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His Lust Or Love (Episode 26)

Episode 26
The Episode start with Sanskar (in past)… it was evening and it was time for cake cutting… he came down and met everyone and took elders blessings… Sanskar was with his frds and Laksh… piya came there and said
piya: Sanskar I want to talk to u
Sanskar: but I don’t want to
Sanskar left from there and moved upstairs… piya was going behind but Laksh stop her and drag her in corner… Laksh left her hand with jerk and said
Laksh:leave my bhai alone
piya: Laksh stay out of it
Laksh:I won’t u already betrayed my bhai he loved u and u what u did betrayed him u cheated him by having an affair
piya:it’s none of ur business
Laksh:its my bl**dy business u stay away from my bhai
Laksh left from there and piya burn in anger… Sanskar came in room and stand in balcony… suddenly someone hid something on his head and he fall unconscious…

After 2 Hours
Sanskar was sleeping and suddenly he was awake because of shouting… Sanskar sat on bed and saw piya sitting in corner warping herself in blanket.. Sanskar’s family was there with piya’s family… everyone start shouting at Sanskar… first he didn’t understand that what was happening… but then he realized that everyone was blaming him for raping piya… Sanskar was shocked as well s angry… his own family was shouting and was accusing him… Sanskar tried to got up but couldn’t because of head pain… Laksh run to Sanskar and helped him… everyone left from there asking Sanskar to come down… Sanskar looked at piya and said
Sanskar:what the hell is this
piya:u did this and asking me
Sanskar: don’t lie u did this u make me fall in everyone’s eyes
piya get up and removed the blanket from her body… she was dressed up fully… she came toward Sanskar and said
piya:ooh when u know everything then what’s the need to lie if u wouldn’t have left me then u wouldn’t have to see all this
Sanskar:u betrayed me again piya
piya:marry me got it
Sanskar:I won’t
piya:u’ll otherwise what’ll happen to the baby Sanskar
Sanskar: baby
piya:yeah baby our baby who’s in my womb
Sanskar:what rubbish it not my baby
piya: correct but everyone will think it’s ur when after a month I’ll tell everyone that I’m pregnant
Sanskar:I can’t believe u can do this
piya:actually the thing is my boyfriend don’t want this baby and I don’t abort it as my life would be in danger so
Sanskar was shocked as well as hurt… he just couldn’t believe he loved her.. Sanskar said
Sanskar:I didn’t did anything with u right
piya:off course baby u didn’t I just made u unconscious and lie I down on bed after removing ur clothes but I wish I could do saying this she moved closer and Sanskar slapped her hard… Sanskar said
Sanskar: I’ll tell everyone and they’ll believe me
piya: really let’s see come
piya left and Sanskar set on bed with a thus… Laksh came and said


Sanskar get up and said
Sanskar:lucky I didn’t
before he could complete Laksh hug him and said
Laksh:I believe u bhai
Sanskar:what about everyone
Laksh:they have to believe u bhai I’m with u
both came down and Sanskar stand in front of everyone… piya’s family came and slap Sanskar… he tried to say but piya start her drama… she run to Sujatha and said
piya:aunty Sanskar threaten me that he’ll spread this news and will leave me he won’t marry me
Sanskar:no mom didn’t
Sujatha came and slap Sanskar… Sujatha said
Sujatha:I’ll see how u’ll refused to marry piya after spoiling her life u r backing off
Sanskar was crying and sujata said
sujata:I didn’t even imagine that u would do such a thing at the end u showed ur real face
Sanskar was crying and he said
Sanskar:no mom I didn’t did anything
sujata:don’t call me mom u r not my son and I’m not ur mother if u had been my son u wouldn’t have done such a thing
Sanskar:I didn’t do anything please
sujata: just leave or marry piya saying this she left and Sanskar cried sitting on ground… one by one everyone left… Laksh and piya was left… Piya smirk and left… Laksh came and said
Sanskar:I didn’t did anything lucky
Laksh: i know bhai
Sanskar:I would go from here no one is mine here
Laksh:bhai I’ll also come with u
Sanskar:no lucky everyone needs u I’ll leave
that very night Sanskar left from there…

Flashback End)

Sanskar was crying… he tried but couldn’t stop his tears… Swara hugged Sanskar tightly and said
Swara:let it be Sanskar please don’t stop urself today
Sanskar hugged Swara tightly and cried out…

Next Episode:Swara’s Surprised
hey frds h r u all?
how’s the episode…?

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