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Harman and Soumya make ‘Home Sweet Home’ in Shakti

Soumya’s finger gets cut while chopping the vegetables. Harman showers love on Soumya. Soumya thanks Mata Rani and wants to stay with Harman peacefully. He sees his name in her hand written by mehendi on Karwachauth.


Harman gets touched by Soumya’s love. Harman asks Soumya what does she have want to have in food, and names many dishes. He tells Soumya that he will cook today. Soumya gets surprised. He does not let Soumya cook and starts cooking the food. Soumya is much glad seeing Harman’s love. Harman makes roti and curry on own. He asks Soumya to wait, as he will be cooking in two mins. Soumya smiles seeing his bad shaped rotis. Harman manages to cut the roti and make it round one. Harman feeds food to Soumya by his hands. They have a romantic moment.

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