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Her dance made me fall for her Episode 12

Hey guys I am back with my ff after a long time I guess. So without wasting time lets start,
Recap: dev proposes Sona, she accepts it. Sona faints due to stress, dev takes care of her.
Todays episode,
All around there is commotion. Everyone is doing preparations for sangeet! Yes sangeet again! But this time for our sweet couple devakshi. Sona was in her room when she her phone beeps,
Dev: come down soon, waiting for you.. love you…

Sona blushes reading the message, Elena sees this,
Elena: ohho.. I didn’t know that when you fall in love you blush without any reason!
Sona comes to her senses.. : Elena!!!!!
Elena: now don’t hide from me! I knew everything that’s why you both are together! You should thank me! And she smiles naughtily. Now that you have found your soulmate, don’t forget me.


Sona has tears in her eyes, : elena I will always be thankful to you! Thank you so much! And she hugs her.
Elena: chal chal.. ab zyada senti mat ho!(Come on now don’t become emotional) and stop thanking me.
Sona smiles. They both go down for the sangeet function. Here Dev is desperately waiting for Sona to come. As she comes down he is mesmerised seeing her. He is just lost in her. Sona shies seeing him. Dev gives a flying kiss to her.
Vicky: are bhai!! Have some privacy! At least not in public. (Note: here Vicky is positive)
Dev feels embarrassed. Whereas Vicky was busy seeing Elena. He was mesmerised by her beauty.

Dev: ab tu kise taad raha hai? (whom are you staring at now?) Vicky comes to his senses and says no nothing. Everyone start performing one by one. As Vicky was dancing he also pulls Elena with her. They both dance and at the end Elena slips and falls in Vicky’s arms. They both are lost in each other. Everyone claps for them and they come back to senses. Elena shies and goes away whereas Vicky thinks how beautiful she is!
Now finally it was the time for Devakshi to perform, everyone claps for them, they dance on the song kaun tujhe yu pyar karega from MSD. The whole time they were just lost in each other, they dance closely, they were lost in a deep eye lock. Dev lifts her, spins her and they end their dance!

Dev whispers in her ears: its your dance that made me fall for you and he gives a peck on her cheeks. Sona blushes hard. Everyone claps for them. And the sangeet function ends. They are asked not to meet each other till their marriage which made them sad as they didn’t spend time as boyfriend, girlfriend! And they regretted for that! (I don’t know about Hindu rituals so sorry if its wrong)
In the night thatday,

Dev messages Sona: open your window!
Sona: but why?
Dev: I have sent a thief so let him come in!
Sona: what???
Dev: of course I have come! Open it fast.
Sona: ohh.. ok! She goes and opens the window,
Sona: why are you here? We are not supposed to meet right? Then why did you come?
Dev: come on Sona! We didn’t even spend time together! Aur chupke milne me hi to maza hai!
Sona smiles: you said right, you are a thief, thief of my heart! And she hugs him thanking him for coming in her life. Dev thanks him as well.
Dev sits on the couch and Sona rests her head on his shoulder. Dev tries to go closer to her,

Sona: dev…
Dev doesn’t listen to her and starts kissing her face as if its their suhagrat. Sona closes her eyes, he reaches to her lips, sona resists but Dev was not ready to leave today! He goes ahead and they have a lip lock. Sona realises that its too much as they are not married yet so she goes back.
Sona: no dev… its not right!
Dev: Everything is fair in love and war darling!
Sona: ok.. its too late now, I think you should leave!
Dev: aree… I have come only five minutes before yaar…
Sona: dev… go…
Dev obeys like a small kid and goes from the window giving her a flying kiss. Sona smiles.
The episode ends.

Precap: Devakshi marriage!

So here was a boring and short episode! But please do comment as I get inspiration from your comments.. even the silent readers… love you all..

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