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I Hate You (Episode 20)

Hey guys! The competition was a success and it was really fun to read all those amazing stories. Thank you Kruti, Ria and all the amazing writers. A late Happy Diwali to you all! Now let’s get on with the episode….

Recap: Alisha blames Kunj for having a physical relationship with her. It is revealed that Alisha drugged Kunj then took intimate pictures with him. However, Twinkle found out her plan and saved Kunj by replacing the pictures with pictures of Twinkle and Kunj. Kunj teases Twinkle after finding out.



Twinkle runs away but is stopped by Chinki and Rishi before she can escape.
Chinki- Twinkle? What is this? Tell me the truth.
Twinkle- What do u mean?
Chinki holds Twinkle’s arm and brings her to Kunj.
Chinki- Now u both will tell us the truth.

Kunj- What truth? Rishi what’s going on?
Rishi- I should be asking this question to you. What’s going on Kunj?
Chinki- We have seen u two together for four years. Every time u two met, it was like a Tom and Jerry fight. And now u want us to believe u two are in love and……..slept together?
Twinkle and Kunj are shocked.
Rishi- Bro after this whole marriage incident, u two just vanished and we didn’t get to ask u anything.
Chinki- Twinkle, u can’t just show up one day and say u and Kunj are married. As ur best friend, I have a right to know. I had a suspicion about this. And my suspicion was proved correct after I heard ur conversation just now.

Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle- U heard everything?
Rishi- Yes. We heard everything. I can’t believe u two didn’t tell us the real reason behind ur so called marriage. Why are you guys doing this?
Kunj sighs.
Kunj- Twinkle, I think we should tell them. After all, they are our best friends. They have a right to know.
Twinkle- Ok fine.
Twinkle and Kunj narrate the whole incident to Chinki and Rishi. They tell everything about Rajjo, the wedding papers, the divorce, and the principal’s deal.
Chinki and Rishi start laughing.

Twinkle- Y are u laughing?
Chinki (laughing)- U two…..u two….
Rishi- U two had such a big drama going on in ur life and u didn’t even tell us?
Twinj nod their head.
Chinki- Matlab, u two stay in one room together?….and the room doesn’t blow up?
Twinkle gives a death glare to Chinki.
Chinki- Sorry sorry. Actually it’s so funny.
Twinkle- It’s not funny yaar. It’s a tragedy. Now I have to keep up this love drama in college with this idiot.
Kunj rolls his eyes.

Kunj- Can u guys keep this secret of ours?
Rishi- Is that even a question? Of course yaar.
Rishi hugs Kunj.
Rishi- Congratulations man. Shaadi mubarak ho.
Kunj gives a death glare to Rishi.

The Next Scene…

Kunj was waiting for Twinkle at the college gate. Rishi comes to him.
Rishi- Kunj? Ur still here? Didn’t ur classes end 15 min ago?
Kunj- Yea man. I’m waiting for Twinkle.
Rishi shakes his head then clears his ears.
Rishi- Phir se bhol.
Kunj gives a confused look to Rishi.
Rishi- I mean…the Kunj Sarna is waiting for Twinkle Taneja? This will be going down in history.
Kunj- Shut up. Acting remember?

Rishi- Oh right.
Chinki comes with Twinkle.
Twinkle- Ok bye Chinki. See you tomorrow.
Twinkle gets on Kunj’s bike and they leave. Chinki turns to Rishi.
Chinki- Are you also noticing something?
Rishi- Haa…kuch kuch hota hain…

(Twinj’s Flat…)

Twinj reach their home. On their way to the bedroom, they bump into each other.
Twinkle- Watch it!
Kunj- U watch where u are going. Ek minute ek minute…..U didn’t actually start believing in that acting and all right? So now u are just looking for opportunities to get closer to me. Like those pictures….
Twinkle- Ha…me getting closer to u? Never! I just hate you!
Kunj- I hate you too!
They walk away in opposite directions. (Tashan E Ishq plays in bg). Kunj leaves to work.

A Few Hours later….

Kunj returns from work. He reaches the flat and calls out for Twinkle.
Kunj- Twinkle! Twinkle, where are you?
He doesn’t get any response back. Kunj checks all the rooms in the flat, but doesn’t find Twinkle anywhere.
Kunj thinks- Twinkle didn’t take all those things I said seriously right? Let me call her.
Kunj calls Twinkle but she doesn’t pick up.
Kunj- Pick up damn it! Ugggg! Where is she this late at night?…..Chinki, I’ll call Chinki.
Kunj calls Chinki.
Chinki- Hello?

Kunj- Hi Chinki, this is Kunj.
Chinki- Oh hello Kunj, or should I say jiju?
Kunj- Chinki, this is not the time for jokes. Do u know where Twinkle is? I can’t find her anywhere at home.
Chinki- Twinkle didn’t tell you?
Kunj- Tell me what?

The Next Scene…..

Kunj stops his bike outside a building. It was a concert hall. He looks at the place.
Kunj- This is the address Chinki gave me.
He goes inside the building and enters an auditorium. There was a huge crowd. The audience was huge and all the seats were filled. Kunj stood at the back and looked around. He saw a banner that read: Cancer Society Charitable Function.
Kunj thinks- Am I at the right place? There is a show going on. I must be at the wrong place.

Kunj turns to leave. As he is about to go out the door, he stops.

Precap: Is Twinkle’s past going to bring Twinkle and Kunj a bit closer?

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