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Her dance made me fall for her Episode 10

Recap: Dev realises his love for Sona, he and tanya decide to surprise Sona!
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Todays episode,
Dev and Tanya plan everything accordingly,
Sona-Elena conversation,
Sona runs to her room crying, elena follows her,
Sona hugs Elena, Elena: What happened Sona? Please tell na!
Sona: He hates me! Why not? The way I behaved with him, now same is happening with me and she cries loudly. She rubs D from her hand but she realised that the colour had already come and that too deep orange colour! Elena smiles.
Elena: Go and tell him that you love him, see your hand, the colour has already come, the colour of your love.
Sona: its too late now. And she keeps on crying
Elena consoles her! Some time later Elena receives a call smiles
Next day-Engagement function,
Dev calls sona!
Dev: So miss Sonakshi Bose, you will be coming to my engagement right?
Sona was all gloomy because last night she didn’t sleep instead she was just crying.
Sona: Hmm..
Dev is shocked listening to her low voice, : Sona are you fi… I mean yes I will be waiting after all you are my best friend! He keeps the phone and thinks about Sona,
Dev’s pov: Did I say too much to her? She always replies me actively but today! Oh no what did I do? Why did I do?
Sona’s pov: I don’t feel like going, I wont go.
Elena comes,
Elena: tu abhi tak tayyar nahi hui Sona?
Sona: No I don’t want to come, you go alone.
Elena: Are you mad? He is your best friend na? and if you want to move on this is the best chance. When you see him getting engaged I guess you will stop loving him also.
Sona: I cant stop loving him ele! That’s impossible!
Elena: I don’t know anything, I cant go alone you will have to accompany me!
Sona: Ok fine only for you!
Elena gets super happy.
Engagement Venue,
Dev: Are all preparations done?
Tanya: yes! Everything is done as per your wish!
Dev: thank you so much tanya! Agar tum na hoti to pata nahi meri love life ka kya hota?
Tanya: Chup! Dramebaz!
They share a hug.

Sona dresses up in blue lehenga for the function and Dev in light brown sherwani.
Sona with elena enters the hall. Dev is mesmerised seeing her. Sona looks at dev with eyes filled up with tears. Dev notices her swollen eyes and feels sad. He goes towards her,
Dev: Wow you have come! Thanks for coming.
Sona nods her head. A tears drops from Sona’s eyes. Dev’s heart is pierced by her tear. He lifts his hand and wipes her tears and turns to go. He also wipes his tears which came out without his permission! Sona is surprised by his action. Elena smiles seeing them.
Everyone is very excited for the engagement. Tanya comes to sona,
Tanya: hi sona, you are looking gorgeous today!
Sona: Thanks dear! Happy married life.
Tanya is shocked by her words,
Sona today is the engagement not our marriage.
Sona: I know but some day or the other you will marry him right?
Tanya sadly says hmm..
Sona smiles to hide her sadness.
The episode ends on her smiling aka sad face.

Precap: Dev proposes Sona, secrets revealed.

Guys I’m so sorry for the same precap and short episode! Next one will be a mahaepisode so don’t worry. Please encourage me by your comments. Love you all! And thank you so much for your constant support. So this was my tenth episode! Cool.

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