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Hero & his Heroine-t-shot by ufaaq

song starts
jene laga hun pehle se zayada
pehle se zayada tm pe Marne laga hn
main mera dil r tm ho yahan
par kun ho palken jhukaae yahan
tm sea has seen pehle dekha nahin
tm isse pehle the Jane kahan??
jene laga hun pehle se zayada
pehle se zayada tm ko Marne laga hunnnnnnnn
director: cut it
shr leaves the set and goes into his van

shr : I m very tired no more shooting today that’s it
director: but sir we have to finish movie asap
shr: that’s non of my business
shr goes out of van and shouts: pack up
and leaves the set in his car
in the middle of road car breaks down there is no body no shop nothing only a pco
shr : oh no yar what the hell today driver didn’t came what I m gonna do
he gets out of his car
black suit with black googles awsm personality kun na hote after all he was the hero of the century and very hit hero who does not listen to anyone
he sees the pco and goes to the pco
a girl was already present there who was just standing and was looking at the receiver of phone
shr knocks the door of pco
girl turns she was perfect long hairs dark black eyes pink lips smoky makeup and was looking amazing
shr heart drop a beat
girl sees him and again turns and starts seeing the receiver again
shr: what the hell is she doing
shr again knocks the door
girl again turns sees him intact eyes him strongly
shr was hell angry
she again turns and starts seeing phone receiver
shr knocks the door continuously girl opens the door
girl shouts: what?????
shr firstly gets scared than says: what the hell r doing hato I have to call


girl: its my turn wait
shr: but u r not talking to anyone
girl: I m talking to my papa he will call me wait
shr: what??? how he will call u my phone is dead I wanna talk to my pa
girl: shhhhhhh how much u speak u Mr chapar chapar
shr: what do u know who I m ????
girl: no I dnt and I dnt want to girl again tuns and locks the door and starts checking receiver
shr: what the hell is this how dare her
he again knocks the door
girl take scout knife from her bag and shows to shr
shr gets scared and starts waiting for her
girl still busy in her checking
shr was extremely furious now
scene splits on shr angry face and girl with the receiver in her hand

helooooooooo guys how r u…… ??????
I hope all r fine
actually I wanna right one shot from a long time but it became t-shot matlb two or three shot
I hopeu guys will like it
tell me via comment
edkw we r gonna miss u
love u namik and Nikita plzzz b back
plzzzzz guys comment
and ya my ff will b off job tm ye khatam na hojae ohkkkkkkk
love u
take. care

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