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I Hate You (Episode 19)

Recap: While trying to complete their art assignment, Twinkle and Kunj end up painting each other. Kunj accidentally kisses Twinkle on her cheek. Twinkle feels a weird feeling in her stomach after the kiss (butterflies). Twinkle goes out to but more supplies for the project and comes back to find Kunj sleeping on the bed. She adores Kunj while he sleeps.



Kunj wakes up and finds himself on the bed. He looks around confused and then sees Twinkle sleeping on the couch.
Kunj thinks- Koi repeat telecast chal raha hai kya? Again Twinkle is on the couch and I’m on the bed. What is happening?
Kunj sits up then sees his bare chest and gets shocked.
Kunj- Ahhhh!
Twinkle wakes up startled.
Twinkle- Kunj, what happened?
Kunj pulls the blanket up to cover himself.
Kunj- Where are my clothes?
Twinkle- Mujhe kya pata.
Kunj- Huh? But how am I on the bed shirtless.
He does his one eyebrow raise.
Kunj- U didn’t do anything right?
Twinkle (sarcasm)- Ha…mujhe toh control hi nahi hota. When can I jump on you and take ur body in my arms? Stop dreaming Mr. Kunj Sarna. U came home very tired so I just let you sleep on the bed. But next time don’t make this mistake again.
Twinkle leaves the room. Kunj sits there confused.
Kunj- I was tired? Last thing I remember is I came home then drank some juice then fell asleep. I guess I was tired. The day passes with Twinkle and Kunj finally finishing their art project.

The Next Day….

Twinkle and Kunj get to college. They walk into the campus when Chinki comes running to them. Breathing heavily, she struggles to speak.
Twinkle- Chinki? Are you ok? What happened?
Chinki- Twinkle, thank god ur here. Come with me right now.
Twinkle- But where?
Chinki- Just come. Oh and Kunj, u come too.
Kunj- But where?
Chinki- Just come na!
Twinkle and Kunj look at each other then follow Chinki. They arrive at the auditorium. There was a huge crowd. As Twinkle and Kunj got to the front, the crowd opened, letting them pass. As they passed, all eyes were staring at them. Finally they made it to the front and saw the principal consoling someone. Kunj stepped up a bit and saw Alisha crying.
Principal- Alisha stop crying now.
Kunj looks at Twinkle with a confused look. Twinkle gives him the same look back. Alisha notices Kunj and points towards him.
Alisha- Look sir, Kunj has arrived.
The principal looks at Kunj.
Principal- Is this all true Kunj? Is Alisha saying the truth?
Kunj- What truth? Sir, I don’t know what’s going on.
Alisha (crying)- Sir, please do something. Kunj loves me. But now he is leaving me. He…he….even had a….physical relationship with me.
Everyone is shocked. Kunj is speechless. Twinkle looks at Kunj.
Kunj- Sir…she’s lying. Please don’t believe her. I have no relationship with Alisha. I don’t love her!
Alisha cries even harder.
Alisha- Kunj how can u leave me? Did u forget last night? We were so close and now….
Kunj- What are you even saying Alisha?! Are you out of ur mind? Kuch nahi hua humaari bheech. Nothing happened last night. Sir this is all lies.
Alisha- Sir I have proof.
She hands a cd to the principal.
Alisha- Please play this on the projector then the truth will come out.
Alisha thinks- Now just wait and watch Kunj.


Alisha snuck into Twinj’s flat and mixed sleeping pills in a glass of juice.
After Kunj returned from work, he went into the kitchen all tired and feeble. He saw a glass of juice in the kitchen and drank it. Pretty soon, he started feeling sleepy. When he got to the room, he had fallen asleep on the bed. Alisha walked in and removed his shirt and laid him on the bed. She then laid next to him while a photographer took their pictures.


Kunj- Sir please believe me. Twinkle, at least u believe me. I was home last night.
The principal played the cd on the projector.
Principal- We will see who is telling the truth and who is lying right now.
Everyone looks at the screen in anticipation. A picture shows up. Everyone becomes shocked. The picture shows Kunj lying on a bed shirtless, and on his chest lied a girl, covered with a blanket. The girl was none other than Twinkle. (Shock laga? Mujhe bhi.)
Kunj’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. More pictures of them in bed showed up. Alisha was dumbfounded. She could not believe her eyes. The principal quickly turned off the projector.
Principal- I think we have seen enough. Alisha, enough is enough. I don’t want to hear another word against Twinkle or Kunj. Please see me in my office. This will be the last time u invade a married couple’s privacy.
The principal leaves. Alisha was still speechless. Twinkle walks up to Alisha.
Twinkle- Hawww Alisha. How bad! U came into our bedroom? Chi!
Twinkle turns to the crowd.
Twinkle- I hope u all saw who told the truth now. Kunj is innocent.
Crowd- Sorry Kunj.
The crowd left and Alisha stormed out, but not before giving Twinkle a death glare, only getting back a smirk from Twinkle. Twinkle turns to leave but Kunj catches her arm and stops her.
Kunj- Twinkle, what is this? How..what..when?
Twinkle smiles.


While Twinkle was admiring Kunj sleeping, she heard some voices from the outside of the flat. She went to the door and put her ear up to the door.
“Get those pictures to me by tomorrow.”
Twinkle slightly opens the door and sees Alisha talking to a man.
Twinkle thinks- Alisha? What is she doing her at this time of night? What pictures is she talking about?
Alisha leaves. Twinkle opens the door and stops the man from leaving. The man gets scared upon seeing Twinkle.
Twinkle- Listen mister. I know what u have done. So u better tell me everything before I call the police.
Twinkle watches as the man fumbles with his camera. Twinkle takes out her phone.
Twinkle- I’ll call.
Man- No no. Maam. Please don’t call the police. Ok here I will show u the pictures. Alisha madam told me to take them.
Twinkle was shocked to see Alisha and Kunj’s pictures.
Twinkle- Ok u go. But don’t tell Alisha that u spoke with me.
The man runs away. Twinkle goes to their room and tries to wake Kunj up, but he doesn’t wake up.
Twinkle- That Alisha must have gave him sleeping pills.
Twinkle then sets up a camera and lays on the bed with her head on Kunj’s chest and her arm wrapped across his abdomen. At college, while the principal and everyone was focused on Kunj, Twinkle switched the cd and took Alisha’s cd.


Kunj- Wow meri siyappa queen…very smart.
Twinkle smiled, showing her dimple.
Kunj- Vaise……aur kuch nahi hua?
Twinkle- What do u mean?
Kunj- I mean…nothing else happened? Just the pictures?
He does his one eyebrow raise.
Twinkle- Shut up Kunj.
She runs away and Kunj smiles.

Precap: Kunj can’t find Twinkle….

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