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Her dance made me fall for her Episode 11

Everyone is excited for the engagement especially Dev, why not? Today he was going to propose Sona, love of his life. Elena comes on stage,
So are you guys ready to witness the most romantic engagement?
Sona is shocked by her words, the most romantic!
Elena: so here I call upon the most handsome bride groom Mr. Dev Dixit and the most beautiful bride on the stage. Everyone claps for them. Sona again has tears in her eyes. Elena runs towards Sona and says come we will also go on the stage.
Sona: its ok we will stand here.
Elena pulls her along with her to the stage. Dev stands opposite Sona and Tanya. Tanya moves back. Sona is puzzled, Elena and tanya smile.
Dev takes the ring and comes forward, he kneels down, takes Sona’s hand in his
Sonakshi Bose, we have always fought with each other, even today I remember the first time I saw you, the way you danced, your dance made me fall for you! And the first time when I met you as always we had clashed with each other and I held you by your waist. And I was lost in you. And you know after you started your dance class, I visited you everyday just to see you, see you dancing! I saved you from those goons who were trying to hurt my Sona. And then the most difficult phase, your accident, because of me! It was really very painful. And when you were finally alright, I treated you so badly! I am so sorry for that, I want to tell you that I cant live without you! I love you so much Sona! I really love you! Will you become Mrs. Dixit?
Sona had tears in her eyes, she was really crying a lot, she nods in yes.
Dev gently places the ring in Sona’s finger. He stands up and wipes her tears and hugs her tightly, she hugs him too. Everyone claps for them. Dev kisses her hair
Niki: Are bas bas bhaiya bhabi!! Yeh sab apne kamre mai karna!
Everyone laugh! Dev and Sona break their hug and feel embarrassed.
Elina: Now Sona make him wear this ring.
Sona: No I cant marry you!
Dev: Why?
Sona: Tanya…
Tanya: Why cant you marry him, uh?
Sona: But you were going to marry him na..
Tanya: That was all our plan Dev and Sona! I will tell you. Ishwari aunty had told me that you both love each other but Sona was not realising it. So they took my help to make you both realise your love for each other! Even Asha aunty and Bijoy uncle, Elena, Saurav are involved in our plan.
Sona looks at her parents with a shocked face. Asha, Bijoy, Elena and Saurav smile.
Dev is shocked as well! : Maa…
Ishwari smiles.

Sona: but.. I mean how? I mean I am unable to understand..
Elena: tujhe kuch samajne ki zaroorat nahi hai(you don’t need to understand anything)
Now make him wear the ring fast.
Elena gives the ring to Sona. She is happy but still has tears in her eyes.
Riya: Ab bas bhi karo bhabi! Kitna rogi! Make up kharab ho jayega! ( Now stop it bhabi, how much will you cry? You will spoil your makeup!)
Sona: Hmm.. Dev wipes her tears. Sona makes him wear the ring. Everyone clap for them.

Sona feels uncomfortable and she feels dizzy, she holds her head and is about to faint when she is held by two strong arms.
Dev: Sona…. Open your eyes. Everyone gets worried.
Asha: Sona..
They take her to Dev’s room. Dev calls the doctor. Some time later, the doctor checks her,
Doctor: She is alright now, these are the medicines to be given to her. This happened due to stress, please take care of her and she should stay away from stress, she will gain conscience soon.
Dev: Thank you doctor, he goes to leave him out.

Everyone gets busy in the preparations of marriage except Dev who was sitting with Sona holding her hand waiting for her to gain conscience. She slowly starts opening her eyes, Dev gets happy and kisses her hand. Sona smiles looking at him. She tries to get up when Dev helps her. Dev smiles seeing her.
Dev: I have hurt you a lot na? that’s why you took stress and now see what is your condition! I am only responsible for this, I am so sorry sonakshi!
Sona: First of all its Sona for you! And secondly its not your fault, I also behaved rudely with you na! I am so sorry for that.
Dev: No sona, its all my fau..
Before he could complete one soft hand is placed on his lips.
Sona: Don’t ask for forgiveness! Now we both are together then what is the sense of all this? Haina?
Dev nods his head and kisses her hand. Sona shies.
Dev: one thing! You have not yet said those three magical words .
Sona: Which three words? Sona blushes
Dev: don’t act smart as if you don’t know!
Sona: I really don’t know!
Dev: Acha!! Ok then bye.. he gets up to leave
Sona holds his hand and says Dev…
Dev: leave me Sona, I have some work
Sona: is it more important than me?
Dev makes a puppy face,
Sona: Acha ok, I will say
Dev smiles cheerfully,
Sona: umm.. I.. I
Someone knocks the door, sona smiles, dev shows an angry or sad face!
Dev goes and opens the door,
Asha: How is my sona?
Sona: I am fine maa.. maa thank you so much for all this!
Asha: are.. you are my daughter, I will obviously do this for you na! if not you then for whom I will do this? Pagli.. Asha has tears in her eyes, sona wipes her tears and makes her smile.
Dev smiles seeing their bond.
Dev: if all this emotional talks are done then can I spend some time with my Sona?
Sona blushes hardly.. asha smiles,
No damad ji.. you cant meet her!
Dev: What?? But why??
Asha: I am just joking.. you be with your sona.. I will do all the preparations for marriage!
She leaves, dev locks the door.
Sona: What are you doing Dev?
Dev: locking the door!
Sona: but why? We are not married yet.
Dev doesn’t reply and moves towards her, sona gets down from the bed and moves behind,
Sona: Dev…
Dev: hmm… dev keeps on moving towards her. Sona feels butterflies in her tommy when he comes too close. Sona tries to move back but realises that she had already touched the wall. He pins her to the wall. She tries to go from her left side, but Dev keeps his hand on that side, she tries to move from the other side but he blocks her way again. Sona could feel his breath, he moves closer, sona closes her eyes. Dev kisses her soft eyes, he kisses her both cheeks, Sona blushes, he goes to kiss her soft rosy lips, they share a lip lock, a deep one, and they depart to take breath. Sona hugs Dev tightly and says I love you Dev, I love you so much! Dev says I love you too Sona!
The episode ends.

So done with this episode! I know it was not so long, but I tried to do my level best. Hope you all liked it! Thanks for those who are commenting, but I feel that there’s something missing in my story as the comments have decreased. If such is the case please let me know I will try to improve my skills. So please do comments! ? Love you all

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