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Humsafar: swasan ff by Malika Part : 1

I’m so sorry guys. I know didn’t continue my ff but I have done the summary of this ff. I will be in two parts. So let’s start :

Humsafar is a story about three peoples ,Swara, Sanskar and Ragini who are poles apart from one another yet they end up being woven in a love triangle and, thus the true love faces certain problems to prove itself. Swara hails from a small locality in Hyderabad, and lives with her bed – ridden mother Janki. Janki’ s brother Ram Maheswari is wealthy and is married to Sujata Maheswari. They have a son named sansakar. Janki who is dying of cancer, seeks her brother’s help in getting swara married. Ram promises that sanskar will marry swara, much to sujata’ s shock as sujata has always expected that sanskar would marry her sister’s Sumi Malhotra ‘s daughter Ragini. Swara and sanskar reluctantly gets married at Janki’ s death bed. Ragini is shocked to hear this news and tries to commit suicide by slitting her wrist. Both swara and sanskar feel that they have been forced on each other. Sanskar promises swara that he will try his best to make the marriage work. Swara is deeply hurt by the fact that she has been forced into a stranger’s life and feels her self – respect has been lost. Gradually, the couples starts falling deeply in love each other. Sanskar admire swara’ s innocence, simplicity and purity of heart. Swara falls for sanskar because of his caring and charming personality. When Ragini humiliate swara, she is reprimanded by sanskar for her callousness. Ram falls ill and before he dies, he warns sanskar of the need to protect innocent swara from the wiles of world. Sanskar, who was already in love with swara, agree. Swara encouraged by sanskar enrolls for graduate studies. There she meets laksh, Ragini’s parental cousin who has strong feelings for Ragini. Laksh start to visit sanskar ‘ s house, while praising swara which makes sanskar jealous. Swara suddenly get pregnant with sanskar’ s baby. Sujata offers to laksh money, pay for laksh to study in USA and marry ragini only if he can convince sanskar that he is having an affair with swara. Ragini lies to laksh and act like she ia deeply in love, telling laksh that she’ll marry him when he returns. Laksh contrives to have sanskar see what appears to be swara and him getting intimate alone in his apartment. Sujata admits to swara that she would never allows a school teacher’s daughter to be her daughter in law. She tells swara that she is unfit to be her servant.she goes on to say that she raise her son in such a perfect way that she won’t allow her son to throw it all away on a lower class wowan. Swara protest and calls laksh, who falsely keeps insisting that she had an affair with him. Sujata backs laksh’ s lies and kicked swara out of the house before sanskar can speak to her. Before leaving, swara leaves a note for sanskar. Heartbreaking and alone Swara take refuge with her mother’s friend Batool Bano in Hyderabad. She calls sanskar to tell him the truth about what had happened actually, but he hangs up when he finds out who is calling. After a few months , swara goes in labour and calls sanskar last time who again hang her call. Swara gives birth to a baby girl whom named was ISHA. swara vows that she will never forgives sanskar for what he did to her.


So here i end the first part guys .and this story was written by aadhya in wattpad.. And i didn’t steal anyone’s work Sooooooo some of you will find that you have read it some where.. We just collaborate . Please comment silent reader . . .. If I don’t get any good response I will not continue with last part. Please swasan fan……. 😱😱😥

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