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I Hate You (Episode 13)

Shock laga na? I know most of you were shocked seeing the sudden marriage of Twinj. Is the current track confusing anyone? Please let me know. And Kiya, this is the link to all the episodes of my ff. If you missed any, u can read them here:


Recap: Chaudhari tells Twinkle and Kunj to prove they are married by the end of the day. Rajjo makes a plan that Kunj will apply fake sindoor on Twinkle to make it look like they are actually married. However, fate takes its own toll as Chaudhari switches the sindoor and makes Kunj apply real sindoor to Twinkle and makes Twinkle wear a mangulsutra. And in front of God, they unwillingly get married.


Kunj applies the sindoor on Twinkle’s hairline. Twinkle looks at Kunj as a drop of tear falls down her cheek. Kunj looks guiltily into Twinkle’s eyes. (Sajna ve plays). Chaudhari smiles.
Chaudhari- So u guys proved it. I am sorry to have doubted you. Please forgive me. And ha there is one more surprise for you.
A lawyer comes there.
Chaudhari- I found out that you two weren’t legally married in court yet. So, this is a little gift from me to you. U two will legally get married today.
Kunj is shocked. Twinkle is still lifeless, with no emotions on her face. The lawyer takes out the marriage papers and a pen. He holds out the papers towards Kunj.
Kunj- No no Chaudhari ji what is the need for this? We don’t need this.
Chaudhari- No there is a need. U two should get all the rights as a married couple. Now take the papers and sign them.
Kunj thinks- If I don’t sign these papers, then this Chaudhari will shoot both me and Twinkle. It’s better if I sign them. Why isn’t Twinkle reacting? What happened to her? Kuch kaar Twinkle. Say something.
Kunj looks at Twinkle for some sort of assistance or answer but Twinkle gives no such reply as she still stares at the floor.
Lawyer- Sir, please sign the papers.
Kunj looks back at Twinkle one last time before taking the pen in his hand. He signs the papers. The lawyer then takes the paper and hands them to Twinkle.
Kunj whispers to Twinkle- Twinkle, sign the papers if you want to save ur life. We have no other choice.
Twinkle takes the pen and signs the papers. Everyone claps.
Chaudhari- Ok now that all of this is over, u guys can go rest. And remember, u will leave only after Rajjo’s wedding tomorrow. Now go to ur rooms and rest.
Everyone leaves. Twinkle and Kunj were still standing there.
Kunj- Twinkle….
Twinkle lifelessly walks towards their room.

(Twinj’s Room…)

Twinkle walks into the room and stands in front of the mirror. She touches her mangulsutra. The sight of Kunj putting the mangulsutra around her neck flashes before her eyes. She the touches the sindoor that now colors her hairline red. Twinkle closes her eyes and sees Kunj putting the sindoor on her. She opens her eyes ad tears stream down her cheeks. Twinkle falls to the floor and cries. Kunj enters the room and closes the door. He sees Twinkle on the floor crying. Slowly, but hesitantly, he walks towards her and stands behind her. He reaches out his hand to touch her shoulder but then pulls his hand back. Twinkle feels the presence of someone and turns around. She sees Kunj. Twinkle wipes her tears and stands up and faces him.
Kunj- Twinkle tu…
Twinkle grabs the collar of Kunj’s kurta and pulls him towards her.
Twinkle- Why did u do this Kunj Sarna? How could u have done this? How could you? U didn’t think twice before marrying a girl all of a sudden? U just needed to save ur life right, did u not think about my life? It’s just you, you, and you. U didn’t think before u ruining my life! What will I say to my mom? How will I face her? I broke her trust! I broke her heart! I….
Kunj- Twinkle!
Twinkle’s eyes close and her body begins to fall. Kunj catches her as she faints. He holds her with one hand as she leans on his chest and taps her cheek with his other hand.
Kunj- Twinkle, Twinkle, ut jaa…please…
Kunj carries Twinkle and lays her on the bed. He takes the glass of water and sprinkles some water on her. Twinkle opens her eyes. Kunj lets out a sigh of relief.
Kunj- Thank God.
Twinkle opens her eyes to see Kunj looking over her. She pushes him back and sits up.
Twinkle- Don’t touch me.
Kunj- Listen Twinkle, we both were helpless in that situation. Even I have that common sense to know that I should not marry the biggest Siyappa Queen there is.
Twinkle- Haww!
Kunj- Look, I know we both don’t accept this marriage, so this is all fake. I don’t accept it.
Twinkle- And those court papers?
Kunj- We will go to the court after leaving this place and just get a divorce. After that, we will just forget all this ever happened.
Twinkle thinks for a moment.
Twinkle- We will pakka go for a divorce right?
Kunj- Yes baba pakka. Now go to sleep. I didn’t know u had this fainting ki bimaari. U are such a drama queen.
Twinkle- Fainting ek bimaari nai hoti. And Mr. Sadu Sarna, how much do u know me that u will start making assumptions? My mother taught me all my values and traditions. So I know what this sindoor and mangulsutra means in a married woman’s life. I know all my patni dharams.
Kunj- Ok meri hindi ki dictionary. U are modern and also have ur values. But don’t show ur so called patni dharam with me. U are only my wife by name for one day. After that, we are getting divorced.
Twinkle lays on the bed and faces away from Kunj. Kunj also take his pillow and goes to the chair. (Tashan E Ishq plays in bg).

The Next Day…

Rajjo and Raja finally get married. After Rajjo’s bidaai, Twinkle also go to Chaudhari to say goodbye to him.
Kunj- Ok Chaudhari ji, I think it is time for us to leave. Thank you for having us here.
Chaudhari- Are nahi nahi chore. U two are Rajjo’s friends, and our guests. Umm…mujhe…please forgive me for all that happened.
Twinkle- No no Chaudhari ji. It’s ok. Acha hum chalte.
Chaudhari- Ok take care.
Twinkle and Kunj leave Rajjo’s home.
Twinkle- Finally we got to leave.
Kunj- This danger daddy just made my one week vacation into a lifetime roller coaster ride. Pata hai Twinkle, we are going to set a world record.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- Yesterday we got married, and today we are getting a divorce.

Precap: Twinj’s divorce…

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