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Haunted – Chapter 10

Hello everyone, I think so many has missed the previous episode,
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First of all, thank you so so much for everyone for all comments and I’m very sorry to all of you, that I couldn’t reply anyone in last three episodes.

Let’s start story…

Chapter 10:

Kavya cries seeing Ragini and Laksh’s love. Her soul gets burned and it’s lost for ever.

Next morning, Ragini wakes beside Laksh and kiss his forehead. He smiles and he too opens his eyes.
Ragini then remembers something.
Rag: oh no…what did I do?? I forgot the curse…
Lak: what curse??
Ragini says him everything.
Laksh laughing: I think, this was also ur dad’s plan.

Rag with tears: why?? Why my dad is doing like this???
Laksh consoles her.
Rag: by the way, who is kavya??

Laksh then tells Kavya’s story.

Ragini and Laksh were lovers in college. After attending an interview, Laksh gets job in that village and moves. However both are in phone contact.

In that village, a rich man’s daughter is Kavya. Her friend is Sahil. She calls him bhai always. Sahil’s friend is Adarsh. Three of them are involved in red sandal wood smuggling.

Laksh who came as forest officer, knows their crime and tries to make them expose. Kavya, who gets attracted to Laksh, desires to get him at any cost. But, Laksh who was already in love with Ragini didn’t accept her. but she didn’t leave him. She used to torture Laksh every day, but he never got down.

Kavya grew anger on Laksh and jealous on Ragini. Once, in quarrel of distribution of money, Sahil stabs Kavya with glass piece. Adarsh helps Sahil in hiding her dead body in the old mansion. They bury her body in front of dressing table. Her soul which is dissatisfied, occupies glass objects. It was living in mansion.

However, Laksh was not aware of all this. but Sahil used to blame Laksh always for disappearance of Kavya. Kavya needs a human body to do her activities. She was waiting for time.

At that time, Laksh happened to marry Ragini. Shekar who was on rage on Laksh, gets to know from an magician in the village, about the ghost in mansion. With her, help he makes all the plan.

They release the soul and makes Ragini to come into mansion. Then, Kavya possess her.

Later, we all know what happened….

Ragini: so, this was all my dad plan. And, I did a lot without knowing to me??
And how chameli know all things??

Lak: there was a rumor in village, that kavya’s soul was in mansion. It used to call people with names it seems. And strange thing is, I was living in the tree house near it and I never heard anything.

(Ragini remembers chameli getting scared looking at mansion)

Lak: I just didn’t care any rumors. And when you came in starting, you were also complaining that you were listening some weird sounds from that place. I thought it was your hallucination. But…it was Kavya….
And I never heard anything may be due to the durga maa chain present in my neck.

Ragini comes out of her thoughts.

Rag: why didn’t you ever tell me this?? and why you wanted to live only at tree house in front of that scary mansion??

Lak: it’s not scary mansion. It’s my mansion.

Ragini amazes.

Lak: ladoo, I’m grandson of Durga Prasad maheswari. He was a rich land lord in this village. He used to take care of me, after my parents death. My childhood was happened in that mansion. Chameli was maid in our mansion then. She was young then.

Ragini keeps amazing.

Lak: once, playfully I hit the head of a servant, which lead a great blood loss of him. My grandfather was very strict, and punished me, not to enter into mansion again. I was too stubborn and you know right, I’m an angry bird..! I ran away from mansion.

Ragini keeps looking at him.

Lak: I was grown up in orphanage next. I came to village after few years to know about my dadaji. But, he was dead getting sick, worried about me. After him, that mansion was left like that only. I didn’t wanted to get far away from it. however, I still obeyed my dadu’s order and never entered into mansion. But, I happened to came for you….

Ragini keeps looking at him in tears.

Lak: I managed to get job in this place. And, I wanted to stay before mansion, remembering my dadu and my childhood. Chameli recognized me, and started helping me.

Laksh completes telling and wipes his tears. Ragini keeps her head on his shoulder.

They both comes out of cave.
“Laksh babu…” chameli comes with chotu in hands. chotu jumps on Ragini. Ragini plays with it.

Chameli: is everything ok?? We were searching for you. Chotu brought me here..

Rag: chotu..u are impossible….

Lak: thaku so much chameli…

Just then Shekar, magician and dadaji dadi comes.
Shekar apologies to raglak. But Ragini doesn’t talk with them.

Rag: Laksh, I don’t have anyone. let’s go away…

Laksh holds her hand.
Lak: ladoo, whatever ur father has done is to make you happy. Yes, he did mistake. But, you can excuse him. I don’t want you also become orphan just like me, even you have support. Ur dad realized mistake… so…

Ragini agrees. And excuses Shekar. Shekar feels very bad for making his daughter like that. He blesses them heartfully.

Raglak goes back to tree house.

Rag: laksh…let’s go back to your mansion…

Lak: but dadaji..

Ragini looks into sky, “Dadaji… can Laksh enter into mansion?? What?? You are waiting for him??? Ok…we will come…”

Rag: dadaji ordered us to come.

Lak: but…

Ragini moves near to him.
Rag: Laksh… your dadaji soul should get peace. So, you have to do some rituals. For that, you have to enter into that. And, he also wanted same…

Laksh agrees.

They both go into mansion. They clean everything with help of people. Laksh shows all his childhood pics to her. she gets happy. They brought new life to mansion again. It is filled with happiness and joy. And with people. ..

They celebrated their first diwali….

The end…………………………….

/* guys, the story ends with this. I’m so sorry for ending it all of sudden. But, I have decided to end it before diwali. However, I felt the story line was little complicated. So, I moved it fast. I will be back with simple story nxt time. I guess, I have cleared all your confusions and gave pakka clarity in story. I hope you all are happy with the story and ending.*/

Now, I guess you all might be busy in festival work. Even I’m…
So…friends…. I wish you all a happy bright and joyful Diwali……
Be careful and safe……
Enjoy the festival…..
Take care everyone…….

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