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I cant live without u (part 22)


@oberoi mansion
In the hall
Anika want to go home but her mind says be here with shivaay but she cant bcz shivaay didn’t say anything about her stay so she makes a plan and tells to dadi
Anika; dadiii i want to talk to u
Dadii; tell puttar
Anika; she explains everything and dadi agrees
Everyone are present in the hall…shivaay also joins them
Ani; dadii i want to go home,
Ani; okay just 10 minutes
Dadii; anika u can stay here

Ani; no dadii i have lots of work in home
Dadi; then okay om will drop u
Om; he gets confused but dadii signs
Om; yes anika
They start moving shivaay asked them to stop
Shi; anika u cant go home
Ani; why
Shi; till prinku ki shaadi over u have to stay here
Ani; no i cant
Shi; why
Ani; i had lotz of work

Shi; that work u can do from here also
Ani; no..no..no
Shivaay gets angry and move towards anika she notice this and said
Ani; yes i will stay here
Shi; that’s good
Om; ishaana i want to talk to u come with me
Ishi; no om not now
Om; why ishi
Ishi; bcz i want to see their fight
Om; ishi u naa impossible

Ishi; what i did om
Om; everyday their fight will be here only so come with me
Ishi; smiles and leaves the place
Shivaay hears their conversation and leaves from there……anika hugs dadi and said our plan got successful
Anika; now always i can see my billuji

Scene 2
@omisha room
Ishi; what’s the matter
Om; ohh my god u cant wait for a minute
Ishi; om first of all u only said na u want to talk with me
Om; ha darling
Ishi; then tell me
Om; okay wait for 5 min
Ishi; om u know me very well right
Om; yes
Ishi; then why u making me waits
Om; ishi its just a matter of 5 minutes
Ishi; okay baba now tell me
Om; take a small cloth from the bed

Ishi; what are u doing
Om; just close ur eyes
Ishi; she closed her eyes
Om; tied a small cloth on her eyes came very close to her and hold her hand tightly
Ishi; om thum romance kar rehi ho
Om; no ishi i want to give u something

Ishi; ha i know u brought that big waala galaxy…right
Om; smiles at her and kept a voucher on her hand
Then he removes that cloth from the eyes
Ishi;om this is just a voucher
Om; just open it and say ur dialogues
Ishi; open it and said om……..she gets teary eyed and hugs om tightly

Ishaana was crazy about her passion dance and she got a big offer from newyork and om agrees this and other members also agrees bcz this is ishaana’s dream so they prepared everything for their journey but while going they got the news about shivaaay’s accident so ishaana cancelled it]Om; ishaana i know this gift is the best gift ever u get…

Ishi; but om
Om; i know now u r thinking about shivaay and anika
Ishi; yes om
Om; u dont need to worry about them bcz now they are not apart they are one soul so anika will take care shivaay
Ishi; lekin om
Om; no buts u and me are going to newyork
Ishi; smiles and she kissed om’s cheek
Om; ishaana plz give me one more
Ishi; no om u na zulfi singh oberoi

Om; ishaana i want one more plz give me naa
Isi; no om….
Om; why ishi am ur husband
Ishi; thats why am not giving u
Om; okay am going u won’t give right
Ishi; okay zulfi singh
Om smiles at her and leaves the place while leaving he looked back ishi is smiling and she was in her thoughts

Scene 3
Rudra and soumya are in their room
Rudy; sumo lets go somewhere
Sumo; no rudy am not interested
Rudy; why sumo
Sumo; bcz am coming with u he naa
Rudy; makes sad face and said with anger
Rudy; okay sumo dont come with me am leaving
Sumo; really u going without me
Rudy; ha u only said u dont want to come with me
Sumo; no rudy i didn’t mean it
Rudy; yea i know u
Sumo; then can i come with u
Rudy; okay sumo, but had one condition

Sumo; ohh what’s now
Rudy; gave her a dress
Sumo; wow so beautiful, i love this colour
Rudy; so u like it right
Sumo; yea…
Rudy; then wear this dress and come with me am waiting outside
Sumo; okay just 5 min
Rudy was soo excited and calls his friend and arranged everything for their date
Sumo came and called rudra when he turns back he is mesmerised with her beauty bcz she looks like a princess in pink gown…she came close to him and shakes later rudra came into his senses and said
Rudy; lets go

