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Haseena tu Kameena mein – Chapter 2

Hey guys this is asheeyana back with another episode. Please do INTRODUCE yourselves in the comments section and tell me how the episode was.

Sanskar’s pov,


We were living that particular moment, that’s when she spoke “I still don’t understand how we both, I mean we both became friends”. I laughed at that.

Ragini’s pov

Years back, he was one of the most flirtatious and annoying guy…………. yet the most loved one at school. he had his own group of Jabra fans. Whatever he did was loved by everyone. And then there was me , the meanest girl on earth, especially for the boys. I didn’t know why I was like that. Every single guy was afraid to speak to me, except one, Sanskar. He did it with so much ease. I still remember our first conversation,

S: Helllooo…..
S: I am Sanskar……
R: so?
S: hm……looks like someone is not interested in this.
R: what do you want?
S: friends?
R: ?
S: what?
R: oh plz, don’t fake it, I know guys like u very well………
S: guys like me?
R: yes like U, I know everything ok.

( I could clearly see that I offended him and I didn’t feel good with that)

S: serious tone) u don’t know anything about me…..
S: smiling) how would u, when u don’t know anything about urself
R: ………enough!! If u don’t leave me alone now, I will complain about u…….
S: no u won’t!

( I was shocked bcoz he was right, I won’t)

S: I know u don’t like me……
R: why would I not like u?
S: ( he was staring me as if he caught my lie)
R: shouting) yes, i do not like u , because u have everything and u r loved by everyone…..( I said breathing heavily).
S: he laughed sarcastically) oh really ?
And he looked straight into my eyes.

(To show me I was wrong, for the first time in fifteen years I could see the reflection of my pain in his eyes. I thought he was very happy but no……..he was just faking it, )

R: why did u share it with me?( I asked confusedly)
S: I didn’t utter a single word….
S: yet u understood, that’s the reason may be.

He got up to leave

R: I am glad that you made this conversation………………….I have a friend now.


We shared everything in the first conversation itself, Sanskar said. Exactly ! I still don’t understand how, ragini said.

S: and what were u telling, u will complain about me? ( Laughing) oh my…haha…….u were a total kid…..
R: oh plz! u were scared with that itself
S: no I wasn’t
R: liar!………………
but It was very childish…..

(Both burst out laughing)

R: MEMORIES! -priceless aren’t they?
S: they are. n they are the only things that never die.
R: and give us some escape…
S: ……….u have office tomorrow don’t forget that
R: drops her head) this is not fair, u didn’t allow me to rest
S: what did I do?
R: u r such a ………..ah! I’m leaving
( She leaves angrily)
S: ragini yaar wait…….arey…….

To be continued…..

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