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Haseena tu Kameena mein – intro

Meet Ms. Haseena

– The most responsible, good looking, amazingly talented woman having trust issues with people.
Strong, independant for the world yet broken from within.has problem with every single thing. Has never trusted anyone expect her best friend (Mr.kameena) who shares a perfect equation with her.


Meet Mr.kameena

– the coolest guy on the planet, no tension, no worries, only fun. The right word to describe him would be ‘bindass’ . He is a full of life guy. People love to be around him.

But is something hidden behind this Mr.overcool image?
Are things difficult when one has trust issues?
How will Ms.haseena and Mr.kameena deal with the world and their inner demons?

Let us see how they both help each other out from their inner trauma.

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