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His Lust Or Love (Episode 25)

hey guys h r u all?
sorry for late and short but I decided that I’ll post short parts regularly… is it ok ?



Episode 25
The episode start with SwaSan get down from stage… they were going but suddenly Sanskar stop and was froze in his place… Swara looked at Sanskar and then the way he was looking… a girl was standing their with a 2 years old baby girl… Swara looked at Sanskar and saw anger in his eyes… Swara was confused but she held Sanskar’s hand and he looked at her… he was angry a lot… Sanskar removed his hand from Swara’s grip and moved upstairs… Swara looked at Laksh… he was also angry seeing that girl… Swara run behind Sanskar and so did Laksh… they reach there but door was locked… Swara knock but Sanskar didn’t open… Laksh broke he door and when both came in room where Sanskar was they were shocked… the whole room was messed up… Sanskar had broken the mirror with his hands… Swara run and bring first aid… she sat down in front of Sanskar… Swara took Sanskar’s hand but he jerk it and said
Sanskar:leave me alone just go
Swara: Laksh please u go I’ll handle
Laksh:but bhabhi
Swara:please Laksh
he left and Swara close the door… she came and hold Sanskar from arms… he tried to jerk and say something but Swara held him tight and said
Swara: Sanskar shut up and sit
Sanskar silently sat on bed…. Swara did his bandage… Sanskar keep staring her and remember Swara’s words… about his past… Sanskar said
Swara looked at Sanskar and said
Swara:I said na Sanskar sit and shut up let me bandage u what’s ur problem han can’t u see how much it’s bleeding
Swara done his bandaging… Sanskar make Swara looked at him and kissed her passionately… Swara was melt in his kiss… he hold her tightly from waist… he moved down and kissed her neck… Sanskar said

Sanskar: baby I love u so much
Swara moan and said
Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar looked at Swara and smile seeing his affect on her… her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily… Sanskar kissed her again more passionately… Swara reciprocated… they get apart and breath heavily… Sanskar cup Swara’s face and said
Sanskar:baby I want to tell u something
Swara:say na Sanskar
Sanskar:I want to tell u about
Swara: about
Sanskar:my past
Swara looked at Sanskar and said
Swara:r u sure Sanskar
Sanskar nod… Swara said
Swara:I’m with u always
Sanskar:please can we go home
SwaSan came down… SwaSan meet RagLak and left for home… after sometime SwaSan reach home… they were alone… they came in and lock the door… they changed and sat on bed… Sanskar was nervous… dear held his hand and said
Swara:Sanskar I’m here na don’t be nervous
Sanskar took deep breath and said…
Sanskar:2 years before

(Flashback start
Sanskar was a loving and caring person… loved by all the family members… everyone’s fav… Laksh and Sanskar was always best friends more than brother… it was Sanskar’s birthday party in house and everyone was busy… Sanskar was getting ready… someone knock on door and Sanskar said
Sanskar:come in
a girl came in and said
girl:happy birthday Sanskar
Sanskar turn and look irritated… Sanskar said
Sanskar:thanks piya
Sanskar turn and wore his blazer… Sanskar said
Sanskar:u can go now piya
piya made faces and came out of room… she stand out of his room and said..
piya:I’ll get u Sanskar
piya came down and helped Sujatha and Badi maa… piya was working and Sujatha and Badi maa said
Badi maa:she is perfect for Sanskar
Sujatha:yes jiji I’ll talk to Sanskar today…
both left to see other work and piya smirk hearing them…

Next Episode:Sanskar’s Past Revealed…
how’s the episode guys….??

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