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Haunted – teaser

Rag: Please…don’t leave me….
Rag hugged lak from behind.
Lak: No, I have to go…
Lak said with expression less face but tears in eyes.
Rag turns him to her side.
Rag: Why? Why do you want to leave? I’m I not suitable to you?
Lak: I can’t say anything…
Rag holds his shoulders and looks straightly into his eyes.
Rag: No other girl can make you happy than me…! And I can never accept any other than you… look…look into deep my eyes. Don’t you feel any love in it… you thought compassion to this eyes… you thought smile to this lips… you thought feelings to this heart…can’t you listen that heart’s beat? That says only your name. this eye blinks say your name…and this lips keep murmuring your name. this innocent soul knows nothing than you…!
Rag keeps telling looking into his eyes. He looks helplessly at her.
Lak: No… I’m not suitable to a nice girl like you..
Rag: Why??
Lak: I’m not rich…
Rag: I don’t ask you any precious thing.
Lak: I don’t even earn properly.
Rag: I can adjust with you.
Lak: I have much anger…!
Rag moves closer to him.
Rag: I will bear it.
Lak: No… you have all good qualities. A nice groom is waiting for you. I can’t make you happy…
Rag hugs him.
Rag: Don’t say like that… I can’t live without you.
Lak moves her far.
Both look at each other.
Lak turns other side and about to go.
Rag bends to his legs and holds his leg strongly so that he can’t move.
No… I won’t let you go… you have to be with me forever.
But, lak removes her hands and start going away.
Rag looks on with teary eyes…

“Kavya…! please don’t harm Ragini.” Shouts Laksh.

Ragini was standing in front of him. Her hair was messed up, and her eyes are very big. She is seemed to be scary. She is holding a knife.

“Then, accept me Laksh. Become my slave… I want you…” says Ragini, who is possessed by Kavya.

“No Kavya… I have loved Ragini… and she loves me. I can’t accept you…” says Laksh.

Ragini cuts her hand.(kavya soul did it)
“Ragini..!” shouts Laksh.

Ragini laughs madly. Laksh tries to run near her. She throws a cupboard in between them. Laksh looks on shocked.

Ragini slaps Laksh. She is normal now. Laksh just bends his head.
Rag: why did you cheat me??
She asks holding his collar. Laksh looks at her in pale face.

Rag: I have loved you a lot…and you did too. Then, why did you cheat me??
Lak: it is truth that I loved you ladoo… but, I didn’t cheat you..!

Ragini pushes him. He falls down and looks at her. she keeps crying and goes away. He looks on…

Suddenly, someone beats on his head. Laksh looks at his face but blur.

So guys, this is the teaser of my new ff. this is going to be a love and ghost story…
I will update the 1st episode within few hours….

Thank you guys….

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