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Harman protects Soumya from kinners in Shakti

There were many problems in Soumya and Harman’s life. Harman looks out for Soumya. Soumya runs on the road to save herself from the hunting kinners. Soumya collides with Harman on the road. Her true love has made her meet Harman. The kinners run to catch Soumya. Harman and Soumya get shocked seeing each other. Their emotions have a burst and they hug.


Harman has been suffering from separation pain. Saya shouts Soumya and the kinners get stick. Harman shouts on them and signs them to stay away from Soumya. Harman beats the goons and fights with them to protect Soumya. Harman will not let Soumya go away from his life again. This twist of Soumya and Harman’s meet gets more suspense. It has to be seen if Harman can protect her and take her back home.

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