Sumo; yea and smiles
Anika came to the hall were shivaay and om is discussing something later ishaana also joins them
Anika; hi ishaana why u look soo happy
Om; i will tell u that
But then rudra and sumo came there
Om; shivaay look at our rudra i think he is going somewhere
Shi; ha om rudra are u going for a date
Rudra thinks how they come to know this but he didn’t tell this to them…
Rudra; no bhaiyya we are going out
Shivom; where
Sumo; bhaiyaa actuall am got bored so we think to go out
Shi; ha okay
Rumya leaves from there
Shi; anika come to my room
Ani; why
Shi; i said u to come to myroom this is my order
Ani; ha am coming
Om; go anika shivaay want to talk with u secretly
Shi; shut up om
They three smiles and leaves
In shivaay’s room
Anika stepped in but shivaay was busy with the phone….eventhough he can sense her presence so he turned back
Ani; shivaay tell me what u want
Shi; ha mei prinku ki
Ani; priyanka ki
Shi; yes tomorrow they all are coming here
Ani; for what
Shi;’ karwachauth
Ani; ohh my god
Shi; what happened

Ani; nothing billuji
Shi; what u called me now
Ani; billuji
Shi; u can’t call me
Ani; ohh only dadii can call u
Shi; yea but….he thinks someone also called him billu jihe loved that words from her but not any one else
Ani; but what
Shi; nothing
Ani; okay

Shi; tomorrow there will be a dress code for everyone
Ani; yea that’s cool which colour
Shi; if i choose code then why i called u here tell me dam
Ani; ha can i tell u
Shi; ofcourse
Ani;the great shivaay singh oberoi want my help
Shivaay was now full on anger
Anika understood the situation and said

Ani; red is fine for womens and mens black is good
Shi; okay then tell everyone this matter
Ani; haa she hits the bed and she cried loud due to pain shivaay rushed to her and said anika what happened are u okay tell me something anika r u okay
Anika didn’t utter a word bcz shivaay concern her well
Ani; billu ji am okay my leg hit on the bed
Shi; u can’t be careful
Ani; dont worry am fine

Shi; i know u always say like this only
Anika start leaving but she cant move her leg due to pain shivaay notice this and came close to anika and hold her hand and wrist and make her sit on the bed
Shi; sit here okay until doc came
Shi;am shivaay singh oberoi plz come fast to oberoi mansion
Doc; yes sir
Shivaay came towards anika and offers her water but first she denies later he make s her drink the whole scene is observed by dadii and pinky
Pinky; maa i want to continue this love
Dadi; ha pinky i also want the same
Pinky; but i dont know when it will happen
Dadii; dont worry puttar, soon shivaay will remember everything
Pinky; haaa maaa

Scene 5
Shivaay invites siddharth family for karwachauth
Dadi; shivaay waht they said
Shi; dont worry dadii they will come tomorrow
Everyone joins them
Shi; maa here ur things and bade maa ur also
Dadi; everyone should fast this year
Shi; why dadii we didn’t even married yet

Pinky; so what
Rumya; we ready,we too will fast
Janvi; that’s cool rudra how come u soo matured
Rudra; maa after soumya came into my life
Later everyone look at him and said yeh kya ho raha hei[what happening here]Ishi; dadii i will also fast
Om; then why me left i will fast for u ishi
Dadi; wow that’s good

Pin; shivaay what ur decision
Shi; i won’t fast my decision is always final
Shivaay leaves from there while leaving he looks at anika…but she makes her face sad
Tej; what about anika
Ani; badepapa i want to fast
Shakti; but beta….shivaay is not keeping fast
Ani;its okay papa, i want shivaay live long not me
Pinky; am soo lucky i got a bahu like u and she hugged her
Ani; no maa am lucky bcz i got shivaay as my husband and suvh a beautiful family like this
Dadi; but why how u broke the fast

anika; dont worry dadii shaivaay only broke my fast
tej;how betaa
anika; badepapaa i always have trust in god..he will do something big for me shivaay only break my fast
dadi; then now also u are look like sad
Ani; no dadii am not sad…..but i am sad about shivaay health i dont know when he remember everything
Just then doctor came with shivaay report and said
Doc; no mrs anika shivaay singh oberoi dont be sad
Ani;what hapenend doctor
Doc; shivaay soon remember his memory power bcz now he remembers some moments but it wasn’t clear
Ani; how this possible doctor
Doc; bcz yesterday he had some checkups so i asked some question regarding his past he recollects something then i got know about this matter
Anika hugged dadii and said my shivaay will back soon to me dadii am super happy
Pinky; ohh my mata
Tej; anika come here beta

Anika goes towards tej then he hugs her and said ur billu ji will be fine soon
Dadii; go anika start tomorrow preparation
Anika; goes to her room due to over happiness she hits shivaay and about to fall but great shivaay singh oberoi hold her wrist tightly they share a cute eyelock

precap; karwachauth celebration………..shivaay unknowingly kept fast for anika…….omisha,rumya cute romantic movement…..rana’s entry…..shivaay gets doubt about anika and him relation

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