seen him.
Alisha- Awwww, where is my darling?
Twinkle walks by Kunj’s table and drops her pen. She bends down to pick it up and speaks extra loudly.
Twinkle- Kunj?!
Kunj- Shhhh!
Twinkle (loudly)- Hawww! Kunj? What are u doing under the table?
Alisha looks under the table.
Alisha- Baby! What are u doing down there? Come out.
Kunj crawls out. Twinkle smirks at him while he glares at Twinkle.
Alisha- What were u doing down there?
Kunj- Voh umm….my pen dropped there and…
Alisha- It’s ok, I’ll buy u a new pen.
Kunj- No thanks. I can buy it myself.
Alisha- But u are poor na Kunj? It’s ok I will buy it for u. U know how much I love you.
Kunj is hurt.
Kunj- Alisha, I may not have as much money as you, but I can manage my own things. I don’t need pity or sympathy from anyone else.
He walks away. Twinkle remembers all the times she insulted Kunj about his status.
Twinkle thinks- Did I also sound like this? Was I this harsh to Kunj?
Kunj was walking alone in the halls angered at the happens that had just occurred.
Kunj- This Alisha is out to ruin my life. Ever since the first year of college, she is after me. And on top of that, there is that Twinkle Taneja, ready to kill me any second. Thank God only two days later we have our two week break. I will be able to stay away from that Alisha and the even bigger musibaat named Twinkle Taneja.

Precap: Twinkle gets kidnapped?

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