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I Hate You (Episode 12)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY CUTEST LITTLE SISTER!!! Happy birthday Thanmy, or should I say Jasmin? Lol, u had such a big secret and I couldn’t even tell that was you??? When I read ur message, I was literally hysterically laughing. U are just one of a kind Thanmy. I always wanted a sister and u fulfilled that wish of mine. So thank you. And yea, now it looks like U, Ria, and Laddoo owe me cake….that’s a lot of cake for me ?Happy birthday once again. Love you ❤️

Recap: The groom arrives for the haldi at rajjo’s house. Twinj kidnap the groom and keep him tied. Rajjo comes there and explains to the groom that she loves someone else. Upon seeing the groom’s face, she gets shocked because the groom is none other than Raja, himself. All the misunderstandings are cleared. But not for long….as Chaudhari thinks that Rajjo and Kunj have an affair. He tells Twinj to prove that they are married. Now let’s see what our couple does…


Chaudhari- Can u prove that you are married?
Twinj are speechless.
Rajjo- Bapu what are you saying? How can they prove it?
Chaudhari- That is their problem. But listen chore, if you can’t prove it, then u will see a side of me that u haven’t seen yet.
Kunj (mumbles)- How many sides does he have?
Chuadhari- By the end of this day, u better prove that you two are married.
Chaudhari leaves.
Twinkle- Kunj, what do we do now?
Kunj- I don’t know, but we better do something fast. Because if we don’t then…mein toh gaya…
Rajjo- I have a plan.
Kunj- What?
Rajjo- Kunj ji, you will just have to put sindoor on Twinkle.
Twinj- WHAT?!
Twinkle- Rajjo, are you serious?
Rajjo- Are listen to me first. Kunj ji will put sindoor on Twinkle, but it will not be actual sindoor. It will just be the red color that is used in holi.
Twinkle- That’s brilliant Rajjo. What do you think Kunj?
Twinkle looks at Kunj. He is lost somewhere in his thoughts.
Twinkle- Kunj!
Kunj snaps back into reality.
Twinkle- Where were u lost?
Kunj- A very special girl has her birthday today and I was supposed to go…but look what new siyappa u pulled me into!
Twinkle- Me and siyappa?
Kunj- Yes u, Siyappa Queen. I should be there eating Thanmy’s birthday cake, but I am here getting fake married to you.
Twinkle- Well u can eat her cake if you come out alive. So first save your life by getting fake married to me then tell Thanmy happy birthday from me too.

The Next Scene…

Raja and Rajjo complete their haldi ceremony. Throughout the whole event, Chaudhari kept his eyes on Twinj. Twinkle and Kunj were nervously going through their day. Finally the end of the day came.
Chaudhari- Ur time is up. U better prove urselves now.
Kunj- Yes we will prove that we are married. Rajjo, please bring the item.
Rajjo leaves then comes back with a plate that has some sindoor on it.
Chaudhari- What is this?
Kunj- I will fill Twinkle’s hairline with sindoor. Then will you believe us?
Chaudhari- Yes I will believe you if u fill her hairline with sindoor.
Twinj smile. Kunj reaches for the fake sindoor.
Chaudhari- Wait!
Kunj freezes. Twinkle is tensed.
Chaudhari- This is an auspicious moment. It should be performed in front of God. Come with me.
Chaudhari leads Twinj to the altar in his house. Twinj face each other in front of Sree Krishna.
Rajjo- Here Kunj ji.
She passes the plate to Kunj.
Chaudhari- One second.
Chaudhari takes the plate away from Kunj.
Twinkle, Rajjo, and Kunj are shocked.
Chaudhari- U will use that sindoor that is kept for you. He points to the little container of vermillion on the altar. there is also a mangulsutra there.
Kunj looks at Twinkle in shock.
Twinkle thinks- Oh no. Babaji what game are you playing with me? How can Kunj put sindoor on me. Please help me.
Kunj looks desperately into Twinkle’s eyes.
Chaudhari- What are you waiting for? Prove u two are married.
Rajjo thinks- Oh no. What am I going to do now?
Kunj’s hand shakes as he reaches for the mangulsutra. Twinkle looks at Kunj in despair. (Mangalam Bhagavan Vishnum plays in bg).

Mangalam Bhagavan Vishnum
Mangalam Garudadhwajah

Kunj picks up the mangulsurta and holds it in front of Twinkle. He takes one step closer to her. Twinkle looks into Kunj’s eyes, which show despair and despondency. He puts the mangulsutra around Twinkle’s neck. Kunj takes a breathe and sighs. He takes some sindoor between his fingers. Twinkle looks at the sindoor. Her eyes get watery.

Mangalam Pundareekaksham
Mangalayatano Hari

Kunj hesitantly lifts his fingers towards Twinkle’s hairline. Twinkle’s eyes widen as she shakes her head in a barely visible no. Kunj looks helplessly into her eyes.

Mangalam Pundareekaksham
Mangalayatano Hari

Kunj closes his eyes tightly. Then he opens them again and reaches out towards Twinkle’s hairline. His fingers brush against her hairline and Twinkle’s closes her eyes. Kunj applies the sindoor on Twinkle’s hairline. Chaudhari smiles.
Rajjo thinks- Whatever happens, happens for good These two may fight all the time, but they are definitely made for each other.
Twinkle opens her eyes and looks at Kunj. A tear drops down Twinkle’s cheek.

Precap: Twinkle grabs Kunj’s collar.
Twinkle- Why did you do this to me! How could you Kunj? How could….
Kunj- Twinkle!
Twinkle faints in Kunj’s arms.

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