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I Hate You (Episode 16)

Ok so Sayeeda’s birthday didn’t pass…phew….Thanks for clearing my confusion. I guess I wished her early then 😂
Sayeeda, it feels so good to see ur comment again and thank you for sticking with this ff also. And yea, Happy Birthday….official wali. Now let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Twinkle goes to visit her mother and Kunj goes with her. There, Leela misunderstands Twinkle. Leela was hurt knowing that Twinkle got married without her permission and reveals that Twinkle is not her actual daughter. Twinkle leaves disheartened. Meanwhile, the principal thinks that Twinkle and Kunj love each other and is willing to give them an apartment to live in until graduation. So, to keep the apartment they decide to pretend in college like they are in love.



Twinkle and Kunj go into the college hand in hand. As soon as they were out of sight from Chinki and Rishi, they immediately left each other’s hands and glared at each other.
Twinkle- I don’t know how much longer I can fake this love with you. It’s disgusting.
Kunj rolls his eyes. The bell rings so they step into the classroom. As students started piling into the room, all eyes were on Twinkle and Kunj. News had gone out and now the whole college knew that the two most popular students, who were once enemies, were now married. The lecture goes by with a few glances here and there and a very awkward atmosphere. Suddenly that atmosphere is broken as the sound of clicking heels enter the room. Everyone looks up to see Alisha standing at the doorway. Kunj stands up as Alisha walks up to him.
Professor- What the hell is this nonsense? This is a lecture hall. Stop this disturbance right now.
Paying no heed to the professor’s words, Alisha walks up to Kunj and holds his collar.
Alisha- Kunj, what am I hearing? This is all a joke right?
Kunj removes Alisha’s hands from his collar.
Alisha- Kunj?
Kunj- U heard right.
Alisha- No no that can’t be true.
She laughs nervously.

Alisha- No Kunj, u are only mine. U can’t be anyone else’s. U are only mine. ONLY MINE!
Alisha looks angrily at Twinkle.
Alisha- U bl**dy bi….
Twinkle stands up.
Alisha- U stole my Kunj from me!
Alisha raises her hand to slap Twinkle. Twinkle turns her face and closes her eyes. She feels no such impact and opens her eyes to see a hand holding Alisha’s hand, stopping her from hitting Twinkle. Kunj glares angrily at Alisha and let’s go of her hand, pushing it slightly.
Kunj- Enough Alisha! She is now Twinkle Kunj Sarna, so before doing anything to her, you will have to go through me first! And if you ever think of raising ur hand on her then, I swear Alisha, I won’t leave you.
Twinkle looks at Kunj in shock and adore. The bell rings. Kunj grabs Twinkle’s arm.
Kunj- Let’s go Twinkle.
They leave and Alisha stands there shocked and clenches her fist in anger.
Alisha- Kunj, u are only mine! Nobody else’s, only mine!
The rest of the day passes with lectures and classes. Twinkle and Kunj didn’t have any more classes together. In some ways, they felt relieved as Kunj didn’t know how to face her after that incident and Twinkle had time to ponder and think about Kunj’s actions. She couldn’t focus the rest of the day as Kunj’s words kept flashing in her mind: “she is Twinkle Kunj Sarna�. The way he stood up for her made her feel special, but Twinkle brushed those ideas out of her head by simply accepting it as the “acting� they were supposed to be doing. Finally the hectic college day ends and Twinkle and Kunj head to the principal’s office, where they were called.

(Principal’s Office…)

Principal- Here are the keys to your new apartment.
Kunj takes the keys.
Principal- The college will pay for your rent, but u will still have to manage your own necessities like food and clothes.
Kunj- Thank you sir. This is a great help for us.
Principal- No, I am honored to have such brilliant students like you two. Even with such a personal life, u manage to stay the toppers in this college. I wish you guys good luck and I hope you two graduate as the toppers also.
Twinj- Thank you sir.
Twinkle and Kunj leave the principal’s office. Kunj sits on his bike and starts it. Twinkle looks at him weirdly.
Kunj- U need an invitation to sit now?
Twinkle- I’m not going to sit in the back seat of ur bike like ur girlfriend. I’m calling a cab.
Kunj- Yea do that so principal sir can see and then kick us out of the apartment and we will go back to the hostel and no divorce for us.
Twinkle rolls her eyes. She sits on the bike and Kunj smiles.
Kunj- Aur sun, kahi raaste mein ghir vir gaya na toh….awaaz de dehna.
Twinkle- Ha ha Kunj Sarna, very funny. Apne sad wala jokes, apne paas rakho and let’s go.
Twinkle and Kunj leave the college and arrive at their building.
Kunj- Ok sixth floor.

They go up the elevator up to the sixth floor and find their flat. Kunj opens the door and find that their luggage was brought from the hostel and already kept inside for them. Twinkle walks around the apartment. She enters the the bedroom. (It is the same bedroom from the show).
Twinkle- Wow, a balcony!
Twinkle leaves her suitcase in the room and goes out to the balcony. Kunj enters the room. He almost trips on the Twinkle’s suitcase.
Kunj- Oh teri! Look, this siyappa Queen is not even in the room and still she manages to create a siyappa.
By now it had gotten dark and night had fallen. Twinkle comes back inside the room. She takes her suitcase and puts it on the bed. Then she takes her clothes and starts putting it in the wardrobe. Kunj also unpacks and puts his clothes in the wardrobe.
Twinkle- Excuse me, what are you doing?
Kunj- Unpacking, can’t you see?
Twinkle- Why are you putting your clothes with my clothes?
Kunj- Because this is my wardrobe also, remember? The principal gave this flat to us, not only you.
Twinkle- Ok whatever, but don’t touch my things aur ha, this bed is only mine. We are not sharing!
Kunj- What do you mean urs? Where will I sleep?
Twinkle points to the couch.
Twinkle- There.
Kunj mutters- Chivalry ka haad hota hai yaar. Leave it Kunj, jab tak this Siyappa Queen is in ur life, u will have to suffer a little.

Precap: Twinj come a little closer…..

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