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Harman and Soumya to unite soon in Shakti

Soumya is crying and reaches the temple along with kinners. Khushbu comes there and gives Harman’s message to Soumya. Khushbu makes Soumya talk to Harman. Soumya talks to Harman after a long time and cries hearing his voice. She was longing to talk to Harman. When the kinners get busy in the puja, Soumya talks to Harman. She gets emotional when Khushbu gives Harman’s ring to her. The people get angry on kinners for coming in the temple. They ask kinners how did they come inside the temple, when the temple does not belong to them.


Kinners get angry and fight with the men. Soumya is seeing kinners’ new side today. Kinners argue and fight with the men. Soumya is tensed seeing the heated arguments and the differentiation. Saya talks to the men and requests them to let them do Devi Maa puja. The men allow kinners to do the puja. Kinners make the food and do preparations for the puja. Soumya will get kidnapped. Harman will reach to save Soumya. Will he succeed to save Soumya? Keep reading.

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